Top 20 Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurants In Perundurai Road, Erode

Erode is famous for its turmeric cultivation, so if anybody hears about erode, the first thing that strikes is turmeric and the Cauvery river. Erode is in the Kongunadu region in Tamil Nadu. you can experience the best tastes of Kongunadu cuisine. Kongunadu cuisine is one of the best foods that you can encounter in your life. Many other foods, especially parotta with spicy gravies and chicken varieties.

1. Kongu Parotta Stall

The name itself says that this restaurant is famous for parotta. you won’t get bored eating parotta in this restaurant. It is also renowned for its biriyani; these days’ the love for biriyani is never-ending, and this will be the best spot for any biriyani lover out there as it is must try one.

kongu stall

2. Erode Royal Chettinad

Erode royal Chettinad is often famous for its crab soup and non-veg varieties with special offers. One of the best places to go with family for celebrations or weekends. Its ambiance will be in a Chettinad style, and you can taste the authentic Chettinad cuisine foods. The staff provides good service and attentive service. The price of the foods will be reasonable for their taste.

erode royal

3. Marina Restaurant

This Marina restaurant is both a Dhaba-styled and also a dine-in Restaurant. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant. Most famous item is its well-cooked prawn varieties and Dhaba styled nan with non-vegetarian gravies. They have their recipe called marina chicken, which is a must-try one. They also provide the best-chilled payasam with vermicelli topped with fruits and nuts.

marina restaurant

4. Erode Ponnusamy Military Kitchen

Erode ponnusamy military kitchen is famous for its chicken curry and perfectly cooked biriyani. If you ever want to relax and have some good tasty food, then visit and taste Ponnusamy military kitchen. Everyone will love the restaurant with the taste of the food served.

erode military kitchen

5. Sakthi Mess

If you’re a person who cares about the taste of the flooded, not the ambiance, then Sakthi mess is the place for you. You can taste the perfectly cooked home-style varieties of non-vegetarian dishes, hot and spicy. They provide all kinds of non-veg food that are worth tasting. It is the best place to come with your family when you visit erode.

sakti mess

6. Aaya Mess

Aaya mess is one of the most liked restaurants by the people of erode as they provide the best finger-licking home foods. It is famous for its spicy dry-fried chicken. They serve you the hot fried chicken straight from the pan. They provide fast and good service, making us eat non-stop as you can’t say enough about their items.

aaya mess

7. Virumandi Vilas

This little restaurant is a casual dining restaurant that serves all kinds of non- vegetarian dishes. The recommended dishes here are chicken chilly, egg onion fry, chicken fry, country chicken curry, and mutton fry. The dishes served here will be hot and spicy, which will never make you forget the taste. All foods served are worth the money.

vilas erode

8. Junior Kuppana

Junior Kuppana is famous all over Tamilnadu, but the taste of Junior Kuppana in erode is Outstanding. The price of the dishes may look expensive, but worth the taste. You can visit this place once in a while with your family or friends. This place is famous for its country chicken curry and chicken, mutton biriyani. The ambiance of this place will be so good that you can enjoy the meal pleasantly.

junior kuppana

9. Erode Pavizham Punjabi

Erode pavizham Punjab is a Dhaba-styled one. It is the best place to have lunch or dinner with your family as it has a spacious ambiance. The recommended items are crab masala, non with chicken gravy, Chicken varieties, and the most delicious and unique item is their payasam. They provide thick sweet tasty chilled payasam topped with fruits and nuts. Payasam is a must-try one.

erode punjabi

10. Thindal Punjabi

Thindal Punjabi restaurant is best for tasting all Indian cuisine. One of the best place to spend an evening with your family. This place is famous for its creamy payasam. They provide the best chicken varieties.

thindal punjabi

11. Chettiar Kadai

Chettiar Kadai is famous for its pepper chicken, spicy chicken varieties, and bone curry. You can find a queue to eat in this hotel; few will order inside their car. Try eating here, when you visit erode.

chettiar erode

12. Meat And Eat

Meat and eat, an Indian chain of quick service and family restaurants. This place provides the best items, like well-cooked crispy chicken, spicy and juicy burgers, pizzas with toppings, thick milkshakes, and hot fries. It has the best ambiance and has a few game boards to play. Friends can go together to have a happy time together.

meat and eat

13. Anjappar Restaurant

Anjappar is famous in many places over. People often visit this place for perfectly cooked delicious biriyani served. The ambiance of this place will be more refreshing, and high quality foods are provided. It is a must-try spot for any celebration with family.

anjappar erode

14. Mid Street

Mid street provides the best non-vegetarian pizzas and ice creams. Cooks in these restaurants make the best pizzas to satisfy the customers. Their service is one of the highlighted features of this place.

mid street

15. Maaya Bazaar Restaurant

Maaya bazaar restaurant is a very famous and old one. Here they provide the best spicy chicken dishes that are worth the price. It is a better place to have lunch with your family. Nobody can say no to having lunch in Maya bazaar.

maya bazaar

16. Ambur Star Biriyani

The name itself says that this restaurant is famous for biriyani. All kinds of biriyani are our favorite, but the ambur style will be our extra favorite for the spices and type of rice they use. You can also buy any chicken sides for that biriyani which will make a better combo.

star biriyani erode

17. Gounder Mess

Gounder mess is famous for its egg parotta and chicken gravy, which will make us drool. Fast service and delicious food provided.

gounder mess

18. Thottathu Virundhu

It’s worth trying the Italian food here. Nothing beats perfectly cooked chicken, fish, and idli on the menu. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious payasam, which gives a refreshing feel to your regular meal. It is an amicable atmosphere to relax after a busy day at work. Many people say that the staff of this place is professional. The prices are affordable.

virundhu erode

19. Dindugal Thalapakatti Biriyani

Dindugal thalapakatti is popular and loved by people in and around Tamil Nadu. The biriyani served here tastes better than any other. The chef knows how to make the perfect biriyani. The sides on their menu are must-try with biriyani to taste extra delicious.

dindugal erode

20. Kokkarako Biriyani

Kokkarako Biriyani has widened its branches over Tamil Nadu. Here they provide unlimited biriyani in a large quantity which tastes delicious any day. They maintain the same taste anytime we go.

kokkarako biriyani