Top 20 Best Places To Have Food In Almora

Top 20 Best Places To Have Food In Almora

1 Glory Restaurant

Location: LR Sah Road, Pokhar Khali, Opposite Hotel Shikhar, Almora

This restaurant is one the most popular restaurant in Almora and is recommended by locals and the tourists who have been there repeatedly. If you love non-vegetarian, this place is a heaven on Earth. The ambiance id perfect to have mouth watering food over light hearted conversations. The prices are reasonable for the tasty food they offer.


2 Dolma Restaurant

Location: Binsar Road Kasardevi, near Kasar Jungle Resorts, Almora

It is a well known restaurant that is known for its dishes of the Tibetian, Asian and Chines cuisine. They have many non-vegetarian varieties although the vegetarian options are limited. But they are delicious and full of flavor. They overlook a mesmerizing view of nature and of the surroundings of Almora. The pricing is also affordable which is worth the food you get to eat.


3 Kasar Rainbow Restaurant

Location: NH309A, Binsar Road | Kasar Devi, Almora

Kasar Rainbow Restaurant is another incredibly popular restaurant in Almora. You will find many backpackers in this restaurant as it is located enroute to the trekking journey. The restaurant is famous for the dishes from Italian, Indian, Asian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines. They have many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options which will make your mouth water. The ambiance is cozy and warm.


4 Baba Cake

Location: Kasar Devi,, Almora-Bageshwar Rd

This shop is one of the famous and best dessert places in Almora. Apart from desserts they also have food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They ar open throughout the week and you can have a taste of their delicious food at affordable rates. Those with a sweet tooth cannot miss out on this shop.


5 Joshjus Restaurant

Location: Mall Road, Near Sha Bhairav Mandir, Almora

Located on the main road this restaurant serves mind blowing food that will make your mouth water. The local Kumano food is available at this restaurant and the taste is just mind blowing. The takeaway from this restaurant is recommended. They are open throughout the week.


6 Wellness by Nature

Location: Village – Jehad Basot – Ghatti Road | Midway to Corbett & Ranikhet, Almora

This restaurant is a barbecue places in Almora. Apart from that they also have dishes from the Indian and Asian cuisine. The dishes which are prepared are quite healthy. You can have a taste of high-quality food in this restaurant. The vegetarian menu is also quite good.


7 Godawari Restaurant

Location: Almora Kosi Bypass Road, Almora

This restaurant serves mouth-watering vegetarian food which will leave you craving for more. The food is served in large quantities and incredible quality. The food is of Indian and Tibetan cuisine. It is delicious and very flavorful. You can visit this restaurant when you are coming back from the Katarmal Sun temple.


8 Lali’s Inn and Restaurant

Location: Main Road, Almora

This restaurant is part of an inn. They specialise in dishes from the Indian, Italian and American cuisines. They food here is as delicious as it can get. But the thing you must try here is the hot cup of filter coffee which will refresh and energise you. The surroundings are quite good and neat. They have amazing vegetarian food that cannot be missed.


9 Yogi Restaurant

Location: Kausani High Street, Kausani, Almora

This restaurant is especially known for their North Indian food that will make your mouth water. The prices are on the lighter side of the pocket for the delicious and tasty food that is offered. It is a must visit place for the drool worth vegetarian dishes that they cook up. The ambiance is perfect for family dinners or get-togethers. You cannot miss out on this restaurant in Almora.


10 Valley Restaurant

Location: Near Kausani Shawl Factory, Dauni, Almora

This restaurant specializes in Chinese and Continental food. You will find this restaurant overlooking a mesmerizing view in Almora. They have an incredible menu of dishes that will make your mouth water. The must have in this restaurant is the noodles which are chewy and filled with flavor. The ambiance is perfect for having a hearty conversation over a meal.


11 Sawannas Narang restaurant

Location: L R Sah Road, Dharanaula, Almora

This is another restaurant that specialises in North Indian food. The prices of this restaurant are affordable for the palate tantalising food that is offered. The food is flavorful and delicious which will leave you craving for more. The food is prepared by the best chefs in Almora while you have fun talking to your friends and family.


12 Bansal Cafe

Location: Lal Bazaar, Almora

This cafe has Indian fast food and North Indian dishes. All these foods are available at very low prices which will make you come back here fo more. This is a perfect hangout spot for many youngsters. The ambiance is friendly and the staff is very courteous and amicable. The samosa is a must try in this cafe along with the cold milkshakes.


13 Bhumika Restaurant

Location: Paltan Bazar, Dharanaula, Almora

This restaurant is located in the busiest area of the city. The best place to have a taste of home cooked meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer pure vegetarian food and the traditional Kumaoni meals that will make your mouth water. Many locals visit this restaurant to get refreshed with the delicious food.


14 Shikhar Restaurant

Location: Near Shikhar Tiraha (Crossroad), Hotel Shikhar, Mall Road, Almora

This restaurant in located in the Shikar Hotel. It is one of the oldest places in Almora and they offer amazing Kumaon food that will leave you craving for more. The prices are reasonable for the quality of food that they offer. The ambiance is good and the staff is amicable at this restaurant.


15 Sri Hayat Hotel and Restaurant

Location: Almora-Bageshwar Road, Almora

The food in this restaurant is good. The staff and the ambiance of this restaurant are professional and courteous. The prices are reasonable for the delicious food that is offered. It is one of the restaurants that cannot be missed out in Almora. Most of the dishes in this restaurant, but the available dishes are tasty and flavorful.


16 Essence of Nature

Location: Midway Corbett – Ranikhet, Near Maa Bhona Devi Temple, Ghatti-Basot Road, Village – Micholi, Almora

This is one of the high-end restaurants located in Almora. They specialise in North Indian, Italian, and Chinese food. The surroundings of this restaurant are mesmerising with the flora and fauna. They are known for their parathas which are drools worthy. Though the prices might be high, the food here is worth it.


17 Chawla’s Veg and Non-Veg

Location: JN plaza, Hardwar Road, near Prince Chowk, G.M.S Road, Opposite Engineers Enclave

This restaurant is known for their aromatic and tasty food. They specialize in the dishes of the North Indian cuisine. For the flavorful and tasty dishes that are offered here, the prices are very reasonable and are worth the amount you spend. The Kumauni dishes are a must try in this restaurant.


18 Hotel Sunita and Restaurant

Location: Lower Mall, Kausani Road, near Base Hospital, Kausani Road, Almora

This Hotel has a restaurant in it that is well known and liked by the locals and the guests who stay in the place. The food here is good and tasty. The staff is courteous and polite. The place is a bit expensive but the food makes up for it. This restaurant is worth a visit.


19 Silver Oak Restaurant

Location: Club Mahindra Valley Resort Manipur Villa, Almora Bageshwar Road, Almora

This restaurant is known for its Chinese food. It is said to be the best in that area. The ambiance of this restaurant is very classy and elegant. The prices for the dishes are a bit high, but the quality and the taste make up for it. This restaurant cannot be missed if you love Chinese food.


20 New Soni Restaurant

Location: Municipal Market Rd, Paltan Bazar, Dharanaula, Almora

This is a Sikh restaurant which serves dishes with paneer, chicken, mutton and egg base. They are delicious and creamy. They serve incredible North Indian food. This restaurant or Sikh dhaba is known for their paneer dishes. The ambiance is homely and the staff is very amicable. You cannot miss out on this restaurant.