Top 20 Street Foods In Kolkata


Kolkata, the city of joy, is a place where culture and food go hand in hand. The mouth-watering sweets, bhajis, spicy curries and rolls will leave you hanging with a confused state of mind as which one to go first.



The most loved street food among the residents of Kolkata. It is a crunchy ball filled with spicy mashed potato and dipped in tangy tamarind water (Tetul Jol). Makes you crave for more once you start eating these lip-smacking water bombs. Vivekananda Park or Dharmatala are the places you will find the best phuchka in town.



This too belongs to the phuchka family. Ingredients used to make are crushed phuchka, mashed potatoes and tamarind pulp. Something you might want to take away after having the phuchka. They serve it in packets made out of paper (thonga). Try the best churmur in Kalibari, Southern Avenue.


Tibetan Cuisine

Kolkata’s first love is biryani, and it is the Tibetan food that comes second in the list. You will find the best Tibetan food in the Terreti market. From delicious dumplings to soups all kinds of Tibetan cuisines are available here. To taste these delectable’s one must reach this place within 5:30 am in the morning because the stock only lasts till 6:30 or 7:00 am.


Mughlai Paranthas

Parathas stuffed with minced chicken, onions and eggs. This is another street food that is quite famous in Kolkata. Anandi Cabin is the place you should be for these yummy Paranthas. Though you’ll find similar versions of this in other parts of Kolkata but, here in Anandi Cabin serves you with the cheapest and best quality Paranthas.



Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit is by far the best place to try the amazingly juicy momos. It is served with steaming hot soup accompanied with sauce. You will find a lot more cheap food junctions in this stretch where the daily college and office goers gather up during the lunch time.


Pav Bhaji

A popular snack all over Indian. The platter has a vegetable curry with buns. The curry is spiced up with all kinds of vegetables, and the bun toasted with butter, its heaven on a plate. A place to try out this lip-smacking salver- Mayaram Lord Sinha Road.


Chicken Kabiraji

Prepared with minced chicken, ginger-garlic, breadcrumbs and egg paired with the salad and mustard sauce (kasundi). This dish will fill you up for a long time. Though you will come across the same type of Kabiraji elsewhere but, Mitra Cafe is the place you should be for tasting this sublime plate of sheer ecstasy.


Fish Fry

One of the specialities of Kolkata prepared with bhetki fish. All sorts of fish preparations are done using this particular one bone fish. For some real finger licking fish fries go down to Gariahat side, Golpark 5 point crossing, there is a small shop that sells the best fish fries.


Kathi Roll

Kolkata is the place where you’ll find a wide variety of rolls. Kathi roll, chicken roll, egg roll, mutton roll, egg-chicken roll, egg-mutton roll, paneer roll, vegetable roll, double egg rolls, tikia roll- it is a never ending list. This is made by wrapping the mutton, chicken or the other ingredients inside a ‘Lachha Parantha’ which looks like a roll/wrap. It is one thing you must not miss when in Kolkata. Best places to taste these wraps are Nizam’s, Bedouin Roll’s Hut and Arsalan.



The Chinese food you get here in Kolkata is not the original Chinese but a modified one. But, you will find the actual dish in many restaurants. Chowmein comes in various types like the veg chow, chicken chow, mutton chow, egg chow or mixed. Available everywhere and loved by the youngsters and office goers. It serves as a great lunch option.


Kachori/ Radhabollobi

The Kolkata street food experience remains incomplete without having this. It is one of a kind. Available mostly during the mornings as it forms a breakfast for many people on their way to the office. Puris served with sabzi or cholar daal and end it with some mishti doi to pamper your taste buds. Visit Sharma Tea House for tasting the best kachori in the town.



Deep fried vegetables battered in besan are something which all the Bengalis crave for, may it be a random or a rainy evening. It is made with potatoes, brinjal, pumpkins and onions. Best goes with cha/chai. Names are given to these bhajas- beguni, phulori, peyanji, alu’r chop. This is also eaten with puffed rice. Get to taste the best telebhaja in Kalika Mukhorochak, Surya Sen Street.



Shingara/ Samosa

Snack made with flour and vegetables are used for the stuffing which is deep fried in oil. It tastes best with tomato sauce or chutney. Shingara is available in almost every alleyway in Kolkata which is considered as an evening snack.



Made from chick peas or ‘matar dal’, available more or less everywhere. Served with salad toppings (tomatoes, coriander leaves, onions, lime juice and tamarind water). This being a great hors d’oeuvre also comes cheap.


Jhal Muri

This is exclusively available only in Kolkata. Meant to be an evening snack or something you can munch on while travelling. Puffed rice mixed with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, fried dal, peanuts, random crunchy ingredients and mustard oil.To be found in around Maidan or outside Menoka Cinema.


Bhel Puri

This too is made with puffed rice but a bit spicy adding the bhujia and the tamarind juice, a crunchy and fresh feel in every bite that is served in a cone of magazine paper and provided with a wooden ice cream spoon. This preparation is best available at the back gate of Victoria Memorial or Khirki bhel, New Alipore.


Ghoti Gorom

This is an exquisite mixture of the chanachur, lime juice, onion and some other random ingredients which give it a sour and spicy taste and served in paper packets. Mainly to be seen selling at Princep Ghat.


Chilla, Daal Pokori

Some of the best vegetarian delicacies are available at the heart of the business locality, Camac Street (Vardhan Market). The Chilla being a Marwari dish is available here along with the crusty daal pokori served with chutney.


Fruit Kulfi

Kulfi come in different shape, size and flavour. Pay a visit to this Kulfiwallah at Camac Street who offers you with flavored kulfis like Sitaphal, Mango, Cheeku and much more.



Served in clay cups, this works as a beverage after eating. Different flavours such as lemon tea ‘lebu cha’, liquor tea (without milk) ‘raw chai’ and the milk tea when served hot in the pot enhances the taste. To be found everywhere, in roadside stalls but, for a tasty cup of tea, one might visit the Sharma Tea Houses.