Top 20 Best Places To Have Food In Srinagar

Top 20 Best Places To Have Food In Srinagar

1. Ahdoos

Location: Ahdoo’s Hotel, Residency Road, Srinagar

This is one of the most well-known restaurants in Srinagar and it is recommended by many locals to tourists who visit the place. They specialise in the Indian and Asian cuisine. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian at lunch, brunch, and dinner. The ambiance is family friendly and the prices are cost effective.


2. Coffea Arabica

Location: M.A. Road, Broadway Hotel, Srinagar

This cafe has beautiful interiors that will blow your mind. You will find the best coffee here along with the dishes of the different cuisines like Italian, Chinese, and Lebanese. The coffee with a piece of cake tastes the best. All these variety dishes available within a less price range.


3. Krishna Vaishno Dhaba

Location: Ram Munshi Bagh, Near Poloview | Near Burnhall School, Srinagar

This dhaba located in Srinagar is one of the most well-known and liked places that is visited by many locals as well as the tourists who come here. They have dishes of the Indian cuisine which are mouthwatering and delicious. They have pretty good vegetarian options and it is available throughout the week. One cannot miss out this restaurant in Srinagar.


4. Stream Restaurant

Location: Boulevard Road | Opposite Ghat No: 2, Srinagar

This is another famous restaurant in Srinagar that is visited by the residents of the city. They offer dishes of Indian and Chinese cuisines with vegan varieties also. They offer these dishes throughout the week at reasonable prices. The money you spend is worth it.


5. Shamyana Restaurant

Location: Boulevard Road | Dal Gate, Srinagar

Located on the same road as the previous restaurant, this place offers Asian food for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner throughout the week. This restaurant has an incredible ambiance and is suitable for many occasions. They also have vegan varieties.


6. Latitude

Location: Vivanta Dal View Srinagar, Srinagar

This restaurant has a wide variety of dishes from the Indian cuisine with a lot of vegetarian choices. They have indoor seating and outdoor seating which overlooks an incredible view. The Ambiance is perfect for any sort of outings or gatherings. They offer food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


7. Mughal Darbar

Location: Munshi Bagh, Residency Rd, Srinagar

This restaurant is a heavenly place for the non-vegetarian lovers as they have a wide variety of meat based dishes which will make your mouth water. They also have vegetarian dishes which are good. They offer lunch, breakfast, and dinner. The staff is courteous and the ambiance is good.


8. Nathu Sweets

Location: Balgarden, Karan Nagar, Srinagar

This dessert shop is visited by many of the locals of Srinagar. They not only have mouthwatering desserts but also Indian street food. Many of the locals come to this restaurant for the street food they have including other varieties. To have a taste of Indian street food this restaurant is the best. It is also light on the pocket.


9. Lacima Cafe and Pizzeria

Location: Gole Market, Karan Nagar, Srinagar

One of the well-known hangout spots among the younger generations. They serve food of the Italian cuisine and fast food. The interiors are elegant and friendly. The staff is amicable. The food is absolutely mouthwatering and one cannot miss out on the incredible pizzas this cafe offers. The prices are also reasonable for the quality of food they offer.


10. 14th Avenue Cafe Grill & Bakeshop

Location: Lal Mandi, Rajbagh | near foot bridge, Srinagar

This is one of the most visited bakery shops in Srinagar. They have incredible pastries which will make you drool. They also have different dishes that will make your stomach full. The interiors are elegant and beautiful. The pricing is reasonable for the food they offer.


11. Urth Cafe

Location: 1 A Rajbagh Srinagar Kashmir India, Next to New JK Bank Building, Srinagar

This is one of the most famous cafes in Srinagar which is recommended and visited by many of the locals and tourists. The cafe serves American and Italian cuisine foods. The prices are reasonable for the quality of food they offer. The interiors are trendy and the staff is courteous. They are open throughout the week offering lunch and dinner.


12. Gulshan the Book Coffee Shop

Location: 15 Ghat No | Nehru Park, Srinagar

This shop is known for the incredible view they have. Located in the middle of the Nehru Park, this shop has a mesmerizing view of the famous Dal Lake which will leave you speechless. They have a great collection of books that goes well with coffee they offer. Though the prices are a bit high this place is worth it. They are open throughout the week, but only for a short time.


13. Hotel Grand and Restaurant

Location: Residency Road, Srinagar

If you want to have a taste of the traditional wazwan rice dish, this restaurant is the place for it. This restaurant is recommended by many of the locals for this particular food alone. They have other dishes which are also drooling worthy. The prices are affordable for the food they offer. The ambiance is decent and the staff is courteous.


14. 11 Plates Food Cafe

Location: Munawar Plaza, Munawarabad, Srinagar

This cafe has a beautiful surrounding and the staff is very courteous. The food here is incredible with mind blowing taste and flavors. The cafe has a friendly vibe to it. The barbecue in this cafe has an incredible taste that you will never forget and it is a must have. They are open throughout the week and offer food of Indian, Chinese and Afghani cuisines.

11 plates

15. Moti Mahal

Location: Nishat Shalimar Road, Srinagar

Moti Mahal is one of the high-end restaurants in Srinagar which offers incredible Indian, Chinese and Asian food. The interiors of this restaurant are elegant and classy. The prices are on the higher side but the food makes it worth it. The restaurant is open throughout the week. The ambiance of the restaurant is good and the staff is courteous. A must visit place in Srinagar.


16. Delhi da Dhaba

Location: Boulevard Road | Malik Hotel, Srinagar

This dhaba is known for the variety of Indian food that they offer. They also have a decent vegetarian and vegan choices. The prices of this restaurant are reasonable for the quality of food that they offer. They also have good desserts that you can have after eating. The ambiance is good and the staff is courteous. They are open throughout the week.


17. Lhasa Restaurant

Location: 2 Boulevard Road | Opposite Shikara Ghat#9, Srinagar

This restaurant is one of the many that offers India, Asian, and Chinese food along with Tibetan food. Though meat based dishes might be more in number, but they have a decent vegetarian menu. They offer meals at the three main times of the day and are absolutely delicious. The ambiance is good and the service is excellent.


18. Niramish Restaurant

Location: Durganag, Dal Gate, Batra Hotel, and Residences, Srinagar

This elegant restaurant located in Srinagar is quite well known and gets filled very fast. They have food of the Indian, Asian and Chinese cuisines. The ambiance is elegant and the staff is very courteous. The food will tantalise your taste buds and will leave you craving for more. A reservation is recommended as this place gets filled quite quickly.


19. Jade Dragon, Vivanta Taj Hotel

Location: Kralsangri, Brein, Srinagar

This is a high-end restaurant in Srinagar, which has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating overlooks a mesmerising view that will leave you hanging. The food is from Indian, Asian, and Chinese cuisines. The rates are bit high but the food is worth the amount you pay. The ambiance inside is elegant and classy.


20. Hukus Bukus Bistro and Grill

Location: Honda Lane, Rajbagh, Srinagar

In Srinagar, this restaurant is known for their trendy and classy interiors which will impress you and the incredible food that they offer. The service and staff are prompt and amicable. This restaurant is open throughout the week. The food is worth the amount of money you pay.

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