Top 20 Street Foods In Ahmedabad

Top 20 Street Foods[Ahmedabad]

 Street food

A love story……………!!

Yes, you heard me right the relation between INDIANS & the food is no less than a love story, indeed a better story than TWILIGHT. It is no dream that Gujaratis are known for their love to travel and the exceptional love for food. Calories, fats, etc etc… The Gujaratis just ignore these things and attack the best! So, Gujaratis: What they love, and what we should not leave, we’ve listed down: To enlist the top 20 street foods of Ahmedabad, is one of the toughest things to do. Somehow I managed to make a list. Okay, let’s take a ride to witness the top 20……..!!


 A delicacy that comes all the way from Ahmedabad, known as RABDI in northern region..!!! This dessert would engulf your mouth with thick milk garnished with almonds, pistachio, cashew. This dish when served hot makes your taste buds happier than ever. So keep your health aside for a second and have this delicacy and let your tongue feel it’s smoothness.



Tired of ordinary curd?? This is an ethnic dessert that has transformed ordinary curd into various flavors that you won’t hesitate to lick around. Chocolate, Strawberry, black current, Golden Pearl and many delicious flavors of your choice and it is the best dessert for a full Gujarati meal. It is good to go clumsy at times..!!! Give it a try, and I bet you would ask for it again.




There are health freaks too, so this ones for the health conscious people of Ahmedabad. A baked dough of rice flour, green chilies and cumin seeds. A snack with low-calorie diet and happiness….!!!




 A typical street food for which the residential could even stand for hours in the queue. Made of plain flour, stuffed with pigeon peas. This snack is the joy to eat in breezy winters on the streets of Gujarat. “Never ignore a kachori” They have got feelings too….!! Have a kachori, and you will be falling in love with it.



A typical festive snack, always with high demand charts in the street. Dip the crisp in chutney and kill your hunger. Taste the spice of the streets and give your tongue a tangy twist. Serve your guests with the crunchy chorafali, and they won’t leave your house.




This crushed, steamed boiled food from Surat has established it’s dominance on the streets of Ahmedabad. It is a combination of soft sev khamni with different types of chutneys (sweet and spicy), sev and pomegranate beans.



Originated from Kutch, the food along with taste and aroma, brings the demands on the streets and localities. The dish stuffed with smashed potato blended with ground-nuts and onions when served with Chutney made of tamarinds and date would make the rush of adrenaline in you….!! For spicy food lovers, these food items can be made as spicy as you want. If dabeli does not satisfy you, trust me nothing can.dabeli


A street food available in every corner of the street. It is a perfect delight for breakfast. Specially there are long ques with hours of waiting for it on the occasion of Dushera and Navratri festivals. It’s like all the spices served on one plate. The blend of green chilies and jalebi makes it a mismash for a foodie. The green chilies create a buzzing sensation for the tongue, and the jalebi serves the sweeter tooth. A morning could get no better after having fafda on the rushed streets.



A perfect snack for breakfast. Anyone can fall in love with khaman. A non-gujarati once served khaman, instantly changes his wrong opinion about Gujarati food. The color, aroma and what not….!!! A snack which is both the sweet and spicy at the same time with sugar syrup. An appetizer that would impress people who want sweet and spicy taste at the same time. The dual flavors of this snack would surely put you in the world of zests!




A thin crust of wheat flour that could give many flavors. Takes less time to prepare. A delight for the one’s who prefer healthy and tasty at the same time. This is the most preferred food for the ones who are on a diet. Also, you can add various topping on it and it’s gonna taste great.


11. SEV USAl

 The most tempting street food. A popular pick of youngsters, this delicious curry is made of dry peas and paste of garlic. It is best served with a bread or pau with some sort of salad. Be ready to get a peppery tart.



The curiously Gujrati street food if made from digestive dates over which churan is being sparked. The vendor serves health drink to ensure digestion-called Hajhma hajam, which when you taste once, you can’t stop drinking..



Forget Havmor, Vadilal This is way better than any of them. There is a robust kulfi tradition. A Kulfi after dinner sums up the perfect evening. It comes in every flavor loved by the Ahmedabadis and its creamy taste just make you say wow!



The street also serves the   likes of non-vegetarians. Mutton, bhejafry, etc. Delicious food floating on oil would leave you stunned. Enjoy and come back



College streets are always flooded with the vendors selling frankies. A crispy baked chapati stuffed with red and white sauce with the blend of onions and paneer is all you need for the weekend. Bunk your lectures, gather in the streets, and grab your flavor of Frankie. Frankie is worth a bunk.



Often misinterpreted as paratha, it is a lot more different thing. It is kind of mandatory food on the streets. Made of wheat, spices green leafy fenugreek Mixed and blended well with dough when served with pickle and curd, you just cannot keep it away from you. Eat it hot burn your tongue and feel the sensation of this delight. And it is the most popular food carried by patel’s of Ahmedabad traveling abroad.



Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, a gujju will never deny handva, a member of dhokla as its identity and uniqueness. Handva, a single layered thick bread which is cooked in Handva cookers, after applying oil, mustard, cumin seeds, and curry leaves. Guard, peas, garlic, ginger, green chilies and coriander are the ingredients that make dish delicious when served with a pickle. We know, the ingredients itself are mouth-watering.



A cluster of small shops is what makes crowd crazy about the food here at law garden, you get everything here from a barf gola to main cuisine from Chinese to Mexican, from Italian to continental, come with your group, grab your table, gulp your food, and enjoy the cheap and cheerful food of the street




As Paris is destined for lovers, Manek Chowk is destined for foodies…!! Manek Chowk in the walled city is empty and there is all over silence during the day. By evening this place is transformed magically with food carts, stools, tables and chairs, and all manner of food is served here: Ragda Pattice, Papri Chaat, Pani Puri, Pulao, exotic Sandwiches and what not.



Last but not the least. Dhokla is seeded on the top spot. Dhokla symbolizes a Gujarati and people here are Dhokla lovers. Dhokla, made of fermented rice and split chickpeas, can be distributed in various sizes, color and the varied style of fried and boiled ones, often served with Green or Methi Chutney. If a dhokla cannot relish your taste buds, trust me you need to consult a doctor.

dhoklaTHANK YOU!