Top 20 Best Places in Navi Mumbai To Relish Chinese Food

Top 20 best places in navi mum to relish chinese food-100

Navi Mumbai, which translates to New Mumbai, is a planned city in the state of Maharashtra. It is near Mumbai and travelling can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Navi Mumbai is a fast-developing area, especially in recent years, and has witnessed the development of many housing complexes, both affordable and luxurious. The city also has numerous schools, colleges, universities, and offices. Many people prefer Navi Mumbai to Mumbai because of the reduced traffic and ample space in the city. Consequently, many eating destinations have been on the rise. This list covers some of the best-rated Chinese cuisine restaurants in the city of Navi Mumbai.

1.Soy Street

Soy street is a food stall inside Inorbit Mall, Vashi. The menu is simple with a decent selection of Dim Sum, Sushi, Appetizer, main-course gravy, and Rice/ Noodles. Some well-known dishes available here are Bangkok Crispy Chicken, Bbq Prawns, Schezwan Tandoori Chicken, Beer Cocktail, Caramel Tart, and Blueberry Mojito. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 1100. 

soy street

2.Shaollin Temple

Shaollin Temple is a Chinese and Thai restaurant in Palm Beach Road, Sector 15 in CBD Belapur. Their menu is elaborate with a vast selection of Soups, Starters, Rice, Noodles, Sauce, and a few desserts. In addition, the options for vegetarian dishes is extensive. The average cost for two orders is Rs 1400. Shaollin Temple is loved for its cosy ambience, polite staff, and generous food portions.

shaolin hotel

3.Hot Wok

Hot Wok is located in Sector 4, Kharghar, near ITM College. Their menu offers soups, appetizers, the main course, rice, and special items from the Wok. The average price for two orders is approximately Rs 800. Some well-known dishes of this restaurant are Shanghai Noodles, Chilly Garlic Noodles, Chilly Chicken, Chicken Manchow Soup, Chicken Lollipop, and Thai Red Curry.

hot wok

4.Mainland China

Mainland China is an apt restaurant to relish some authentic Chinese specials. Other cuisines are also offered here, like Thai and Japanese. This restaurant is located near Raghuleela Mall in Sector 30A in Vashi. Some frequently ordered dishes are Vegetable Spring Roll, Jasmine Tea, Chicken Momo, Pan Fried Noodles, and Jumbo Prawns.

mainland china

5Chi Na Chi Ni

Chi Na Chi Ni is a restaurant inside the luxury hotel Royal Tulip located in sector 7 in Kharghar. The menu offers Chinese and a few Thai, Japanese, and Korean dishes. The categories displayed on its menu are soups, Salads, Sushi, Dimsums, Starters, the main course, Noodles, Rice, and desserts. In addition, you can request a Jain version of the selected dishes.

chi na chi chi


Pincuk is located in Sector 20 in Airoli, near NKGSB Bank. Apart from Chinese cuisine, this restaurant also serves Japanese, Indonesian, and Thai cuisines. The categories offered by the menu include Appetizers, Dimsums, Curries, Rice/Noodles, Soups, and desserts. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 700, making this an affordable place to enjoy delicious Asian specials.


7.Lakeside Chinese Corner

Lakeside Chinese Corner is located in Sector 10 A in Vashi, Near Fortis Hospital. This restaurant is humble in interiors and appearance but serves some best tasting Chinese dishes. Their menu has balanced options of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Soups, Starters, Rice, and Noodles are the categories of foods they provide here. The average cost for two orders is Rs 400, which is highly affordable.


8. Honey Chillies

Honey Chillies is located in Sector 14 on Palm Beach Road in CBD Belapur. This restaurant serves Chinese and Thai cuisines. Their menu is extensive, providing ample options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Some frequently ordered dishes are Crispy Spinach Chicken, Chicken Shanghai, Chicken Spring Roll, Roasted Chicken, Honey Chilli Potato, and Sizzling Brownie.

honey chillies

9.China Bite

China Bite is an affordable Chinese cuisine restaurant located in Sector 3, Kharghar and opposite Fashion college. The menu is limited but provides decent options in the vegetarian category. Additionally, the menu includes a separate category for seafood. Some frequently ordered dishes are Spring Rolls, Manchow Soup, Momos, and Chicken Lollypop.

china bite

10. Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty is located in Kukreja Plaza in Sector 11 in CBD Belapur. This restaurant primarily serves Chinese along with a few dishes from the Thai and Korean cuisines. The menu is mainly non-vegetarian with many Chicken, Fish, Prawns, Crab, and Squid based dishes. However, a few vegetarian options exist in Soups, starters, appetizers, and the main course.

han dynasty

11. Chinese Wok – Wok Express

Chinese Wok-Wok Express is a stall inside one of the biggest malls of Navi Mumbai: Seawoods Grand Central Mall. A variety of dishes are offered here like soups, starters, momos, rice/noodles, gravy, and wok bowls. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 400, making it highly affordable. Some frequently ordered items are Aromatic Chicken, Bao, Dumplings, Chicken Wings, Hakka Noodles, and Green Apple Tea.

chinese wok

12. Ming Fine Chinese Cuisine

Ming Fine Chinese cuisine is a highly affordable Chinese restaurant located in Sector 17 in Ulwe. The dishes available on the menu are vast and include soups, salads, appetizers, dim sums, rice/noodles, and many others. The average cost for two orders is only Rs 300. Ming Fine Chinese is a decent family restaurant with an option to customize meals.

ming fine

13. Food Barrel Restaurant

Food Barrel Restaurant is located in Sector 10B in Ulwe opposite Mahaavir Mannat. This restaurant is dedicated to Chinese cuisine only. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 750. The menu includes Soups, Appetizers, Bao’s, Momos, Gravy, Rice, and Noodles. Additionally, few dishes from Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, and Korean cuisines are available.

food barrel

14. Atrangii House Sky Lounge

Atrangii House Sky Lounge is located in Sector 17 in Sanpada. Along with Chinese, other cuisines that are offered in this restaurant are North Indian and Mughlai. Vegetarian options are limited in their Asian dishes. However, you can choose delicious items from soups, small plates, and the Asian main course. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 1500.


15. The Union Bar and Eating House

The Union Bar and Eating House is located in Sector 17 Vashi. Along with Chinese /Asian cuisine, North Indian and European cuisines are also available. Asian dishes are spread across the menu in categories of Soups, starters, Appetizers, and mains. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 1200.

union bar

16. 91 Rosewood Villa

91 Rosewood Villa is located in The Affaires, Sanpada, on Palm Beach Road. Other cuisines available at this restaurant are Continental, Mexican, and North Indian. Limited Chinese and Asian cuisine options are available under soups, but a section is dedicated to Chinese starters, Asian Rice/Noodles, and Gravy. The average cost for two orders is Rs 1500. This restaurant is vegetarian only.


17. The Food Studio

The Food Studio-Kitchen & Bar is located near Satra Plaza in Sector 19, Vashi. Other cuisines available here are North Indian, Mughlai, Continental. A separate section on the menu is not available for Asian cuisine. However, a decent range of Chinese and Asian dishes are spread throughout the menu under Soups, salads, appetizers, starters, and mains.

food studio

18. The Bar Stock Exchange

The Bar Stock Exchange is located in Sector 15 in CBD Belapur. Chinese, North Indian and Continental cuisines are available here. Chinese dishes are spread across various categories in the menu. Alcoholic drinks are available in this restaurant. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 1300.

bar stock exchange

19. 70 Beans

70 Beans is inside Palm Beach Galleria Mall in Vashi. The menu offers a dedicated section for Oriental cuisine and includes soups, starters, mains, rice/noodles, and limited Thai dishes. Other cuisines available here are Continental and North Indian. Additionally, street food is also available here. The average cost for two orders is Rs 1700.

70 beans

20.Pop Tate’s

Pop Tate’s is located in Satra Plaza in Sector 19D in Vashi. Limited Chinese options are available under Soups, Appetizers, sizzlers, and Curries and Bowls. Alcoholic drinks are available too. The average cost of two orders is approximately Rs 1600. Pop Tate’s is a recommended place for enjoying hearty meals with large gatherings.

pop tates