Top 20 Best Places To Eat In Trivandrum


Thiruvananthapuram also called as Trivandrum. Trivandrum is known as the capital city of the state Kerala. It is also referred to as the Evergreen city of India. Trivandrum is a city full of knowledge and culture. It has a Techno park and technological field. It is regarded as the best city to live in Kerala as well as in India. Tourists come here to visit some of the wonderful beaches, zoo and temples. People here enjoy mainly because of the attraction towards the south coast. There are many places in Trivandrum where people can enjoy, relax and comfortably have their food.

1.Villa Maya Heritage

Villa Maya Heritage is a perfect place where people can not only satisfy their taste buds but also get treated well. The ambience of the restaurant is amazing. People come here and enjoy food because of the superb taste. Service is extremely appreciated. People consider this place as the best to eat food. It has its location at airport road, Enjakkal area.

Address: Near Muthoot Sky Chef, Airport Road, Enjakkal, Trivandrum



Zam-Zam is a type of restaurant which is located in the crowded section of the city which makes more crowds attracted towards them. People love the ice- creams here. Parantha and Chicken curry are some of the dishes loved by people. Prices here are affordable and people come and enjoy these dishes.

Address: Opposite MLA hostel, Palayam, Udaipur.



Thakkaram in Trivandrum seems to be a good place to eat. People are provided with delicious food here. The ambience here interests people a lot. Children love the ambience of this restaurant.  Pudding and ice-creams here are the interesting dishes which are loved by everyone.

Address: Naaz Tower, Pulimood Junction, Santhi Nagar, Trivandrum.


4.Cherries And Berries

Cherries and Berries is a type of place where one can enjoy the best coffee.  Coffee along with some snacks here can be enjoyed. The staff here is very humble towards their consumers. It is a place where people can relax and enjoy time off from their daily routine. Taste is something which is the best portion of this hotel.

Address: Carmel Towers, Opposite Cotton hill GHS, Trivandrum.


5.The Main Course

The Main Course is well known for its lunch and dinner. It also provides customers with home delivery service. People love to come at this hotel due to its ambience and also the service provided there. It is one of the places to come and enjoy the food.

Address: Namada Shopping Complex, Toll Junction, Udaipur.


6.Curry Chatty

Curry Chatty is a versatile restaurant. It provides many cuisines under one hotel. It is a wonderful place to come with family and friends to enjoy various dishes. Cuisines like Kerala, Chinese and Indian provided to people. Ambience and service of the staff is excellent. It has its location near Thycoad, Trivandrum.

Address: Thycoad, Near Pwd Rest house, Trivandrum.


7.Mother’s Veg Plaza

Mother’s Veg Plaza is a simple restaurant with a variety of dishes. Vegetarian dishes are the special feature of the hotel. Another special feature of this place is to serve people in a traditional way that is on banana leaves. The place is worth to enjoy veg food.

Address: Bakery Junction, Near Russian Culture, Palayam, Trivandrum


8.Oriental Spice

Oriental Spice is a place where people can enjoy eating food. Chinese and Thai food are its specialty. There are large numbers of dishes provided by the restaurant.  It also provides good service and ambience. It has its location at Kuravankonam, Trivandrum.

Address: Musaliar Buildings, Kuravankonam, Trivandrum


9.Truffles Bistro

Truffles Bistro is a place where usually teenagers come to eat. Due to tasty burgers and french fries, the hotel has gained popularity. This place is preferred when it comes to fast food. It has its location in Kuravankonam, Trivandrum.

Address: Ambalamukku Road, Kuravankonam, Trivandrum.


10.Hilton Garden

Hilton Garden is one of the best and costliest restaurants in Kerala. The place not only serves quality food but also provides various other facilities like swimming pool, gym, etc. the ambience of the restaurant highly appreciated. People love the hospitality and food of Hilton garden. It is located at Punnen Road, Trivandrum.

Address: Punnen Road, Trivandrum


11.Thamarassery Churam

Thamarassery Churam is a fantastic place when it comes to food. It is famous among the teenagers’ group. The ambience is loved by people due to several reasons like it has a dialogue painted of Malayalam cinema. Food is available for people at affordable prices. It is located at Navarangan lane, Trivandrum.

Address: Navarangan Lane, Opposite Men’s Hostel, Trivandrum.



Ambrosia is another place which people must visit in Trivandrum. The place was firstly considered as bakery then it expanded to a restaurant. Here, people comfortably eat and enjoy their food. People love mainly to come and enjoy the pastries. Cakes are a special feature of the place. It is where people can come and relax and also enjoy their food.

Address: Krishna Commercial Complex, Bakery Junction, Trivandrum.


13.Imperial Kitchen

Imperial Kitchen is a place which located near Keston Road in Kowdiar area. The behavior of the staff members is the best thing to experience at this restaurant. They are very polite and treat their guests in the best manner. They have been maintaining their taste since the past and hence it results in the best dining experience.

Address: Ground Floor, Heera High Life, Keston Road, Trivandrum


14.BAIT Seafood

BAIT Seafood is the place which located near the beach. It is a favorite place to dine for couples. The only imagination of a dinner on the beach gives an awesome feeling and experiencing it is just fantastic. The restaurant is ranked second out of the 60 restaurants in Kerala.

Address: GV Raja Road, Kovalam, Trivandrum.



Buhari is the place located near Attakulangara. If you want an experience of tasty dishes at value for money, it will prove to be the best place. Buhari is a place where people can come and try spicy mutton and a masala chai. They provide mouth-watering food with a delightful experience.

Address: Attakulangara, East Fort, Trivandrum.


16.Kerala House

Kerala House is something which no one should miss while in Trivandrum. The quality of the food is one of its best features. People here can come and enjoy traditional Kerala dishes. Fish curry is their specialty. It is the place where people love to eat as it provides the home feeling for all guests.

Address: Karimpanal Statue Avenue, General Hospital Road, Trivandrum.



Zenzerro is the place where people come around and relax while having food. It is a place where crowd like youngsters come and spend their time. The food is best in quality with variety. It has its location at a Cotton Hill, Trivandrum.

Address: Neyyar Dam Road, Cotton hill, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum.


18.Sharma Punjabi Dhaba

Sharma Punjabi Dhaba is a place where North Indians can have their flavored food in the South region. The ambience is very nice and pleasant. The staff is very good. It is located at the main market so that tourists can easily approach the restaurant when they are hungry.

Address: Aristo Junction, Thampanoor, Trivandrum


19.Halais Dum Biryani

Halais Dum Biryani is one of the places where people must visit. Chicken biryani is the main dish of the restaurant. They serve various types of delicious biryani. Chocolate sizzler dessert is also a dish which is very popular of this hotel. It is located at Karyavattom, Trivandrum.

Address: Opposite block office, Trivandrum International Stadium Road, Trivandrum.


20.Sree Arul Jyothi

Sree Arul Jyothi is a type of restaurant that makes you feel at home. The place is one of the most wonderful places to have food in Trivandrum. It is located at Palayam. This restaurant not only provides good services but also makes sure the guests enjoy the food. It is one of the oldest restaurants.

Address: Opposite Secretariat, MG Road, Palayam, Trivandrum.