Top 20 Capsicum Based Dishes


Capsicum is an easily grown vegetable which is available in different colors like green, yellow and red. They also have different names like Bell Pepper and Chilli Pepper. In India, It is commonly known as “Shimla Mirch.” Capsicum also has different shapes like round, long or square is very shiny in its look. Apart from adding flavor to dishes, capsicum has many medicinal benefits too. Capsicum is good for relief from cancer, menopausal problems, diabetes and low risks in cardiovascular diseases. This tasty and beneficial vegetable can be eaten raw, roasted or cooked. It is an exclusive vegetable with the mild taste. From their wide range of uses below are top 20 capsicum based dishes:

1.Stuffed Capsicum

It is one of the most popular capsicum based dishes which is also known as “Bharwan Shimla Mirch”. It is originally a Punjabi dish. Stuffed capsicum filled with mashed potatoes with few other ingredients. For variations, the capsicum is stuffed with baby corn, cauliflower, bean etc. Even cashew nuts and other dry fruits added to crunchy flavor to it. You can fry or roast the capsicum as per your choice. This capsicum based dish which is a great delight as evening snack or side in a meal.


2.Capsicum Curry

It is another fabulous dish made with using capsicum. In India curry is a very common item in a meal. Capsicum Curry is a great combo with chapati or roti or pulao. Firstly, sesame seeds and roasted peanuts are ground and made a puree of it. Then chopped capsicum and onions fried in hot oil where the puree in added along with garam masala, red chili powder and salt. The flavor of all the ingredients and the mild taste of capsicum turn it to a yummy dish.


3.Capsicum Sandwich

Capsicum has many benefits for health, and so its regular used keeps you away from many health related issues. It is also a perfect combo for a sandwich. You can add capsicum with onion or tomato or potato with lots of cheese and mayonnaise in it. You can simply slice the capsicum and put it along with any other veggie. To spice it up, you can add some garam masala and green chilies to it. It can be fried or grilled. Either way, you make, it is very delicious to eat.


4.Capsicum Paneer Stir-Fry

The creamy taste of Paneer and the slightly sweet taste of capsicum makes a delicious Capsicum Paneer dish. The strong flavor of both the items will fill your mouth with water. It is a simple dish and very easy to make. Capsicum Paneer Stir-fry is made by simply frying onion, capsicum, and Paneer in hot oil and then salt and some garam masala added for taste. You can eat it as a side dish or just as a time pass snack.


5.Capsicum Pizza

The word “Pizza” itself makes us crave for it. The soft base with different topping and creamy mozzarella cheese is something that one can hardly resist. But you can choose only one topic at a time, out of which capsicum topping is one that is just awesome for a pizza topping. You can also make this pizza at home. All you need is a pizza base, capsicum, onion and lots of cheese. So, next time you crave for a pizza make sure to try the one with capsicum.


6.Capsicum And Potato

The best thing about capsicum is that it goes perfectly well with any other vegetable. Another dish where capsicum tastes very yummy is with potato. There is not much hassle to make this dish. You can simply fry capsicum with potato to stir fry with ginger, garlic and chilies. Another way to prepare is capsicum and potato gravy made by making the puree of cashew nuts, tomato, cumin seeds and coriander seeds. After that, onion is fried in a pan where the puree ghee put along with the capsicum and potatoes. You can have this gravy or dry with roti or rice.


7.Capsicum Salad

Capsicum is great going for salad. You can put them raw and chopped or streamed and grated as well. There are different types of salads made from capsicum like Fresh Corn and Red chili, Capsicum Quinoa salad, Feta Capsicum and salad, Prawn Capsicum and Avocado salad, Capsicum and Chicken salad and much more. Whether you eat it as a snack or in your brunch, capsicum salad is a healthy and tasty dish.


8.Capsicum And Mushroom Pepper Fry

Now, who doesn’t like the mushroom? The smooth taste of mushroom combined with capsicum is a mind-blowing dish. The preparation of this dish is very easy. Firstly fry the garlic and cloves till it smells and then tomato puree is added till it turns thick and then capsicum and mushroom is added and cooked at low heat. Like all Indian dishes, spices are added to boost its tastes.


9.Capsicum Paneer Tikka

Capsicum Paneer tikka is a perfect starter dish. You can also have it as an evening snack. This Capsicum Paneer tikka is an amazingly tasty dish seasoned with lots of spices giving you a zest of all the items mixed. Firstly cumin, coriander, caraway, cardamom, pepperoni and cloves are roasted till it smells and then ground to powder. Then melted butter, lemon juice and salt it added. In the next step curd, ginger garlic paste and turmeric mixed with the rest where Paneer and Capsicum marinated and kept in a fridge. You can roast or grill the tikkas. A spicy, hot and little bit sweet, these tikkas are really appetizing.


10.Capsicum Pakora

Every Indian loves pakora. Be it an evening snack or a starter; it is one of the favorite dishes of everyone. It is also a great winter dish. Capsicum pakoras are one that is really delicious. This pakora just needs few simple steps to make. Firstly capsicum is sliced into pieces. Then gram flour and rice flour is mixed with red chili and salt and then capsicum pieces are dipped there and layered in the mixture. Fried in hot out, this crispy item is a great combo with tea or coffee.


11.Capsicum Pasta

After noodles, pasta is the favorite dish of almost everyone. Kids love the pasta to eat any time of the day. Pasta will always serve with a creamy sauce. Cheese and mayonnaise combined with capsicum is a pasta dish that you will love to have.


12.Capsicum Pulao

Another most loved dish is the pulao that is a break from the usual day to day menu. The aroma of basmati rice seasoned with a chutney or a curry satisfying brunch. When capsicum added to it, the mild flavor of it mingles with the rice making it more delicious. The preparation of the pulao is same as the usual one, only here capsicum is added. This pulao is also healthy because of the beneficial reasons of capsicum. You can eat it at your lunch or dinner.


13.Capsicum Raita

It is quite unusual but this raita is very tasty and unique. Unlike from all the common raitas like the cucumber and tomato one, this will give you some different taste. You can have it with parathas, fried rice or pulao. You can also prepare it at home only. The procedure is same like other raitas only here you need to add capsicum. So, next time you want to have raita, have a taste of this capsicum raita.


14.Capsicum Besan Sabzi (Capsicum Zunka)

Well! It is another exceptional sabzi from Maharashtra that tastes really delicious. Zunka means dry sabzi. It will only take few mins to prepare yet results in a very yummy dish. In a pan, high and garlic fried in hot oil. Then capsicum is added, and lots of spices are put for flavor. About a cup of water is put into it to boil and then the gram flour is poured into it and left to dry. So, we see it just takes little effort and we can make the tasty capsicum-besan sabzi.


15.Capsicum Manchurian With Cauliflower

It is also one of the best capsicum dishes along with cauliflower. You might have the regular Manchurian with chicken, paneer and mushroom. It is something that you must try. The sweet, hot and spicy taste of capsicum just bursts its flavor into the dishes. It is prepared by boiling the cauliflower and capsicum and then fried with onion, celery, chilies and other spices. A pinch of Ajinomoto and soya sauce also added to it. Try it and get mesmerized by its taste.


16.Chilly Paneer

Paneer and Capsicum, both complement each other very nicely. Both melt each other in its flavor turning it to an amazing dish. Chilly Paneer can be cooked dry or with a gravy. Hot and spicy, the dish is served as a side dish. Team with a tandoori roti or a plate of pulao or fried rice, this savory dish is a must to have.


17.Capsicum Chicken

For nonveg lovers, no dish is complete without chicken. No matter how much delicious an item is, we always crave for chicken. Capsicum chicken is one of the best dishes in chicken as well as of capsicum recipe. Chicken capsicum can be cooked dry as well as curry and you can have it as a starter as well as with different types of rice.


18.Kadai Chicken

It is another item of chicken that enhanced its tastes because of capsicum. The aromatic flavor of chicken when gets melted with chicken will just blow your mind with its tastes. It is a heavily seasoned chicken recipe with capsicum that is way too tasty.


19.Cheesy Spinach And Capsicum Stuffed Chicken

The name itself is so tempting that one can hardly stop oneself from having this dish. Cheesy and creamy chicken stuffed with spinach and capsicum is something that you must never miss. Chicken fillets are put on the flat surface and cut along on one side and then layered with spinach and capsicum and fried in hot oil along with some spices. You can serve this chicken with potato wedges or any sauce.


20.Fried Capsicum In Szechwan Sauce

Last but on the list on the list is the fried capsicum with Szechwan sauce. Deeply fried and crunchy with spring onions, green chilies and most importantly Szechwan sauce is a great starter. It is butter coated and is exclusive in its taste. Relax with a soft drink or a cup of coffee and enjoy this fried capsicum.