Top 20 Best Rated Foods To Try Near Diamond Park In Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam

Top 20 Best Rated Foods To Try Near Diamond Park In Dwaraka Nagar Visakhapatnam
Top 20 Best Rated Foods To Try Near Diamond Park In Dwaraka Nagar Visakhapatnam

Dwaraka Nagar is a locality in the Port city of Vishakhapatnam known to be a commercial hub accommodating several offices and educational institutions. Dwaraka Nagar is easily one of the city’s busiest areas, supported by several wide roads and ample public transportation facilities. This locality serves as a comfortable spot for travelers and visitors who wish to explore the various parts of Vishakhapatnam, mainly due to the availability of several luxury and affordable hotels. The area also has many restaurants primarily offering South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese dishes. Thanks to the gradual development of several shopping malls and centers and many worth-visiting commercial neighborhoods, it is impossible to run out of places and activities to explore in Dwaraka Nagar. But before you make your list of places to visit in Dwaraka Nagar, make sure you read our list of foods that you must not miss whenever you visit this culturally vibrant city!

1. Barbeque Chicken

Do you want to savour the tender slices of Chicken in a heavenly blend of spices, grilled to perfection? Then head to AB’s Absolute Barbeque in Uma Vinayagar in Dwarka Nagar. BBQ Chicken is one of the most-ordered dishes at the restaurant and one not to miss at all! You can also try their other exotic BBQ specialties or enjoy their mains. At AB’s, you will find excellent service and friendly staff.

2. Biryani

Who wouldn’t love a plate full of steaming hot Biryani? But it is even more exciting when the Biryani is full of several chunks of Chicken, Mutton, and Prawns. Beside Lions Club in Dwarka Nagar is ‘Bombay Restaurant’ known for offering Vizag’s best biryanis. You can browse through their menu and go for other Biryanis or try their Curries and Naan, which are equally delicious.

3. Kalmi Kebab

Kalmi Kebab is a gem from the Mughlai Cuisine; it’s a must-try if you want to experience the best from the Mughlai cuisine; Chicken drumstick marinated in spices and yogurt can never go wrong! You can try this exciting dish at V Hotel Olive. The well-cooked soft Chicken is sure to make you want some more, and that too at an affordable price! Visit this restaurant at Srinagar in Dwarka Nagar.

4. Chicken 65

Every Chicken lover heard about this nation-wide famous dish, but do you know the significance of 65? It’s the year of the recipe’s first-ever introduction! That’s right! Chicken 65 was invented by a genius chef at Buhari Hotel in Chennai in 1965. And since then, many restaurants across different locations have come up with their version of the recipe. Try the one at New Satyam Multi-cuisine located opposite Sangam Sarat Theatre; you won’t regret it!

5. Ghee Masala Dosa

Dosas roast with Ghee and served with Flavourful Masala, Chutney, and Sambar is one of the best breakfast dishes anyone can have. It’s nutritious, yummy, and satisfying; enough to get you through the day. So have some generous serving of freshly made Ghee Masala Dosa at a reasonable price at Sri Sairam Parlour in Vamsi Complex near Diamond Park.

6. Chicken Manchow Soup

Having some Chinese once in a while is a good change from our everyday bland meals! Head to Soup Stop—a restaurant in Rednam Estate—offering a variety of dishes from Chinese cuisine. Do not forget to try their Chicken Manchow Soup, a must-try as per the restaurant and is easily the highest-rated dish on their menu. A bowl of this filling hot soup will undoubtedly make your day better.

7. Thick Shakes

Sweets and desserts aficionados in Dwarka Nagar will swear by this one parlor when talking about the best places to try yummy shakes. Dessertino in Dwarka Plaza has built a strong reputation for delivering some lip-smacking shakes that never disappoint. Choose from a variety of shakes—Kinder Ness Thick Shake, RocherRocher Thick Shake, Pistalicious Thick Shake, and more—you will not regret even a bit!

8. Chicken Lollipop

Spicy Chicken lollipop is a must-try dish in the restaurant named ‘Satyam Non-Veg.’ It is one of the highest-rated dishes on their menu. A perfectly prepared Chicken Lollipop is an ideal appetizer and easily one of the favorites of any Chicken dish enthusiast. So go ahead and order or visit this restaurant for a delicious serving of Chicken Lollipops and feast away!

9. Mutton Mandi

Try this special Arabian dish hailing from Yemen, prepared primarily with Basmati Rice, Meat, Vegetables, and lots of spices. At Barkaas, among other kinds of Mandi, is the Chef’s Special Mutton Mandi, served Juicy or Fried. Barkaas modify the recipe to suit the local taste buds. Visit the 6th lane of Dwarka Nagar to savour this satisfyingly meaty dish.

10. Sambar Idli

Simple, light, nutritious, and tasty—The combination of Idli and Sambar is simply one of the best go-to dishes for having a satisfying breakfast. At Sri Sai Ram Parlor in RTC Complex Area, Gadi Khana, you get a delicious plate of hot steaming idlis with aromatic Sambar. It will make you keep coming back to this place, just like how the many other customers feel!

11. Fish Biryani

Being a port city, ‘Vizag’ specializes in several seafood dishes, and seafood is quite popular among its citizens. One such must-try seafood delight is the very flavourful fish biryani available in Hotel Abhaya, located near HP Petrol Bunk in Dwarka Nagar. The perfectly marinated fish enhances the taste of the biryani manifold. Moreover, the quantity provided is comfortably sufficient for two.

12. Veg Manchurian Fried Rice

This vegetarian restaurant offers a decent range of dishes, and many customers have their favorites— Veg Manchurian Fried Rice is a must-try, according to those who frequent this restaurant. Another item to try would be Channa Bhatura; their chapattis have an excellent reputation for being soft and tasty. So visit ‘UK Parlour’ near More Supermarket in Madhura Nagar and check them out for yourself!

13. Pastries

Soft, creamy, and finished within seconds—the pastries sold at Snow Dunes near Diamond Park will disappear in a blink because they are simply that irresistible. Chocolate Truffle, Red Velvet, Vanilla Choco, Chocochip Brownie, and more will make your mouth water. Don’t wait to savour these sweet delights as they are highly affordable too!

14. Buffet

In this restaurant, Buffet and Set menus are available throughout the week at highly affordable prices. In addition, you can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus. The buffet provided at Zodiac in Fortune Inn Sree Kanya has received good reviews from customers. The restaurant also serves all-day breakfast.

15. Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda is a popular deep-fried snack item in Andhra and several other parts of South India. It is filling, delicious, and fluffy. You can get some good-tasting Mysore Bondas at Grand Sri Sai Ram restaurant in NDR Complex. A few other South Indian breakfast items like Masala Dosas have also received good reviews from customers.

16. Pizza

The ultimate comfort food for anyone who enjoys Italian cuisine—you can get delicious pizzas at an affordable cost at Snow Dunes, a bakery and fast food restaurant in Municipal Complex, opposite the Diamond Park. Paneer Pizza, Chicken Pizza, and Tandoori Chicken Pizza are a must-try in this place. Have them along with a serving of french fries, and you are sure to have a great time!

17. Chicken Fried Rice

In case you haven’t observed it yet, Vizag loves Chicken! So that’s why we have another dish to recommend to you, this time it is Chicken Fried Rice that you can try at AK’s Taste Well Foods on Srinagar Road. The restaurant offers the best North Indian and Chinese dishes. Multiple customers state Chicken Fried Rice to be delicious and even go to the extent of saying that AK’s Chicken Fried Rice is the best in the whole of Vizag!

18. Veg Manchurian

This famous Indo-Chinese recipe is a favourite among the customers of “AK’s Taste Well Foods.” Along with Chicken Fried Rice on this list, one other dish you must try when visiting this restaurant is the Veg Manchurian. AK’s is known to be one of the best fast food centers in Vizag, and that is probably why this restaurant is pretty famous among college-going crowds.

19. Andhra Chicken Curry

Andhra Chicken Curry is inarguably the most popular dish of Hotel Abhaya, with several customers ordering it and providing rave reviews of the Andhra Special dish. And honestly, this dish deserves every bit of that hype. Exciting local flavors of Andhra Pradesh blending perfectly with well-cooked Chicken is something that you would never want to miss!

20. Peppy Paneer Pizza

One of the most ordered pizzas in Vizag is the Peppy Paneer Pizza from our beloved pizza brand Domino’s, located on the first floor of the Land Mark building in Waltair Uplands. Juicy Paneer with crispy Capsicum and Paprika is a combo that seems etched in the hearts of pizza-lovers in Vizag. So forget about your dieting today and follow the popular demand of Vizag and order yourself this delicious veggie treat.