Top 20 Best Restaurants In And Around Vasna Road, Vadodara

Top 20 Best Restaurants In And Around Vasna Road Vadodara
Top 20 Best Restaurants In And Around Vasna Road Vadodara

Vadodara is also called Baroda. It’s the third largest town in Gujarat. The town is notable for landmarks like the Laxmi Vilas Palace, which served as the residence of the Mahratta royal Gaekwad family that dominated over Baroda State. it’s the home of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. It’s home to a number of the most architectural fine arts excellence. You may set up a visit to the present place as a vacation because it may be a stunning town. Once visiting this town try some authentic dishes at a number of the best restaurants within the Vasna Road of Vadodara to thrill your hunger pangs to make your trip more unforgettable.

1.Paratha Hutt

Paratha Hutt is a North Indian restaurant. They have a variety of unique parathas in their menu. The staff are very humble and welcoming. Some of the must try dishes here are plain paratha, aloo paratha, aloo onion mixed paratha and gobi paratha.  This is one of the prime places to enjoy delicious parathas and other north Indian dishes.

Paratha Hutt

2.Cafe Appetito

This is a good place to have some lip smacking fast foods and beverages. This is a nice place and has a good creative interior and pleasant ambiance. They also play music in this cafe. Pizza valdiano, red pasta, cheese toasts and cheesy garlic bread are the recommended must have of this place.

Cafe Appetito

3.Neopolitan Pizza-Express

Neopolitan Pizza-Express is a must visit place for foodies and pizza lovers. Here they serve pizza, fast food and chinese. They have a great menu and each dish in the menu will give pleasure to your taste buds. They have a courteous staff. They serve flavoursome and aromatic dishes at pocket friendly rates.

Neopolitan Pizza Express

4.Bhai Bhai Dabeli

At Bhai Bhai Dabeli they serve Gujarati and fast food. It is a small place with simple ambiance.Some of the dishes that you must try from here are mango dolly dabeli, special achiza dish, cheese ice cold dabeli, traffic jam dabeli, jumbo butter dabeli, nylon sandwich and 108 jumbo double butter dabeli.

Bhai Bhai Dabeli

5.Pic N Wrap

Pic N Wrap is a restaurant that serves Cafe, Fast Food and Mexican cuisines. This is a nice place and the staff here are experienced and friendly. Some of the recommended and chefs special dishes here are classic slipper combo, fries combo, chilli pops, choco strawberry and kiwi strawberry.

Pic N Wrap


Sharan restaurant is a master at serving Mughlai and biryani. They serve great food at reasonable prices. It has a lovely atmosphere. This is a nice place for non vegetarian lovers. Their menu has a variety of vegetarian, nonvegetarian and chinese starters, roti and naan and biryani.


7.Zaika Restaurant

This is a nice place to have some delicious  North Indian, Chinese and Seafood. They have many items on their menu. It has great starter, Punjabi, and top of town chole kulcha. This restaurant has very kind, attentive and supportive staff. The chef’s special Cheese butter masala is a must try at this place.

Zaika Restaurant

8.DA Pizza Planet

DA Pizza Planet has a variety of amazing pizzas. Ambiance is good here. You can dine here and enjoy the lovely mouth watering food. It has a wonderful menu for young and kids Fabulous place for unlimited pizza with more than seven types of pizza and cold and hot starters with unlimited drinks.

DA Pizza Planet


Temptationz serves modern and traditional Indian food from across the country with Chinese dishes in a chic venue. This is a great place to enjoy Punjabi dishes. The staff is most courteous and friendly.Pineapple lasagna is a must try dish. It is a great place for some mouth boggling food.



This is a nice place to enjoy some snacks and fast foods. It is a hygienic and clean place. They have a very decent, kind and welcoming staff who provide quick service. The dishes served here are flavoursome and delicious finger licking food. This is a good place to visit along with friends and family.


11.Rajasthan Kulfi And Fast Food

It is a nice place to enjoy Ice Cream, Desserts, Street Food, Gujarat and Fast Food. Some recommended dishes of Rajasthan Kulfi And Fast Food are  Chocolate Falooda, Sugarcane Juice, Green Pista Kulfi, Malai Kulfi, Italian Pizza, Veg Mayo Cheese Burger, Cheese Veg Masala Maggi and Basket Chaat.

Rajasthan Kulfi And Fast Food

12.Punjabi Corner

Punjabi Corner specialises in North Indian and Chinese cuisines. In this amazing restaurant you can enjoy a great meal along with your loved ones at low rates. If you visit this place you must not miss Executive Thali, Cheese Butter Masala, Dal Tadka, Hyderabadi Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala and Punjabi Special Biryani.

Punjabi Corner

13.Midday Munchies

This is a nice place to enjoy some delicious street food. This restaurant is well maintained. The staff working here keep this place hygienic. This is a nice place to enjoy a good meal and work. The staff are very kind and provide prompt services. It is an affordable restaurant that offers a wide variety of mouth watering dishes.

Midday Munchies

14.Rajasthan Farsan Mart

The cuisines served here are pure vegetarian. This is one among the many prime places to enjoy pure vegetarian dishes along with family. They also provide takeaway options so that you can enjoy delicious food at the comfort of your home. Apart from various dishes they also have delicious traditional Indian sweets.

Rajasthan Farsan Mart

15.Tapi Restaurant

Tapi Restaurant is a nice place to enjoy good Chinese and Indian food. This place is known for its kind, welcoming and friendly staff who are always ready to help and provide great service. It has an exotic ambiance. They also provide takeaway and food delivery options.

Tapi Restaurant

16.Delicacy Restaurant And Banquet

At Delicacy Restaurant and Banquet they provide a wide range of pure vegetarian Punjabi and Multi-cuisine dishes. Staff are very kind and serve customers according to their needs. The Indian dishes served here are filled with flavour and authentic taste. It is a very hygienic and exoctic ambiance.

Delicacy Restaurant And Banquet

17.Sidi’s Chicken Dabeli

A must go for all foodies, Sidi’s Chicken Dabeli in Diwalipura boasts of an consummate menu wherever one will invariably realize one thing to please their taste buds. This building never fails to impress with its tasteful food and courteous workers. It offers heavenly food with an engaging aroma at costs which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Sidis Chicken Dabeli

18.Tea Post

Tea Post is a nice place to enjoy Tea, Sandwich and Beverages. Some of the must try dish of this place are Cheese Chilli Corn Grilled Sandwich, Handvo, Mexican Cheese Grilled Sandwich, Peri Peri Sprinkle French Fries, Elaichi Tea, Ginger and Pudina Tea, Cheese Puff and Maska Bun.

Tea Post

19.Paradise Restaurant

Paradise Restaurant is known to serve a variety of North Indian and continental dishes. This restaurant is known for the best service provided by the staff. They serve good quality healthy food at reasonable rates. This is a nice place to enjoy delicious family lunch or dinner on a weekend.

Paradise Restaurant

20.Radhakrishna Food

This is a nice restaurant that serves dishes at reasonable rates. It is a nice place to enjoy some fast food. They have a consummate menu. It has a clean and simple ambiance. At  Radhakrishna food the staff are very creative and provide the best services. They also provide food delivery and takeaway services.

Radhakrishna Food