Top 20 Best Restaurants In Panjim, Goa

Top 20 Best Restaurants In Panjim Goa
Top 20 Best Restaurants In Panjim Goa

When in Goa, eat sort of a Goan. From the staple fish curry to the appetizing Creole cuisine, you’ll realize them in these tried and tested restaurants in the state. Goan food conflates native flavours with peninsula, Latin American, African, Arab, even Malaysian ones. Below mentioned are Top 20 Restaurants in Panjim, Goa where you can enjoy various Goan as well as other cuisines and satisfy your taste buds.

1.Neelam Bar & Restaurant

At Neelam Bar & Restaurant they serve Goan, Indian and Chinese food. It has a decent atmosphere and a beautiful ambiance. This is a must visit restaurant especially for fish lovers. The goan fish, curry,  goan cashew fenny and rice are some of the must try dishes from the menu they have here.

Neelam Bar Restaurant


One of the oldest restaurants that serves authentic Punjabi food. In addition to Punjabi dishes here they also serve Goan and Indo-Chinese dishes. It has a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable seating area which makes it a perfect family place. The staff are very kind and provide remarkable services. Some popular dishes served here are chole, caramel custard, chicken tikka masala, dal makhani and tandoori chicken.

Sher E Punjab

3.Ritz Classic Patto

It is a casual seafood restaurant. This is a good place to have local goa food at pocket friendly rates. The staff working here are friendly and are known for their quick service. Though this is a  good seafood restaurant it is vegetarian friendly also and has vegetarian options on its menu to choose from. Some must try dishes of this dining are caramel pudding, sweet dish, goan thali and caramel custard.

Ritz Classic Patto

4.Waterfront Terrace & Bar

At Waterfront Terrace & Bar they serve North Indian, Italian, Continental, Pan Asian, Goan and Mediterranean dishes. They also provide private dining services. You must definitely order greek salad, lunch buffet and pasta when dining here. This is a good place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family on a weekend.

Waterfront Terrace Bar

5.Taste Of Place

A place that serves great food at very reasonable prices. Here they serve delicious North Indian, Chinese, Seafood and Goan delicacies. The staff who work here are always polite and friendly. This is the best place to enjoy amazing biryani. You must also try chicken tandoori and triple schezwan fried rice while visiting this place.

Taste of Place

6.Ashok Restaurant

Ashoka Restaurant serves flavoursome North Indian dishes. This restaurant is known for the authentic taste of food they serve. A nice restaurant for enjoying some delicious local chicken xacuti, mutton xacuti with pao. This is a perfect place of foodies to enjoy finger-licking, luscious and toothsome food.

Ashok Restaurant

7.Joseph Bar

Joseph Bar is popular for the well known cocktails and mocktails they serve. Apart from cocktails and mocktails they also serve authentic delicious goan food. The ambiance is small, the bartenders are friendly and the bar also plays great music. It has a very relaxing, cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

Joseph Bar

8.George Restaurant & Bar

At George Restaurant & Bar they serve Goan, Seafood, North Indian and Chinese dishes.This place is known for its wonderful ambiance.Some recommended dishes to try here are Mutton xacuti, beef green, beef roasted fry, chicken fried rice, pork vindaloo, chilly fry, sausage pulao, sausages bread, prawn curry rice combo, prawns manchurian gravy, beef steak, pork cream chop and pork chilli fry.

George Restaurant Bar

9.Ritz Classic

Goan, Chinese, North Indian, Seafood, Beverages are the cuisines served here. This is a pocket friendly family restaurant.  Some popular dishes served here are sea food thali, fish thaali, caramel pudding, fish platter, goan prawn curry and plain rice. This place is a must visit to have a gastronomical experience.

Ritz Classic

10.Godinho Bar And Restaurant

Godinho Bar and Restaurant serves cuisines like Chinese, Goan, Indian, Sea Food, Continental. It has peaceful lighting in the interior and is a peaceful ambiance. You must definitely order biryani, fish curry rice with beef chilli fry, fish curry rice, beef steak sizzlers, beef steak with mushroom sauce and pork chops with salad.

Godinho Bar and Restaurant

11.Caravela Cafe And Bistro

This is a restaurant with a soothing ambiance that serves coffee, fast food, sandwich, goan, desserts and beverages. It is a beautiful cafe with courteous staff who provide excellent service. Some popular dishes to try here are organic coffee, coffee espresso, all day breakfast, bacon omelette, vietnamese coffee and bombay sandwich.

Caravela Cafe And Bistro

12.Bawarchi Restaurant St Inez

This restaurant serves Chinese, Biryani and North Indian cuisines. It is situated in a prime location and they carter best food services. They serve authentic and flavoursome biryani for non vegetarian lovers. The Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and  Mutton Biryani served here are a must try that you should not miss.

Bawarchi Restaurant St Inez

13.Sharda Classic

Sharda Classic has a beautiful and good ambiance. The service is really quick here which is a plus point of this place.The price of the dishes are fair enough and the quantity served is also apt. Popular item in their menu that you must not miss is goan fish thali. It is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones.

Sharda Classic

14.Kailash Parbat- Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Kailash Parbat is a pure vegetarian place that serves North Indian, Sindhi Food, Chaats, Street Food, Desserts and Kulfi Falooda. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. They provide good food with great presentations. The portions of food are satisfactory. The manager and other staff are really polite and their service time is good.

Kailash Parbat Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

15.Cafe Rasa

This is a good restaurant to enjoy breakfast, snacks, tea, coffee and dinner. They have a decent menu. The food is toothsome and amazing here and you can get it customised as well. This place has the coolest, friendly and helpful staff. It has a beautiful ambiance with simple and nice decor. This is highly recommended for food as well as working space.

Cafe Rasa

16.Navrang Restaurant

Navrang Restaurant is a restaurant that serves delicious Gujarati food. This restaurant is known for serving homely vegetarian meals. It is a good place to enjoy authentic unlimited Gujarati food..The recommended dish here that you should not  miss is the thali which consists of ghee roti, gravy sabji, dry sabji, dal, rice, sweet, papad, pickles.

Navrang Restaurant

17.Vinanti Restaurant & Bar

At Vinanti Restaurant & Bar they serve a variety of cuisines like Seafood, Indian, Punjabi, Multicuisine, Pan Asian, Chinese, Continental and North Indian.. The staff is very polite and professional here. They serve authentic food. The presentation of food is very good and  its taste is outstanding lso the prices are decent.

Vinanti Restaurant Bar

18.The Goan Room

This is the best place to enjoy the taste of Hindu Goan cuisine. Here they serve Goan, Seafood, Chinese, Fast Food, Desserts and  Beverages. It has a very refreshing and relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful ambiance. Some of the dishes served here include Peri Peri Prawn, Goan Thali, Chicken Tandoori, Authentic Goan Food, Crabs and Mocktails. The Patrao Thali is a must try that you should not miss.

The Goan Room

19.Gauthankar’s Kitchen

A restaurant that serves Fast Food, American, Burger, Desserts and Beverages. They have awesome and friendly staff. It has a beautiful atmosphere and picture perfect ambiance. Some of the dishes that are recommended are tender coconut chilly, black pepper  and chicken bukhara.

Gauthankars Kitchen

20.Horse Shoe Bar & Restaurant

At Horse Shoe Bar & Restaurant you can enjoy Goan and Seafood.The owner and other staff of this restaurant provide prompt and quick service. The chefs are really skilled and make delicious mouth boggling food that is worth trying. It has a cool  and pleasant ambiance . You must try the chicken peri peri for sure while visiting this place.

Horse Shoe Bar Restaurant