Top 20 Best Restaurants In Mysore To Enjoy A Hearty Fish Meal

Top 20 Best Restaurants In Mysore To Enjoy A Hearty Fish Meal

Mysore lies in the close vicinity of coastal regions like Kerala and Mangalore. Despite not being a coastal city, there are many restaurants for fish lovers in Mysore. So, if you are craving a sumptuous fish meal in Mysore, you may check out any of these top 20 restaurants in Mysore for a hearty fish meal. From Mysore Masala Fish Curry to various seafood preparations, the restaurants of Mysore have delicious cuisines for people with an affinity for fish.


Fishland is famous for fish, prawns, crabs, chicken, mutton, and vegetarian dishes. ‘Mangalorean Fish Curry’ and ‘Fish Tawa Fry’ are their must-try dishes. This family dining restaurant exhibits a marine theme.

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It is popular for Andhra cuisine. The menu comprises vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The simple ambiance and comfortable seating arrangement are noteworthy. The Andhra-style fish, chicken, and mutton are full of flavor and spices.

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Mezzaluna specializes in Indian, Continental, Italian, Mediterranean, and various other cuisines. Theseafood and grilled dishes at Mezzaluna are delicious. The interior decor and ambiance are very classy to offer you a luxurious dining experience.

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Fish and other seafood are an integral part of their cuisine. Meen Curry, Meen Varuval, Fish Biryani are some must-have fish cuisines at this restaurant. The preparations range from deep fried fishes to spicy gravy dishes.

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5.Hotel Hanumanthu

Hotel Hanumanthu of Mysore is chiefly famous for mutton pulav. Apart from the Pulav preparations, they are also known for Kappa, Fish Curry and Cutla Fish Fry. The dishes have a homely touch of spices.

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6.Nisarga Fish Land

Nisarga is a highly recommended restaurant for delectable fish curry, fish fry in local spices, fish biryani, fish masala, fish ghee roast, grilled fish and tangy fish pulimunchi. Nisarga specializes in seafood.

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7.Fresh Catch Seafood

The seafood served here is very delicious. The fishes are very fresh. The perfect blend of flavors and authenticity makes it a must-visit restaurant. They also serve Chinese, Barbeque, and North Indian dishes.

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8.Lazeez Fish Fry Centre

It is a small shop with delicious fish fries. This outlet is famous among the fish-lovers, with an affinity for spicy food. The dishes are affordable and the fries taste delicious.

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9.Tiger Trail

Tiger Trail offers a myriad of Indian dishes. The fish dishes available here are Tawa Fish, Fish Tikka, Fish Curry, Fish Malabari,Grilled and Amritsari fish. The Fish Biryani available here is very delicious.

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Gufha is known for its great food and the wide variety of Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. The restaurant has the theme of a cave. The menu presents good options. There are many varieties of non-vegetarian dishes available here with many variations of fish on the menu.

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11.Seafood Restaurant

Seafood restaurant specializes in seafood and Indian cuisines. The outlet offers an exclusive dining experience. Some must-have dishes are prawn ghee roast, mango fish curry, and fish masala. The prompt service and the affordable cost make your visit to this restaurant a value-for-money deal.

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12.The Kuruba Grill

It is a fine dining restaurant with amazing ambiance and great food. This restaurant is well-known for its grilled food items. The restaurant offers a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles of cooking. If you are craving grilled food or non-vegetarian dishes including fish, you must try the cuisines of the Kuruba Grill.

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13.The Barge – Multi Cuisine Restaurant

This restaurant is known for the variety of Continental, Chinese, North Indian and Italian cuisines with a refreshing ambiance. The food is quite affordable. It is a perfect place to hang out on the weekends with your friends and enjoy sumptuous delicacies.

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14.Kukkarallikere Fishland

This restaurant specializes in seafood. The dishes have been priced reasonably. Fish boneless, crabs, fish boneless tawa fry, silverfish, salmon, etc., are available at this restaurant. They even serve rice and fish curry and the preparations are very delicious.

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15.Fish House

This restaurant is specially known for its seafood. The preparations are very fresh. Although it does not present a luxurious dining experience, the food quality remains uncompromised. The cozy seating arrangement and the simple decoration blend well with the authenticity of the dishes.

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Zaika Restaurant in Mysore is famous for its Arabian, Chinese, Sichuan, and North Indian cuisines. Zaika is well-known for its wide variety of fish delicacies including tandoor prawns, tandoor fish, KFC fish, and a variety of chicken dishes. You must try their prawn fried rice.

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17.Kudla Fish Land

The restaurant is specially known for its fast food, Chinese and North Indian delicacies. The healthy food options at this restaurant deserve a special mention. The cream of prawns, seafood harvest, the prawn tempura, the calamari fritters are some must-try dishes at this restaurant.

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18.Fish Land Kabab

The sumptuous dishes and good service of this restaurant is worth appreciation. The restaurant is chiefly known for its North Indian cuisines. The overall environment and hospitality is highly praised along with the wide varieties of fish cuisines on the menu.

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19.Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl is a small outlet known for its North Indian and Bengali fish cuisines. The price of food is very reasonable. Some of their special dishes are crab masala fry, silverfish fry, ginger prawns, and many other savory dishes to satiate your taste buds.

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20.Mughal Durbar

Mughal Durbar is famous for biryani, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. They have many non-vegetarian options on their menu. If you are a grilled food lover you will get several non-vegetarian options to fulfill your fish and chicken cravings.

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