Top 20 Must-Try Foods Of Hubli

Top 20 Must-Try Foods Of Hubli

Hubli, or Hubbali, is a famous city in North Karnataka. It is often known as The Historic Town of Karnataka. Hubli is even known as Chotta Mumbai. Hubbali and Dharawad are known as twin cities of Karnataka. It is the second largest city in Karnataka. Here are the Top 20 Must-try foods of Hubli.

1.Kadalebele Usli

Kadalebele Usli is the most nutritious dish. It is made using sprouts. It is rich in fibre, protein, etc. The main ingredient in this recipe is Channa Dal. It is boiled and steamed. It is mixed with onions, chilies, tomatoes, etc. It tastes delicious. It is the most nutritious snack. It is a must-try.



Obbattu is another name for Puran Poli. It is made using boiled and smashed chana dal with jaggery. The mixture is stuffed inside a flatbread made of gram flour. It is heated with loads of ghee. It is served hot. It is paired best with milk, mango pulp, ghee, etc. It is a must-try.



Nippattu is a famous crispy and spicy cracker. It is also known as Thattai and Chekkalu. It is made of rich flour, peanuts, sesame seeds, etc. It is shaped into a flat disc and deeply fried until golden and crispy. It is the best pastime snack and enjoyed by everyone.



Chiroti is a renowned sweet dish of Maharashtra but also famous in North Karnataka. It is paired with sweet milk. It is made using rava and sugar powder. It is a tasty sweet delicacy and is said to be one among the premium sweets. It is served with crushed almonds, pistachios, and cardamom powder. It is a must-try.


5.Maddur Vada

Maddur Vada is a famous snack of South India. It is very famous all over Karnataka. These deeply fried fritters are all-time favorite tea time snacks of everyone. It is made using rice flour, rava, maida, spices and herbs. It is slightly spicy. Furthermore, it is a must-try when in Karnataka.


6.Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath is the most loved sweet dish by everyone. It is very simple to prepare yet delicious in taste. Rava is roasted in ghee, Dry fruits are roasted too. It is added to hot boiling water with sugar in it. It is cooked and generous amount of ghee and dry fruits are added. The word kesari means orange in Kannada. They add an orange color in it. It is served hot. It is a must-try.


7.Benne Dosa

Benne Dose is the most loved dish of everyone in Karnataka. A dosa batter is made and kept to ferment overnight. The next day, dosa is made on dosa pan. The special ingredient added here is butter. Benne means Butter in Kannada. Generous amount of butter is added to the dosa. Few people even add red chutney and aloo sabzi to enhance the taste of benne dosa. It is served hot with spicy coconut chutney and sambhar. It is a must-try.



Girmit is the most authentic snack of Hubli. It is the most famous street food of Karnataka. It is made using puffed rice. Spicy red chutney, tamarind chutney, gojju, onions, etc. are added. It is very spicy and tastes delicious. One can not afford to miss girmit when in Hubli.


9.Dharwad Peda

Dharwad Peda is famous all over the world. This sweet delicacy is unique and can be found only in Karnataka. This sweet has a GI tag. The ingredients used are simple, they include milk and sugar. The milk is heated and condensed. Sugar is added accordingly. Sugar powder is sprinkled on each peda and it tastes heavenly. It is a must-try.


10.Puri Bhaji

Puri Bhaji is the most loved breakfast dish of Indian citizens. Puri is made of maida. It is flattened and deeply fried. The bhaji is made of potatoes. It is spicy and yummy. It is served with spicy coconut chutney and delicious vegetable curry. Likewise, it is wholesome and fills your stomach.


11.Idli Sambhar

Idli Sambhar is considered as the comfort food of Indian citizens. Everyone loves Idli and enjoys it with spicy coconut chutney. It is a comfort food for every Indian. It is healthy and tastes great. Few people top Idli with Red chutney, and ghee to enhance the taste. It tastes delicious.


12.Jhunka Vadi

Jhunka Vadi is the most famous dish of Hubli. It is made from besan flour. Onion, tomatoes, and other spices are mixed well in oil and water is added. After the water is boiled, besan is added. It is cooked well. It is then cut into pieces and garnished with poppy and sesame seeds. Not only that, but it is spicy and tastes delicious. Furthermore, it is a must-try.


13.Akki Roti

Akki Rotti is the most authentic flatbread of Hubli. It is served in every household and restaurant. It is simple to prepare. Furthermore, it is made using rice flour. Akki means Rice in Kannada. Boiling water is mixed in rice flour along with some salt to taste. It is flattened into extremely thin breads traditionally. It is heated on charcoal. Likewise, it tastes delicious when paired with spicy vegetable curry or non-veg curry. It is a must-try.



Chitranna is a rice dish and is said to be the comfort food of Karnataka. Chitranna is made using rice. Onion, tomatoes, spices, chilies, chutneys, etc. are added in oil and fried. Steamed rice is added to the mixture and cooked well. It is served hot and garnished with onions and coriander. It is served with some spicy chutney. Furthermore, it tastes spicy and delicious.


15.Masala Puri

Masala Puri is a street snack famous in Karnataka. Masala Puri is a papdi with aloo chat and masala sprinkled on it. A lemon is squeezed and garnished with farsan on it. It is found anywhere on the street of Karnataka. It is rich in flavors and spices. Furthermore, it is a must-try.



Kadabu is another famous sweet delicacy famous in North Karnataka. It is made with maida, channa dal and jaggery. Maida is flattened and stuffed with smashed channa dal and jaggery. It is given a unique shape and is deeply fried. It tastes yummy. Likewise, it is a must-try.


17.Shavige Bath

Shavige Bath is the yummiest breakfast dish, loved by everyone in Karnataka. Shavige means Vermicelli in Kannada. It is roasted in ghee or oil and added to boiling water containing onion, chilies and other spices in it. It is mixed well and cooked for some time. Likewise, it is served hot. Furthermore, it tastes delicious and is healthy. It is a must-try.


18.Kadalebele Chutney

Kadalebele Chutney is the healthiest chutney. It is made using sprouts. Onion, tomato, urad dal, chilies, carrot, etc. are ground and mixed in kadalebele. It is sprinkled with masala, spices, and few lemon drops. It is served as a side dish. Furthermore, it is very delicious and healthy.


19.Rave Unde

Rave Unde is the most loved sweet delicacy by everyone. It is made using rava and sugar. Rava is roasted in ghee and added to boiling water with sugar. It is cooked well, and the mixture is cooled for few seconds. It is shaped into a laddoo and garnished with cashew nuts. Furthermore, it tastes heavenly. One can not afford to miss this premium sweet delicacy.


20.Jolada Roti

Kadak Rotti is also known as Jolada Rotti in Kannada. It is made using jowar flour. A dough is made, it is flattened until the base is extremely thin and roasted on fire wood. It is very crispy. It has an unique taste. Furthermore, it is often paired with Jhunaka, Yenegaayi, etc. Likewise, it can be stored for long. Not only that, but it is very healthy. Furthermore, it is consumed by the people of North Karnataka on a daily basis.