Top 20 Best Restaurants In Park Street Of Kolkata

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Park Street is one of the most posh localities of Kolkata. The busy glistening roads make it really nice to look at. What makes it so special? Well, it boasts of having the best collection of restaurants. It is also really famous for its extravagant Christmas celebration and lights.

Here is a list of top 20 restaurants that you could try out if you near Park Street when you really want some nice food.

1 Peter Cat


Very famous for their sizzlers and platters, it is rare to find no crowd waiting to get a table at Peter Cat. This restaurant is no doubt the best in the town.

Food available is impeccable compared to the price. You can find many foreigners dining in here because the food is indeed of international tastes.

You can try the simple yet yummy platter consisting of a little rice, grilled vegetables, kebabs, and an egg maybe.

The interiors are cozy. They provide continental and north Indian food.


2 Barbeque Nation


If you love kebabs, this place is the ultimate wonderland! Barbeque Nation lives up to the phrase ‘value for money’

A charcoal grill is fit into your table, and they provide such exquisite starters without a pause. The main course and desserts are no exception.

This buffet restaurant is great for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians.


3 Flavours of China


This restaurant provides such good quality Chinese food, you will be compelled to revisit. There are no buffets available; they are all a la carte orders.

Choose your favorite items from the menu card and they will get such aromatic yummy food at your table. They pay extreme attention to your likes and dislikes. The ambiance is pretty serene too.

You can also get yourself some drinks by the side. Try the awesome desserts too!


4 BarBQ


BarBQ provides lip-smacking north Indian Food. It is actually adjoined to Flavours of China. Together, these two create a legendary duo.

BarBQ also has pleasant ambiance and the food is so rich and tasty.

These people surely know how to cook. The price range is moderate too.


5 Mocambo


Mocambo is Peter Cat’s little brother. Much newer, Mocambo is already marking its territory.

This restaurant provides tasty north Indian, Continental, and Italian cuisines. The interiors are nice and are very similar to Peter Cat.

You can try out their sizzlers and platters.


6 Tung Fong


A la carte and buffet are both available in this exotic Chinese and Asian restaurant.

With dishes that make you salivate, this is a lovely choice if you love Chinese food.

The ambiance is decent and pleasant. The restaurant is kept cool so that you can gobble up all those nicely spicy delicious food.

With many dishes to pick from, you might just be in a fix!


7 Aira


Aira is a gorgeous restaurant that gives you a royal feeling. This restaurant provides north Indian and also everyone’s favorite Mughlai khana!

The interiors are very posh and decorative. The restaurant is ornated in an antique fashion.

Aira is a part of the very famous Myx in Park Street. This place is a famous hangout location for people of all ages.


8 Flurys


Dessert Heaven! Flurys is a very renowned chain of stores all over the city of joy!

This particular branch is our all time favorite. This opens in the morning and closes at night. You can get stuff suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. The continental food here is amazing.

This bakery or cafe is worth visiting repeatedly.


7 Bistro By The Park


North Indian, Continental, Italian, European, Pizza, Thai, just name it and you have it. Bistro by the Park is a very lavish and high-quality restaurant. This place is loved by whoever visits even once.

With the lovely European interiors and food that is refreshing for the palate, no wonder it is this popular!

The ambiance is so mind-blowing that people tend to go there frequently. A little towards the higher cost category, this place is a pizza wonderland.

It is perfect for a cozy family outing or a romantic dinner maybe.


10 Au Bon Pain


Another morning to night cafe, Au Bon Pain is one more dessert wonderland you could explore.

The interiors are bright and make you want to buy and eat everything you see! This place is perfect for a quick bite. With minimum waiting time and lovely bakery aroma, you would want to keep visiting.

You get tasty desserts, cakes, and continental food here.


11 Fire and Ice Pizzeria


As the name suggests, this place is known for their amazing pizzas and exotic Italian food.

They know the true art of pizza-making and make you experience some rare and great flavor combinations.

Designed in a way to give you Italian cafe vibes, this place is very interesting.


12 Mamagoto


Experience genuine and exquisite Asian, Thai, and Chinese cooking in Mamagoto.

Mamagoto is a well-established restaurant chain with branches around India. This branch is no less. It provides serene South-Asian food experience in a very sophisticated manner.

The color of the appetizing food does not allow you to wait for even a minute.


13 Saffron- The Park


Why not try some Bengali food and relish it? Saffron provides you with wonderful Bengali food, along with kebabs and north Indian food too. It also serves jain food.

The ambiance is very beautiful. Bright lights and charming decoration automatically uplift your mood.

The food is made with care and they also pay attention to beautiful plating. That is a plus point, isn’t it?


14 Marco Polo


No! Not the game!

Marco Polo is another excellent restaurant in Park Street.

The food is yum, and the ambiance is soothing. The food and ambiance go hand in hand, giving you a very enjoyable experience.

With nice crowd, this is a place where you can really be yourself.


15 The Bridge- the Park


With preppy, cute, and comfortable seating arrangement, you can enjoy the tasty food of the Bridge to the fullest.

The serve Italian, continental, and North Indian food. What’s more? The Sunday brunch! This brunch is truly remarkable! Gourmet food and a wonderful collection and make it special and worth paying visit to.

If you have not tried out this place yet, hurry up!


16 Chilli Wok


Chilli Wok, another restaurant which is a part of Myx, serves yummy Chinese and Thai food.

Not only do they serve normal dishes, they serve delicacies too! Delicacies that are to die for!

It is a very known restaurant in the Park Street community with high demand. With so many Chinese and Thai food lovers, this one is really great.


17 Teej


Teej is probably the best option for people who love thalis! The north Indian and Rajasthani food here is so flavorsome. Vegetarian options are plenty with both great taste and appetizing looks.

It has a very authentic Rajdhani decor inside and melodious Rajasthani music playing in the background.


18 Hakuna Matata


Here comes some Mexican food into the game! Hakuna Matata, or no worries is a wonderful continental and Mexican restaurant.

You can try out the exotic cocktails and mocktails too.

Ambiance is nice too. It is perfect for a meal out with friends or family.


19 Oasis


The food will lure you into coming here again and again. Just like how a dessert man gets excited looking at an oasis, you too will be mesmerized.

The continental, north Indian and Chinese food served here is so tasty. You get awesome desserts too!

With wifi and sports streaming, this is an enjoyable restaurant located in the posh Park Street.


20 Shiraz Golden Restaurant


What can be better than a hot plate or biryani? Shiraz is known for its yummy hot creamy spicy biryani. The north Indian and Mughlai food is also delicious.

Drown in the richness and flavorsome food of this popular biryani joint.

It stays open till late at night, so if you get those biryani cravings, you know you’ll have Shiraz by your side.


Try the yummy food from these 20 absolutely rocking restaurants in Park Street of Kolkata!