Top 20 Best Sherbet Recipes To Try At Home

Top 20 Best Sherbet Recipes To Try At Home

We love tasty and yummy Sherbets. We all do, don’t we? There is something or the other for all of us. So many flavor combinations and so many unique tastes!

Here are 20 awesome Sherbet ideas that you can put together with simple things available at home.

1 Tarbooz ka Sherbet

Tarbooz or watermelon is a juicy watery summer fruit. It is so watery that it had to be named watermelon!

Extracting juice is extremely easy for this fruit. This thin red juice can be an excellent Sherbet base. Just add a pinch of salt and a drop of lemon juice and you will have a yummy fresh treat.


2 Aam Panna

Aam Panna mix is available in stores, or you can always work your own way in making it. This sour and yummy Sherbet are very good for digestion.

It is compatible with other snacks and is so easy to make. Giving guests a glass of AamPanna can make them happy. Even having it at home is fun and flavorsome.

aam panna

3 Nimbu ka Sherbet

Nimbus or lemon is a common fruit in India. This Sherbet is probably the easiest one to make. In a glass of water, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add sugar and salt, and stir. This simple yet yummy Sherbet enlivens our childhood memories like nothing else. This Sherbet is good for our health too. It maintains our metabolism and soothes our health.


4 Orange Sherbet

Orange juice is a beloved juice, but adding some masala and spices to it can turn it into a delicious sherbet!

Just juice out oranges with the help of your hands or with the help of a juicer. To this fresh juice, add a pinch of salt and chaat masala. Voila! You will have a super duper yummy Sherbet.

You can also use ready-made carton orange juice.


5 Pista Sherbet

Pista or pistachio is excellent with milk based drinks. This thick milkshake or Sherbet is a royal delicacy.

Making it is pretty simple. Add pistachio powder to milk and boil it. Then add some Pista pieces on top. You add sugar or honey too. Roasted pistachios are fun too.

Have this hold or even cold. Both ways, it is awesome!


6 Gulab Sherbet

Gulab or rose Sherbet is considered to be a very serene and exotic sherbet. Its aroma is so refreshing and mind-blowing. It has a bright red color which increases our appetite.

We get rose syrup which when mixed with water gives us this exquisite Sherbet.

You can always add things to your liking, but this light Sherbet is a gem in its own way.


7 Chandan ka Sherbet

Chandan or sandalwood has so many benefits and is known for its amazingly good effects on the skin.

In olden days, this Sherbet was enjoyed by Sultans and Nawabs. It is expensive but really yummy. Small boxes are available in this sandalwood powder. Just take a teaspoon of this powder and mix it in warm milk.


8 Bel Sherbet

Stone apple, also known as Bel is very good for making Sherbets. It has a thick creamy consistency which provides richness to the Sherbet.

Having a glass of this Sherbet will bring a smile to your face.

Take out the pulp, juice it and add some flavoring to it.


9 Aam Sherbet

Mangoes are very pulpy. Their thick juice is very sweet and can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Adding honey or sugar to it can turn it into a very joy filled yummy Sherbet.

This one is perfect for summers and wonderful for those of us who have a dominant sweet tooth.


10 Masala Cold Drink

Cold drinks are available everywhere. Rather than having plain cold drinks, try out this easy but very yummy Sherbet recipe.

Add some lemon juice, black salt, chaat masala, and Jaljeera to a glass of cold drinks. It results in a fizzy Sherbet Heaven.


11 Kharbooja Sherbet


Kharbooja or musk melon is another yummy fruit similar to Bel. This too has a thick creamy consistency and a beautiful punch.

Bring out the juice and adding masala and salt to it can uplift the flavor. Add some sugar and you will have a delicious Sherbet.


12 Strawberry Sherbet

This milk-based Sherbet is absolutely gorgeous, both in taste and looks.

Strawberry is widely loved and has a sweet yet sour flavor. The pulp mixed with milk and sugar gives a refreshing yummy Sherbet.

You can also add mint leaves to heighten the flavor.


13 Kesar Badam Sherbet

Another ancient delicacy, the kesar and badam sherbet is creamy and so rich in flavor. Kesar or saffron adds an exotic flavor and a beautiful yellow color to the milk. Roasted or plain almonds add crunch and depth in flavor.

Together, these two ingredients create a master Sherbet which can be enjoyed by everyone.


14 Hibiscus Sherbet

The welcoming drink of Egypt, Hibiscus Sherbet is a sweet melody. It is made by juicing out sweet Hibiscus flowers and melting it with honey or sugar.

This Sherbet is so exotically tasty, that you will never want to stop drinking it. It has a bright red color which attracts us as well as makes it look extravagant.


15 Lauki Sherbet

This Sherbet is perfect for those harsh summers. This provides ultimately coolness to our body and drives out all irritable things.

Juicing out pieces of Lauki, adding lemon juice, mint leaves, and salt to it does the trick.

If you feel like experimenting, you can also add cucumber juice to make it more watery and perfect for summers.


16 Amchur Sherbet

Who hasn’t stolen some Amchur powder from the kitchen? Amchur powder is so tasty and adds real zesty tangy flavors.

Stirring some of this powder in a glass of water can make a Sherbet in seconds. To add more complexity, you can add Dhania or coriander leaves to it.

This Sherbet aid in digestion and is a perfect post-meal treat.


17 Anar ka Sherbet

Anar or pomegranate is another yummy red Sherbet fruit. This almost crystal like juice smells and tastes so good and pleasant.

Adding crushed sugar and some ice with mint leaves can bring this Sherbet to extreme heights.

Anar is easily available but juicing it out requires time.


18 Grape Sherbet

There are various types of grapes available everywhere. All the types have unique flavors and colors.

Making Grape Sherbet is very easy. Since grapes are bursting with juice inside, extracting the juice is easy. After extracting the juice we can add in our favorite masalas and powders to make it yummy.

Adding ice and Jaljeera to grape juice creates a wonderful combination.


19 Grilled Tomato Sherbet

This is a very interesting and yummy savory Sherbet.

Grill some tomatoes. You add seasonings while grilling. There should be a nice blackish char on the skin of the tomatoes.

Then juice the grilled tomatoes. Your Sherbet is ready.


20 Mixed Fruit, Ice Cream, and Sago Sherbet

This delicious Sherbet is one of a kind. Add Ice cream with mixed fruit juice in layers. You can add bits of your favorite fruits too. Create layers of cooked sago too. Add cherries on top and enjoy this almost dessert like sherbet.


Enjoy these delicious easy to make Sherbets at home and make your loved ones smile.