Top 20 best restaurants to visit once in Hudson Lane, Delhi

20 best rest to visit once in hudson lane new delhi 1-100

Delhi is a place that has all kinds of cuisines available. One such place in Delhi is Hudson Lane that is a paradise for food lovers. It has the best cafes with all your favorite dishes on the menu. Some classics are indeed worthy of attention. As such, listed below are the cafes that are brimming with a range of affordable dishes.

1.Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door is famous for its burgers and nachos. It has generated a passionate following among customers, so much so that it now has two branches in Hudson Lane. You will love the mouth-watering Italian food served here, among which white sauce pasta, thin-crust pizza, and various milkshakes are the all-time favorites. In terms of ambiance, you will get a vibrant environment and great music.

Big yellow door

2.The Hudson Cafe

Hudson Cafe is one of the favorites in the lane due to its soft interior and comfortable seating area. The Hudson Cafe serves exquisite Italian and Chinese cuisine and is the most popular choice in the area. Their delicious Banoffee Pie can make your gloomy day perfect! Also, do sample the refreshing mocktails for a memorable meal.


3.Cafeteria & Co.

Cafeteria & Co will indeed become your favorite place. Let us take a moment to appreciate the charming atmosphere of this place, which has many artistic elements. Its menu has some quirky dishes like Marilyn Monroe Burger, three-way chicken fries & more. In addition, you should try crepes for desserts, which are mortal. If you are searching for a hearty meal, this is the perfect place to be.

Cafeteria and Co

4.Woodbox Cafe

Woodbox Cafe is the ideal place to visit with your squad. Its quirky dishes allow you to enjoy all the delicacies that are missing in your life. It serves Chinese as well as Italian cuisines. Its interiors and decoration, all the way to the tableware used, everything is wooden themed, making Woodbox Cafe one of its kind.

Woodbox cafe

5.Spezia Bistro

Spezia has everything you look for in a good cafe, like scrumptious food, refreshing drinks, and a great atmosphere. Once you put your bottoms on the chair of your favorite color, go for its cheese burst pizza; you will be in seventh heaven after you taste it. Also, we urge you to try scrummy Aglio Olio Pasta, Thai Basil Chilli Noodles, hazelnut coffee & mojito for a perfect food date.



Its idea of ​​hiring employees with different abilities makes it unique from others. Brick walls, white curtains, and rustic decorations create a warm atmosphere. Do not miss the live music and mouth-watering dishes on the menu.



QDs is the perfect place to have soft and crisp momos in Hudson Lane. It has some affordable platters, including Chicken Tikka Masala and Paneer Butter Masala, which are delicious and appealing. People love this place because of its delicacies and quick service.



Sambookas have attractive wooden interiors and frames. The ambiance is cozy and subtle. It offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages along with delicious food. Try its Caramelized Apple, and Brownie Blackout, Chicken burger & Frazio Milano shake. It is the best place to hang out with friends.


9.Mama’s Buoi

Are you looking for a terrace cafe in Hudson Lane? Head over to Mamas Buoi. There is no problem finding this cafe because it is full of wonderful music and cheers from enthusiastic customers. It has a dazzling rooftop environment, almost always packed with diners. The food menu provides a variety of delicious dishes. The cocktails are a huge hit amongst the customers.

Mama’s buoi


Paparizza serves a variety of delicious pizzas. They are so big that your stomach will explode. Do sample their Godfather Pizza, Deconstructed Pizza, & 21 Inches veg Pizza which will leave you wanting more. It has an excellent & cozy ambiance.


11.By the Bay

By The Bay is a lounge in Hudson Lane. This place has a beach-themed atmosphere. It serves a range of North Indian, Italian and American cuisine as well as unique seafood. Do not miss their Nachos corn chaat, which is worth trying. It is a perfect place to relax with your family and friends.

By the bay

12.Greedy Soul- Kitchen and Bar

Greedy Soul Kitchen & Bar is a cafe with a beautiful environment, and the outdoor seating area fascinates diners. The affordable menu makes this place famous amongst students. It provides a variety of choices from which you can choose. When there, sample their butter chicken & supreme pizza. Instagram freaks, this place will surely give you amazing photos to post.

Greedy soul kitchen and bar

13.Phonebooth Cafe

Phonebooth cafe is an absolute gem with a lovely ambiance & tasty food. Interiors have beautiful walls with a unique theme. It serves mouth-watering dishes, which include Bomb burger, nachos pizza, and veg biryani. End your day with a virgin mojito and fruit sangria shake for a memorable meal.



Ricos is a beautiful cafe that offers a variety of cuisines, from Mexican to Italian. Its wooden decorations and fashionable graffiti sprayed on the walls make it worth a visit. Its menu includes quirky dishes like Penne Arrabbiata, Rosemary Infused Chicken Steak, Jack Daniels Pork Ribs, and more. Do visit this place with your gang.


15.Shake Eat Up

If you like to enjoy plenty of food at low prices, then shake eat up is the ideal place for you. You cannot miss their floral platter because it has pasta, french fries, momos, cold potatoes, and dried Manchurian dishes. It is a perfect place to have a good time.

Shake eat up

16.Chalte Phirte

It is a decent eatery offering lip-smacking food at affordable prices. This place also offers you a wide variety of fast food and Chinese dishes. Unlike other cafes, it is small, the atmosphere is effortless and subtle, you can eat and have fun. Some of the specials you cannot miss here are gravy momos, noodles, and Afghani momos.

Chalte phirte

17.Central Perk

Central Perk has a theme of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series. The walls have the highlights of the episodes. The dishes on their menu are named after the characters from the show, such as Chandlers Feast, Phoebe Crusher Mocktail, Monicas Bunwich & more. The classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sofa provides a perfect background where one can click on some images of Instagram. In terms of food, they offer various dishes, including Italian, North Indian, and Chinese specialties. It is a fantastic place to visit if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S lover.

Central perk

18.Lazy Bear

Lazy Bear is a rooftop cafe that has a fantastic setup that gives up a great vibe. Settle your cravings with its delicious cuisines. It provides a casual dining experience. Get mesmerized with plush and classy ambiance for a blissful evening!

Lazy bear

19.Judge and Jury

Judge & Jury is a theme restaurant whose interiors represent the look and feel of the court. It serves a variety of North Indian, Chinese, Italian and American cuisines. Visit here, you will believe that it is one of the best coffee shops and bars, and also the best nightlife venue.

Judge and jury


Abongchiiz offers a colorful atmosphere and an affordable menu, serving a variety of multinational cuisines. Every dish they provide is of the best taste and made with the most authentic and high-quality ingredients. The affordable menu caters to people’s different tastes and preferences, serving a variety of North Indian and Continental cuisines. The unique Hookah menu offers a range of aromatic Sheeshas. Cozy corners and comfy lounges make Abongchiiz a good place for casual conversations and meetings.