Top 20 Best-Themed Restaurants In Pune


Are you looking for theme restaurants to hang out in Pune? Well, Pune has a lot of Cute and funky theme restaurants where you can go and enjoy the food. There are places where you can go irrespective of whether you are going on a date, or with your family, or with your friends, or alone. You can experience a vacation or an international tour just by visiting these places! Here’s a list of the top 20 best-themed restaurants in Pune.

1.Rainforest Resto Bar

As known from its name, this restaurant is forest themed and a fantastic place to try out Singaporean delicacies like crabs. The sounds played in the restaurant are so realistic that you feel that you’re having your food in the jungle.

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2.11 East Street Café

If you visit this restaurant, you will experience Old Britain here in India. It has all of the things that give the vibe of being in the UK, like the red trams, telephone booth, etc. It has a pleasing decor and serves fantastic food.

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3.Chokhi Dhani

This is a Rajasthan-themed restaurant where you get to experience authentic Rajasthani food and enjoy typical Rajasthani atmosphere like puppet shows, pottery, etc.

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4.Malaka Spice

This is one of the cutest theme restaurants based in Pune with its pastel shade interiors. If you ever visit here, you should try out the Philippines cuisine, which has a vibrant mix of flavors and spiciness that you will love!

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This is a kind of theme restaurant which never feels to surprise you with the taste of the food it serves. If you’re considering trying out something Italian or Mexican, this is the best place. Its vegan recipes are also fantastic.

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6.Shisha Jazz Café

This is an Iranian team restaurant that serves you good food, great ambiance, and jazz music. It is a perfect choice for a dinner date because it has a romantic atmosphere and gives a serene vibe.

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7.Café Pasha

This place is one of the best-themed luxurious cafes in Pune. You can enjoy your food by staring at the mesmerizing view of the skyline, which gets you awestruck!

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8.Tales And Spirits

This is a fantastic café with a unique theme and cheerful ambiance where you can hang out with your friends. It has a colorful interior that is decorated with vibrant colors. You can sip coffee, and sit here with a book all day!

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This themed restaurant in Pune serves the best Japanese foods ever. The best among them are sushi, dumplings, and bao. The décor here is so fine that you can term it “Instagrammable.”

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This is an Ethiopian restaurant based in Pune with all kinds of Ethiopian artifacts like pots, vessels, sketches, lamps, etc. If you ever visit this restaurant with a group of friends, you should try out Messob, a kind of Thali which you have to share with everyone.

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11.Village – The Soul Of India

As known from the name, this is a village-themed restaurant that serves food to the customers in a buffet system. It serves Delicious north Indian, Gujrati, and Maharashtrian food to the customers and has the provision of serving hookah.

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12.I Amsterdam

This is where you can feel the vintage taste of visiting Amsterdam and serves authentic Asian and Continental dishes to the customers. The butter chicken and chicken skewers are a must-try here.

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This place has a great ambiance and serves mouthwatering food along with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery facilities. It is located at a 100-year-old high ceiling building that has kept up with the performance of its service.

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14.The Sassy Spoon

This is a charming themed restaurant in Pune that has got a very funky outlook, and you get the taste of street food in all the recipes that are served. You should try out the Asian, Mediterranean, and continental dishes of this place.

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15.Arthur’s Theme

This is a team dress trend that has got an exquisite ambiance and gives out a very calming and serene vibe that comes from its fine décor and beautiful dim lights. It is a budget-friendly restaurant that you can visit after your long working schedule.

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16.The Urban Foundry

It is a metal-themed restaurant with fine décor and serves lip-smacking, delicious food to the customers. If you ever visit this place, you will feel like you are enjoying your food in a Russian ghetto that invokes the vibe with the loud music.

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You would not believe, in the first instance, that this café is Greek-themed and based in Pune, which serves authentic prawns, quesadillas, lasagnas, and cocktails. It is a perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner date.

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18.Grandmama’s Café

This is a cozy café on a lawn that makes you experience the warmth of your grandmother. The taste of the food served is homely as well as tasty and spicy, which makes you feel the care of your family and your loved ones.

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19.Looney Tunes Café

Visiting this café might remind you of your childhood memories because it is a Cartoon-themed restaurant. It serves fantastic Italian and American delicacies that indeed exceed of your expectations.

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20.Waari Book Café

This café is a perfect choice for book lovers. You can go here to chill with a cup of coffee, and your favorite book and you can spend hours in this café literally, because it has got a very calming ambiance, and gives out a positive vibe.

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