Top 20 Special Biryani Restaurants In Navi Mumbai


Biryani it’s created with Indian spices, rice, and a few sorts of meat (chicken, beef, goat, lamb, prawn, fish, etc.), and sometimes, in addition, eggs and potatoes. Biryani is one of the foremost popular dishes in India. Biryani is the most-ordered dish on Indian online food ordering and delivery services. Navi Mumbai is a town within the Konkan, a part of the geographical region. Navi Mumbai is a metropolitan town whereby people have migrated from all over India, and here you get to taste different kinds of biryanis. Below are some restaurants listed wherein you can visit delicious biryani.

1.Biryani Guru, CBD Belapur

The restaurant is located in CBD Belapur beside Radcliffe School. They serve the customers with the most effective atmosphere for dining. They serve different region-wise delicious biryani and curries. They give both dine-in and takeaway too.

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2.Birista Biryani, Palm Beach Road

The restaurant serves in pots that add one to the taste. The Biryani style is the most effective after being created in pots and heated up with a coat seal on the cap. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis.

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3.Baba Biryani Centre, Belapur

The restaurant is located near CBD Belapur village. The best dish to try here is the white chicken Dum biryani. This place is pocket friendly too. It’s a great hangout place—food with a small budget.

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4.Famous Dum Biriyani Kabab Corner, Nerul

The restaurant is known for mutton and chicken Dum biryani. They additionally serve starters of non-veg and veg. It is one of the oldest restaurants that traditionally provide biryani. It’s very known for its taste.

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5.Pride Kitchen Hyderabadi Biryani, Nerul

Whenever we think of Hyderabad biryani, our mouths stats gushing with water. The best place to go to for Hyderabad biryani is pride kitchen. The restaurant is known as Dum Biryani which is egg, chicken, and mutton Dum biryani. They not only provide biryani but noodles, soup kebabs, etc.

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6.Biryani House, Sea Woods

The restaurant is located within sea wood’s grand central mall. Biryani House serves a variety of biryanis. They also help with shawarmas, Kathi rolls, desserts, etc.

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7.Behrouz Biryani, Kharghar

The best biryanis you can try are the Dum Gosht Biryani king-size and the Murgha Rogan Biryani. All the biryanis are prepared with chicken meat. For other starters, desserts are served by them. The restaurant provides you with both online and offline services.

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8.Deewan-E-Biryani, Airoli

The restaurant serves you delicious Dum chicken and mutton veg biryani. It’s a small restaurant. However, the dining experience is pleasant. They have the most effective dessert that is the best thing to eat with biryanis Gulab jamun, and Raita is served too.

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9.Biryani In Box, Sanpada

When you are in Hungary, you need an additional portion of food. Biryani Inbox provides the best combo of biryani with Gulab jamun and chicken sheik dish. They are specialists in Hyderabad biryanis.

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10.Moin’s Biryani, Kharghar

This restaurant is in Kharghar. Best place to go to for combos and offers. They supply full biryanis with butter naan, chapatti, roti, lollipops, raita, kebabs, and desserts. It’s a place where you can buffet food at lower costs.

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11.Biryani Queen, Vashi

It’s the best place for eating biryani lovers to go to. They supply many sorts of veg biryani; are shahi paneer biryani, spicy soya chap biryani, pleasant veg biryani, tasteful kathal (jackfruit) biryani, Kolkata kathal biryani, etc. no other restaurants would offer such a lot of sorts in veg biryani.

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Biryani Queen, Vashi

12.Zakaria Biryani Junction, Ghansoli

It’s a small store close to a housing society in Ghansoli. The rate is too less and reasonable—the atmosphere.

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13.Al Quddus Biriyani House Riyaz Caterers, Koparkhairane

The restaurant is located close to the Khairni village in Kopharkhairne. They supply biryani at the least expensive rates. You can try different types of soups over here. They’re available on swiggy too.

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14.Charcoal Eats, Kamothe

The best seller of charcoal eats is Dum baked tikka biryani, ustaadi Hyderabadi biryani, and lots of additional to explore inn. They supply special Burhani raita. Extra spice lovers should visit this place as they serve different spicy biryani.

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15.Bismillah Caterers Veg Non-veg Biryani, Ulwe

As Ulwe is a new place, people shifted over there and are eagerly checking out the best place to eat. Thus here it’s as their name, they have specialization in biryanis. You’ll order food in bulk too.

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16.National Restaurant (Taloja Old Biryani House), Taloja

This hotel offers the best biryani in Navi Mumbai. They use their ancient ways, which they have followed for a long time. The seating and the ambiance provided by the hotel make it additional special.

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17.Famous Biryani, Kharghar

As its name suggests, it’s very known. They provide the best seating and services. It’s the best place to go to with family and friends.

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18.Ahmed Bhai’s Bry Dry, Nerul

This restaurant is in Nerul, close to the Nerul police station. They have been severing for a few years. Their seating makes you feel that your area unit is in place. We can select whether we’d like open seating or closed ones. The biryani tastes like handmade biryani. There have their mocktail outlets and lots of additional ones.

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19.Royal Punjab, Nerul

Royal Punjab serves food in royal style. The biryani has more items in it. The masala and gravy of every biryani are thus delicious. You can select veg or non-veg; they provide many varieties.

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20.Biryani By kilo, Vashi

Some biryani lovers need additional gravy and creamy biryanis. Thus, for them, it’s the best place to go. They serve biryanis filled with a creamy sauce that adds to the biryanis’ taste.

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