Top 20 Bhel Puri Recipes

Top 20 Bhel Puri Recipes
Top 20 Bhel Puri Recipes

We know the bhel puri is a popular street snack in many parts of India. Most people love this Bhel Puri. However, different places sell different bhel puri combining different flavors to make unique Bhel puri’s. Ever heard of different types of  Bhel Puri. So, here we are discussing the top 20 Bhel puri recipes:

1.Regular Bhel Puri

It is one of the common types of Bhel Puri sold everywhere in many parts of India. This regular bhel puri is made of puffed rice, some vegetables like potatoes, a tangy tamarind juice, and some spices that will create a crunchy texture of bhel.

Regular Bhel Puri

2.Kurkure Bhel Puri

It will be a favorite for all Kurkure lovers. Yes, the Kurkure bhel puri is available in many places. You can make it in your hoke combining different items like Kurkure, Chopped onions and tomatoes, chopped coriander leaves, and various spices to make it more delicious.

Kurkure Bhel Puri

3.Papad Bhel

Isn’t it looking interesting?. This Papas Chat is served as fried papad filled with a bhel. However, a different person makes different fillings. The simplest way to make it is to take a bowl and add these ingredients like boiled potatoes, Masala chana dal, Red chilli chutney, Tamarind Chutney, Green chutney, Freshly chopped coriander leaves and Sev for final garnishing. The combining of this bhel is served in a fried Papad.

Papad Bhel

4.Sweet Corn Bhel Puri

This is a type of bhel puri that you can make instantly at home. What makes this different is, the puffed rice used in a regular bhel puri recipe is replaced with corn. Here, the primary ingredient used to make bhel is Corn Kernels. In addition to the essential elements used for making bhel puri, it also included other ingredients like Pomegranate seeds, chopped raw mango pieces, different chutneys, and others to make it more tangy and sweet chaat.

Sweet Corn Bhel Puri

5.Sukha Bhel

Sukha bhel is otherwise known as Dry Bhel. Many peoples love bhel puri but don’t like the wet sauce used in bhel puri and wish to have it as dry. So the solution for that is, you can have dry bhel Puri. You can make it at home by combining essential ingredients and other ingredients like Chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander leaves, Puffed rice, spices. You can also add roasted chana dal and peanuts to this Sukha bhel.

Sukha Bhel

6.Popcorn Bhel

Are you bored eating regular popcorn? Here is an exciting recipe you can make with popcorn. Yes, it’s a Popcorn bhel. This Popcorn Bhel includes ingredients like Chopped onions, tomatoes, Coriander leaves, Chaat masala, salt, and indeed, the main ingredient used here is Popcorn.

Popcorn Bhel

7.Cheesy Bhel Puri

This Cheesy bhel puri is an excellent recipe for all cheese lovers. Ever heard your favorite cheese in a Bhel?. The creaminess of the cheese with ordinary bhel ingredients combined with different spices take you to an amazing taste.

Cheesy Bhel Puri


This Jalmuri is a popular street snack in the street of Kolkata. It is also popular in West Bengal, Odisha, and Bangladesh. What makes this Jalmuri unique from regular bhel puri is, that it is made by combining puffed rice, spices, some vegetables, chanachur and also the mustard oil.


9.Oil Bhel Puri

This Oil Bhel puri is a very popular chaat in Maharashtra, it is otherwise known as Marathi Bhel Puri. You can make it home instantly like the regular bhel puri is made.

Oil Bhel Puri

10.Mumbai Chowpati (Chatpati) Bhel

This Bhel is also very popular in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai. To give this bhel sweet, tangy, as well as spicy taste. They use Jaggery for sweetness, tamarind sauce for tangy-ness, and various spices like red chilly powder and chaat masala to give it a spicy flavour.

Mumbai Chowpati Chatpati Bhel

11.Kadai Bhel

As all the regular bhel puri are just mixed in a bowl or others. But, this bhel is made in Kadai (A cauldron- An kitchen item used for cooking over a fire). In this Cauldron, oil, some vegetables, spices, sauces, and other items are cooked and then served hot with dry Manchurian.

Kadai Bhel

12.Dhakaiya Bhel Puri

This is otherwise known as Velpuri. It’s famous street food in Bangladesh. The fillings are made using various ingredients like onions, tomatoes, spices, vegetables, and others filled inside the puri.

Dhakaiya Bhel Puri

13.Sprouted Moon Dal Bhel

This Sprouted Moong Dal Bhel is typically a street snack sold in many places. Apart from sacks, this bhel serve healthy snacks. The ingredients used in this bhel provide you with enough energy and stamina for a day. The Moong dal and puffed rice will make a great combination of bhel.

Sprouted Moon Dal Bhel

14.Murmure Bhel

This Murmure Bhel is a traditional way of making bhel just by combining a few items, and you can instantly make this at your home. For that, you need ingredients like Murmure (Puffed rice), peanuts, red chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt, and some curry leaves that are all cooked in a pan. Lastly, served this with sev.

Murmure Bhel

15.Maggi Bhel

Now you can make or get your favorite Maggi in a bhel. It is just a twist made to a regular bhel. In this bhel, the Maggi is toasted with a lot of other ingredients and spices. In addition to that, roasted peanuts, pomegranates etc., are added to this magi bhel to make this bhel extra crunchy, sweetness taste.

Maggi Bhel

16.Mexican Bhel Puri

The name itself will help you to identify the ingredients used in Bhel. Indeed, in this bhel puri, the Mexican ingredients are used to call a Mexican bhel puri. The ingredients like tortilla chips, salsa, Mexican cheese, and others are used. It can be served as light lunch or snack during evening times.

Mexican Bhel Puri


This Chatpate is also a type of Bhel. It is also widely popular as a street snack in many places. It’s a popular dish in India and Nepal as well. Puffed rice, dried instant noodles, fresh coriander (chopped tomato, cucumber, onion), boiled potato, peas, some lemon juice, and spices to make chaatpate.


18.Cheeselings Bhel Puri

This Cheeseling Bhel Puri is made with a small cheese. The Cheeselings, add other essential ingredients like chopped tomatoes, onions, raw mangoes, green chillies, and different spices to make it Cheeseling bhel puri.

Cheeselings Bhel Puri

19.Chinese Bhel

This Chinese Bhel is made using noodles. The noodles are brought to a boil and, after it is completely dried, then fried in oil. The other ingredients are cooked in a pan, and then both noodles and veggies and spices are mixed for calling it Chinese bhel.

Chinese Bhel

20.Papdi bhel

The main ingredient used for making this bhel is “Papdi”. The papdi are crushed in a bowl to make it into small pieces, and some elements like tomatoes, onions, spices, green chillies, etc., are added to make this.

Papdi bhel