Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Berlin, Germany

Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Berlin Germany
Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Berlin Germany

Berlin is the largest city in Germany in terms of area and population; also, it is the capital of the country. It is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the country, consisting of multiple beautiful locations of public Interest. Not only attraction points, but also, this town has various restaurants located almost in every corner of the city. Whether it be a vegan restaurant, or pizza restaurant you will get nearly every outlet here. One such type is Indian restaurant; it is true that Indian cuisine indeed has made its way to the International level also due to its flavourful recipes. Without wasting time, let us have a look at such 20 Restaurants.

1.Delhi 6 Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant inspired by Indian dishes, especially the street food of Delhi. They serve dishes like garlic naan, dal shorba, sev with rice, palak paneer, samosa chaat, and even soft bhatura. The potato stuffed bread is delicious, and gulab jamun is a must-try among the desserts.

Location: Friedrich Street 237, Berlin, Germany

Delhi 6 Restaurant

2.Vedis Indisches Restaurant

This outlet serves organic tandoori dishes, spicy curries and different mocktails in a relaxed space. They offer bhatura, naan, tomato soup, veg biryani, samosa, Matar paneer. The vegetarian thali provided at this place is excellent and consists of many varieties.

Location: Schonhauser Allee 142, Berlin, Germany

Vedis Indisches Restaurant

3.Indian Village

This restaurant offers Indian preparations like tandoori curries, salad, curry masala, lassi, basmati rice, palak paneer, chole bhature, samosa, and paneer recipes. The main course meals are fresh and tasty.

Location: Dircksen Street 94, Berlin, Germany

Indian Village

4.India Club Berlin

It is a stylish restaurant with a sophisticated ambience serving traditional North Indian Cuisine. Their menu includes butter garlic naan, tandoori cauliflower, papad, Pindi chole kulcha, and other main course meals. The paneer starters offered are lip-smacking in taste.

Location: Behren Street 72, Berlin, Germany

India Club Berlin


This modern space with outdoor seating arrangements offer curries, tandoori items, biryani, and a wide range of vegetarian options to enjoy. Some of the items shown here are rice, soup, paneer tikka, mango lassi, korma, masala papad, malai kofta. They offer masala papad and mango drink as a welcome meal to their guests.

Location: Pariser Street 56, Berlin, Germany



This Indian restaurant offers delicious flavourful Indian curries with various bread and rice. The dal makhani is prepared well and is appreciable. Samosa and paneer pakoras are good options to have for snacks.

Location: Oranienburge Street 45, Berlin, Germany


7.Moghul Restaurant

This Indian restaurant in Berlin offers lip-smacking dishes like eggplant dishes, palak paneer, bhatura, Indian vegetable soup, pakora, pulao, dal, and many more items. The dishes offered in the main course meals are excellent in quality and taste.

Location: Akazien Street , Berlin, Germany

Moghul Restaurant


If you want to enjoy delicacies like samosa, pakoras, tandoori dishes, curries to satiate your Indian food cravings, then visit this place. If you are visiting for lunch, you must try their North Indian thali consisting of dal, rice, vegetables, salad, chapatti.

Location: Kollwitz Street 37, Berlin, Germany



It is a value for money place when enjoying Indian recipes in a city like Berlin. The dishes are authentic and perfect blend of spices. The chole bhature prepared here are excellent and unmatchable with sweet lassi.

Location: Zossener Street 12, Berlin, Germany



It is an unfussy spot for Indian curries, biryanis, and tandoori dishes with a vast lunch menu. The aloo paratha and mango lassi are ideal Indian breakfast options here. Apart from that, the Bombay salad offered here is delicious.

Location: Friedrich Street 106, Berlin, Germany



It is one of those few restaurants in Berlin where you will eat South Indian cuisine. The idli served here with sambar and coconut chutney is fantastic in taste. They also have a variety of vegan Indian dishes.

Location: Eisenacher Street 59, Berlin, Germany


12.Indisches Restaurant

There are many sites in Berlin that offers samosa and pakoras, but no place matches the taste of Samosa of this place. The samosa is stuffed properly and is crispy. Among Indian veggies, bhindi is delicious.

Location: Fugger Street 21, Berlin, Germany

Indisches Restaurant


The Indian thali offered here is authentic in taste as well as filling. The dal tadka and basmati rice are a perfect combination to try from this place. The paneer curries are excellent in taste.

Location: Kastanienallee 50, Berlin, Germany



Their menu consists of extensive dishes like biryani, tandoori dishes, various curries served in a low-key, colourfully decorated venue. The malai kofta served is creamy and soft, which tastes good. The gulab jamun are served hot and perfectly sweet.

Location: Wicher Street, Berlin, Germany



Do you love eating spicy curries of Indian cuisine? If yes, then this place is highly recommended to you. The lemon curry and korma are the most delicious Indian curries offered here. In snacks, one can go for cheesy nachos.

Location: Simon-Dach Street 8, Berlin, Germany


16.Chai Ji Indisches

This restaurant provides excellent service and food, offering samosa, veg biryani, palak paneer, paneer tikka butter masala. No doubt, paneer curries are delicious. The mango lassi is sweet and tasty.

Location: Rigaer Street, Berlin, Germany

Chai Ji Indisches


It is a colourful, down-to-earth restaurant offering spicy curries, biryani, and fried samosa. The chocolate surtidos are a must-try and highly recommended among the desserts. The curries are well cooked and fresh, tasting good with naan presented here.

Location: Acker Street 20, Berlin, Germany



It is an informal option with sidewalk seating offers North Indian fare, including curries and biryani. The north Indian thali offered here is top-notch. Among the paneer delicacies, the kadhai paneer is delicious. Paneer tikka is also an excellent choice for starters.

Location: Sigmaringer Street 36, Berlin, Germany



One of those restaurants in the city that offers authentic South Indian cuisine, especially dosa. The Amritsari kulcha and panipuri are some dishes not available in other outlets in Berlin. The sugarcane juice served here is tasty.

Location: Albrecht Street 12, Berlin, Germany


20.Aapka Indian Restaurant

This place is famous for serving tasty Indian curries, especially dal makhani. The tofu potato curry offered here is fantastic. The mango ice cream is delicious and the perfect choice dessert.

Location: Maybachufer 23, Berlin, Germany

Aapka Indian Restaurant