Top 20 Biryani Destinations In Hitec City

Top 20 Biryani Destinations In Hitec City
Top 20 Biryani Destinations In Hitec City

Biryani is a widely relished dish in India, both in the North and South. But the best Biryanis are always made in Hyderabad. Hyderabadi Biryani has a reputation that exceeds any other Biryani. Many outlets across the city serve the most delicious and flavourful Biryanis in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Some of those outlets are located in Hitech City, which is a part of Hyderabad. Hitec City is a technological and industrial hub and full of office buildings and knowledge parks. Because of the posh crowd in this city, there are many upscale restaurants, bars, and lounges with attractive interiors and mouth-watering food.

1. Paradise

Paradise Biryani is a famous restaurant brand that offers the most delicious Biryani dishes. The popular Biryani varieties available in Paradise are Masala Prawn, Tangdi Kabab, Chicken Biriyani, Egg Biryani, Chicken Tenders, and Mutton Biriyani. Paradise is a mid-price range restaurant with a clean and relaxed environment, perfect for family dinners.


2. Dum Pukht Begum

Dum Pukht Begum is a luxury dining restaurant with stunning interiors, comfortable seating, and a pleasant atmosphere. Dining in this restaurant is a sophisticated experience. The price is on the higher side, with an average price for two orders estimating at Rs 2000. A full bar is available here, so you can indulge in alcohol while enjoying a hot plate of delicious Biryani.


3. Hyderabad Spice

Hyderabad Spice is a mid-priced restaurant with an elaborate menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, soups, snacks, and main-course dishes. They have a dedicated section on their menu just for Biryanis with wide varieties of Fish, Egg, Chicken, and Mutton. Their fast delivery, efficient service, ample seating area, and generous food quantity make it an ideal place to enjoy some Biryani.


4. Syala Kitchen

Syala Kitchen is a Biryani and Chinese restaurant. They have Chicken, Mutton, and Vegetarian Biryani available. These dishes are also offered as combos with a curry dish and dessert at an affordable price. Syala Kitchen accommodates nightlife as the restaurant timings are from 7 pm to 2:30 am throughout the week. In addition, they have a home-delivery option available.


5. 3 B’s

3 B’s—which stands for Buddies, Bar and Barbecue—is a fun place with live music and a full bar. 3 B’s has Chicken Biryani and Vegetable Biryani. Other popular dishes here include Mutton Gilafi Seekh, Chilli Chicken Wing, Khichda, Murgh Malai, Mustard Fish Curry, and Tandoori Chicken Wings. 3 B’s is a fun and happening place for youngsters and families alike.


6. Abhiruchi Hotel

Abhiruchi is a mid-range restaurant that is notable for its Prawn Biryani. This restaurant has a vast range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Biryani dishes, with a unique feature of Crab Biryani served only on Sundays. Other popular dishes are Gongura Mutton, Prawns Fry, Chicken Fry, Spicy Food, and Veg Thali. The average price for two people is Rs 700.


7. Bawarchi

Madhapur Bawarchi is an affordable restaurant that offers Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Egg, and Veg Biryani in four capacities of small, large, Handi, and Family. This restaurant also has several other meat and vegetable curries, Fried rice, Kebabs, starters, noodles, and soups. But, they only have limited options in desserts.



MRCB provides non-vegetarian and vegetarian Biryanis and other dishes like curries, fries, and veg meals. The average cost for two people is only Rs 350, which makes this restaurant super affordable. Customers who visited this restaurant have noted that the staffs are polite and the taste, quantity, and quality of the food served are more than satisfactory.


9. Kritunga Restaurant

Kritunga restaurant serves Andhra, North Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Their most recommended dishes are Chicken and Mutton Biryani. Other popular dishes are Raagi Sankati and Natukodi Pulusu. Customers say Kritunga is an ideal place to have spicy yet tasty food. In addition, their delivery service is efficient. The average cost of two orders is Rs 700.


10. Mirchis

Mirchis is a fantastic restaurant for family dinners and accommodates large groups of people dining together. The ambience and decor are well suited to bring out a peaceful vibe. North Indian and South Indian cuisines are served here with a speciality in Andhra cuisine and Biryani. Meat Curry, Apricot Delight, Veg Thali, Pulao, Paneer Tikka, and Beverages are the other recommended dishes here.


11. Sampradaya Ruchulu

Sampradaya Ruchulu has a vast menu of delicious items typical of Andhra cuisine. They also have an extensive range of more than ten varieties of Biryani. The cost for two people is an average of Rs 800. Sampradaya Ruchulu is a kid-friendly restaurant that serves high-quality, delicious food. Their family-pack biryani items are a must-try during family dinners.


12. 500 CC Foodies Club

500CC Foodies Club is a hip and trendy restaurant with a bright yellow interior and eye-catching designs and murals on the walls. This restaurant has ample vegetarian and non-vegetarian items on the menu and has a good range of desserts and beverages. Their 500cc Chicken Biryani is Chef’s special and is a must-try.


13. Madhapur Food Court

Madhapur Food Court is a Biryani and Chinese speciality eatery. This restaurant has prompt service, fresh quality food, generous portions, and impressive options on the menu. Their must-try dishes are Chicken Biryani, Mushroom Biryani, and Paneer Biryani. Other items like Mushroom Fried Rice and Double Egg Fried Rice are also highly recommended.


14. Biryani Times

Biryani Times is a hygienic restaurant with beautiful decor and a pleasant ambience. Their menu is a list of innumerable food items, from their signature Biryani dishes to other main course dishes like curry, naan, and rice items. They also have soups, kebabs, and other appetizers available. The staffs are polite and prompt. Biryani Times makes a perfect place to hang out.


15. Brother’s Bawarchi Restaurant & Mataam Al Arabian Mandi

This restaurant near Hitec City is another brilliant place to relish some Hyderabadi Biryani. Chicken, Mutton, and Egg Biryani varieties are available in various capacities. Veg Biryani is not available, so this place may not be suitable for those who wish to gorge on veg biryani. The average cost for two orders is Rs 500, so this restaurant is quite affordable.


16. Shah Ghouse Hotel & Restaurant

Shah Ghouse Restaurant serves a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, including many varieties of mouth-watering Biryani. Their Biryani is known to be very close to the authentic taste of Hyderabadi Biryani. Their other popular dishes include Chocolate Sweet Pan, Lemon Chicken, Falooda, Icecreams, and Firni.


17. Pakwaan Grand

Pakwaan Grand serves North Indian and Chinese cuisines, but their speciality is Biryani. The Mutton Biryani served here is a special attraction. Their other popular dishes are Keema Curry, Mixed Fried Rice, Grill Chicken, Samosa, and Masala Rice. The average price for two orders is Rs 400 only. Customers appreciate this restaurant for its timely delivery system and generous servings of food.


18. Biryani & U

Biryani & U is an exclusive rice speciality restaurant serving Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Paneer Biryani, Prawns Biryani, Veg Pulao, and Pulihora, which is a traditional Andhra dish of Tamarind, rice, and other spices. Biryani & U also offers a special Biryani variant that has Chicken, Egg, and dry fruits. These special dishes can be ordered at a reasonable cost of Rs 500 for two people.


19. Tasty Bar

Tasty Bar is a Biryani destination that attracts a young crowd. They play enjoyable music, offer good wifi, and allow customizing food. They have an elaborate menu of many vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties of Biryani, starters, Curries, and other items. The average price for two orders is approximately Rs 450. This is a perfect restaurant for a weekend brunch.


20. Chandra Haveli

Chandra Haveli serves North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai cuisines along with being a great place to relish Biryani. Customers consider the food to be affordable and enjoy the music played in the restaurant. Chandra Haveli has a great menu, prompt, and polite staff, and attracts a family crowd. The average cost for two orders estimates at Rs 800/