Top 20 Best Foods To Try In Dadar Under Rs. 100

Top 20 Best Foods To Try In Dadar Under Rs. 100
Top 20 Best Foods To Try In Dadar Under Rs. 100

Dadar is a suburban region in the city of Mumbai. It is a highly populated and crowded area connected to both Western and Central Railway lines. Dadar has many visitors coming in, and out of the region, so many small and big eateries, diners, cafes, and restaurants attract the crowd. But the best part is the street food and fast food of Dadar, which is highly affordable. Thus, one can enjoy authentic Maharashtrian street foods and fusion foods at a low cost, usually within a hundred bucks! These mouth-watering street foods will leave you craving for more.

1 Batata Vada

Batata Vada is a famous Maharashtrian snack. You can enjoy the best Batata Vada from Shree Krishna Batatavada. This street food joint became renowned for the delicious batata vada that they named their eatery after the dish. The cost of a plate of Batata Vada is Rs 20. The restaurant is near the railway station. You can easily find its location as everyone knows this restaurant.


2 Kothimbir Wadi

‘Kothimbir’ is the Marathi word for Coriander. So ‘Kothimbir Wadi’ is a snack made of Coriander and Gram Flour. You can savour this delicious snack at Prakash Shakahari Uphar Kendra in Shivaji Park. This restaurant is popular among street food enthusiasts in Dadar. Kothimbir Wadi costs Rs 45 in this restaurant. It is one of the hottest selling dishes on its menu.


3 Maharashtrian Meals / Lunch

Can you believe that you can have a hearty meal for less than Rs 100? At Mama Kane in Dadar, Meals are available at Rs 97 and mini-lunch plates at Rs 77. A meal at Mama Kane consists of Rice, Puris/Chapattis, two varieties of Bhaji, Amti, Buttermilk or Kadhi, Papad, and pickle. A mini lunch is briefer and has less variety of items than a full meal.


4 Thalipeeth

Thalipeeth is a multi-grain flatbread popular in Maharashtra. The flour used in Thalipeeth is called Bhajni. Bhajni is prepared from roasted grains, spices, and legumes. The main ingredients are Chili pepper, Wheat Flour, Cumin, Coriander, and Onions. You can enjoy this savoury in Tambe Arogya Bhavan in Dadar, serving delicious Thalipeeth at just Rs 40.


5 Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a beloved dish of Maharashtrians. People have Vada Pav as a snack after work hours to fill their tummies. It consists of a Fried Vada of Potatoes and other spices. Then this Vada is kept inside a Pav along with Chutneys. You can have this deliciously sweet, spicy, and sour Vada Pav at Azad Jumbo Vada Pav at Rs 35 approximately.


6 Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a savoury-spicy dish. It is has a side dish with a garnishing of raw onions, Coriander, Farsan, and lemon eaten with Pav. You can enjoy Misal Pav at Adarsh Misal Pav, noted to be Dadar’s oldest restaurant to serve authentic Misal Pav. You can choose between two varieties of Misal Pav here, one savoury and the other is spicy. The cost of Misal is Rs 65, and Pav is billed separately.


7 Piyush

Piyush is a famous Maharashtrian drink. Shrikhand and Buttermilk are whisked together after adding flavours of nutmeg and cardamom. Nutmeg is an essential ingredient in Piyush, which enhances the taste manifold. Piyush is sweet and just like Lassi in texture. This beverage is generally available in every famous restaurant that offers Maharashtrian Cuisine, but you can find it in Tambe Arogya Bhavan, Mama Kane, and Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra. In all three of these places, the price of one Piyush is below Rs 50.


8 Sabudana Wada

White Tapioca Pearls, called Sabudana in Marathi, is included in various dishes, especially in Sabudana Wada and Sabudana Khichdi. Although these dishes are eaten during fasts, people like to eat them as snacks too. Sabudana Wada is a fried savoury dish that is light and crispy in texture. Sabudana Wada is commonly available in a lot of Maharashtrian Fast Food joints.


9 Pohe

Pohe or Khanda Pohe is a quintessential breakfast dish of Maharashtra. It is prepared with flattened rice, onions, potatoes, peanuts, Coriander, Indian tempering, and other ingredients of our choice. You can find Pohe in any popular restaurant that serves authentic Maharashtrian Cuisine. It is a filling, delicious and nutritious item to have in the morning.


10 Kokam Sherbet

Kokam Sherbet is another popular Maharashtrian drink enjoyed, especially during the summers and humid weather. The main ingredients of Kokam Sherbet are dried Kokum, Sugar, roasted Cumin Seeds, and Black Salt. The price of Kokam Sherbet is usually within Rs 30 and is available in all authentic Maharashtrian cuisine outlets in Dadar.


11 Mawa Cake

Mawa Cake is made with Mawa (also known as Khoya), Whole wheat flour, and butter. Mawa Cakes are eggless and have a simple yet buttery texture to them. In Dadar, you can find delicious Mawa Cakes in Merwan’s Cake Shop, an old chain of simple confectionary stores. Affordable Mawa Cakes at prices as low as Rs 40 are available in this Cake Shop.


12 Momos

Momos are a famous dish in the Nepalese Cuisine but are immensely popular in India. In Dadar, you can get vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties of Momos at Dev’s Momo Hut. Chicken Momos cost 90rs, Paneer momos are Rs 80, and Veg Momos are Rs 70 for eight pieces each.


13 Sandwiches

Grilled and non-grilled sandwiches are a popular choice among Mumbai crowd for some snacks. You can find a vast range of sandwiches at ‘Tasty Sandwich’. It is a famous and tiny corner to enjoy some freshly prepared sandwiches. The filling is fixed on the spot on order. The grilled sandwiches are grilled perfectly to be crispy.


14 Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a street famous all over India. It is called differently in different country states, but it is known as Pani Puri in Maharashtra. A bloated Puri is chipped and filled with savoury paste and spicy water and eaten as a whole. This street food is available in every street food joint, corner, and cart. Pani Puris are highly affordable and highly flavourful.


15 Unique Ice Creams

We all know about Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Butterscotch flavours of Ice Cream, but have you heard of Tamarind Ice Cream and Pani Puri Ice Cream? Such unique and weird flavours are available at Apsara Ice Cream in Dadar. They also offer other tasty fruit flavoured Ice cream. The cost for one person usually is less than Rs 100.



Lassi is a popular North Indian beverage that is savoured after a meal. You can get rich-tasting Lassi, also known as Buttermilk, at Shree Krishna Dairy Farm. They sell amazing Lassis that taste a little sweet and a bit sour. They garnish the Lassi with a thick layer of Malai or cream. The creaminess of the Lassi is a dominating texture.


17 Fuljar Soda

Fuljar Soda is an exciting soda concept. A shot glass is prepared with Mint, Ginger, Chilli, Cinnamon, lemon juice, honey, salt, and sugar. This shot glass is kept inside a bigger glass of soda or fizz. The moment this shot glass is dropped, the fizz starts to bubble up like a fountain. It is a perfect drink to combat summer. Fuljar Soda is available at Shree Krishna Soda at Rs 30.


18 Veg Cheese Burger

Veg Cheese Burger tastes nothing like a burger! But, it tastes way better – this food is a unique burger with loads of cheese and mayonnaise. The burger is cut into four parts and served with tasty Chutneys. You will find the Veg Cheese Burger to be a burst of sour, sweet, and spicy flavours into the mouth. You can get this burger at JK Fast Food at Rs 50.


19 Channa jor Garam

Channa jor Garam is a light snack or street food that is nutritious and delicious. Cooked Channa is mixed with raw onions, tomato, Coriander, lemon juice, and flavourful masalas in this food. You can be guilt-free if you snack on this food as it has a good amount of protein. This food is available at street food carts in Shivaji Park in Dadar and costs approximately Rs 20.


20 Gola

Gola is a cold and sweet food item enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It is popular street food and relished during summers to fight the heat. Crushed ice is shaped around a Popsicle or stick and added with a flavour of our choice. This food is available at Shivaji Park and costs about Rs 20.