Top 20 Biryani Restaurants To Try In Jagadamba Center Visakhapatnam

top 20 biryani restaurants to try in jagadamba centre visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is a city famous for many things, one of which is the Jagadamba center, which is Bustling with crowds day and night. Jagadamba center is known for its theatre and also for its biryani restaurants. From Alpha hotel to Zeeshan, It serves tasty biryani. These places are also famous among the locals and are always busy with customers.

1. Alpha Hotel Restaurant

After a long shopping trip, this Hyderabadi dum biryani packed with flavors is just what you need. The slow-cooked ingredients give this biryani an authentic taste.

1. Alpha Hotel Restaurant.

2. Zeeshan Restaurant

This place offers a wide range of delicious Indian food which always get the taste buds going. Biryani is a specialty and is most definitely the favorite biryani of the citizens.

2. Zeeshan Restaurant.

3. Hotel Daspalla

This place serves food for reasonable prices. This place offers both veg and non-veg food, with great ambiance. The Hotel has a north Indian restaurant called Vaisakhi, which offers heavenly food for vegetarians, and a nonveg restaurant called Dakshin, which has fantastic biryani. 

3. Hotel Daspalla.

4. Hotel Green Park

A place surrounded by nature gives the most peaceful experience to the visitors. The hotel has a dining restaurant called Tulips, which offers one of the best biryanis in Visakhapatnam. They offer a wide range of biryani options from veg to nonveg, satisfying cravings.

4. Hotel Green Park.

5. Dolphin Hotel

Famous among the tourists for its fantastic food and ambiance, the biryani made here is praiseworthy. Located in the city center makes it ideal for a stay with all the necessary tourist places nearby. It is one of the most extended working hotel chains in the city with excellent facilities and care for customers.

5. Dolphin Hotel.

6. Grandma’S Restaurant

Creates a homely atmosphere for its customers by offering food at reasonable pricing with humble staff.

6. Grandmas restaurant.

7. Bismillah Biryani Center

The center offers Indian-style food with biryani as its main dish. The biryani served is full of aromatic flavors and makes a complete and gratifying meal.

7. Bismillah biryani center.

8. Sri Kanaka Durga Foods

The place offers meals in a reasonable quantity for reasonable prices and is well maintained. It is known for its delicious biryani among the locals and has a good name for its food and services.

8. Sri Kanaka Durga foods.

9. Nice Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

It serves Hyderabad-style biryani and it is liked by the locals. It is a fast-serving restaurant convenient for busy people, and the biryani is appetizing. 

9. Nice Hyderabadi dum biryani.

10. Helapuri Restaurant

North Indian and South Indian food are their specialties here. The place is famous among the locals for its services. Biryani is tasty and appeals to your taste buds.

10. Helapuri restaurant.

11. Spicy Paradise

This place stands up to its name by serving spicy yet appetizing biryani.

11. Spicy Paradise.

12. Sri Sai Akshay Bawarchi

This place offers a variety of food, including delicious biryani.

12. Sri Sai Akshay bawarchi.

13. Pakwan Restaurant

Famous among the locals for its fantastic food and family-friendly atmosphere, it serves biriyani, which is a delicacy among the local citizens.

13. Pakwan restaurant.

14. Charminar Veg And Nonveg Restaurant, House Of Biryani

House of biryani offers biryani as the main course alongside other Indian and Mughlai dishes on their menu. The biryani flavors pull the foodies.

14. Charminar veg and nonveg restaurant house of biryani.

15. Kbc Kebab Biryani ‘N’ Combos

The place straight away offers a variety of kebabs, biryanis, and combos on their menu at a reasonable price. It serves biryani with kebabs that are full of flavors. This combination seems odd, but the taste surely does not disappoint.

15. KBC kebab biryani ‘N combos.

16. Maavuri Vantcome Andhra-Style Food

They offer Andhra-style food & biryani on their menu. It specializes in the Andhra-style curries.

16. Maavuri Vantcome Andhra style food.

17. 9-Star Biryani

Nonveg delicacies are available here in a wide range. With a lovely ambiance, it specializes in serving Indian-style biriyani.

17. 9 star biryani.

18. Sri Swagath Mid-Night Biryanis

It serves biryani that satisfies your cravings. This place offers good food at a sensible price, with a lovely ambiance and hospitable staff.

18. Sri Swagath mid night Biryanis.

19. Hotel Attarillu

It is a homely place with a modest setting offering veg food at a reasonable price. This place is perfect for vegetarians as it serves the ideal veg biryani.

19. Hotel Attarillu.

20. New Ashok Restaurant

The restaurant offers homemade-style biryani at a reasonable price. It gives a homely experience. 

20. New Ashok Restaurant.