Top 20 Bistros In Ludhiana

Top 20 Bistros In Ludhiana

Didn’t someone say that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach? What better way to explore a place than to taste its exquisite cuisine? Ludhiana though famous for its apparel industry is no less in distinctive foods.

1.Bistro Flamme Bois

This dine-in is one of the most famous restaurants in Ludhiana. It is renowned for its cocktails and Italian cuisine. The bao tacos are a must-try here, and the Shirley temple is love at first sip. It also offers outside dining, which is the cherry on top.

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2.Le Antares

This place is highly recommendable for its authentic cuisine, and the beverage menu here is poignant, a perfect place to enjoy good food alongside a dazzling sunset among your loved ones.

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3.Blaasé Restaurant

This high-end restaurant is pricey and thus is probably appropriate for a special occasion. The service of this five-star restaurant is impeccable. A cozy bowl of Thai basil curry with chicken rice is obligatory, along with which its virgin mojito is appetizing.

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4.The Loft

This eatery offers molecular fusion world-class cuisine by a well-trained international group of chefs and ambrosial cocktails. It has a mesmerizing view and is built wholly on the outside terrace dining concept. Knowing this restaurant is a photographable feast too!

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5.By The Falls

An excellent riverside restaurant serving authentic homemade kind cuisine with a modern touch. This is located in Jainpur and operates a 100% vegetarian menu. Its décor and ambiance are something that indeed passes a vibe.

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6.Pluk By Wok Singh

Are you looking for something Chinese? Wok Singh is the place to end your sushi cravings. Be it hakka noodles or chicken side dishes, this place has the masters direct from China. The chicken baos here are finger-licking good and the fish oysters are mind-blowing.

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One of the most celebrated eateries in Ludhiana is NUMI. Want to eat something Japanese? This place is one of the very few that offers authentic Japanese food. The miso crab soup and the spicy mock meat are not something to miss here. If you are a vegetarian, then the dumplings and the dim sums are a necessity. The Saturday nights here are an extravaganza with new singers and cheers.

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8.Playboy Beer Garden

It is an upscale FB-Fine Dining outlet located in the heart of the city near canal road. It offers a unique dining experience with its chic and modern ambiance. The menu features various internationalcuisines, from Italian to Mexican. The restaurant also offers a variety of cocktails and wines to complement the food. The outdoor seating area is perfect for enjoying the warm summer evenings.

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9.Under The Mango Tree

This restaurant, as inferred from the name, is built among beautiful trees. One can enjoy family time in nature’s lap here. Though both prepossessing and delicious, it is an over-pricey place but worth a visit.

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If you want to organize an extraordinary event or a kitty party, then Kylin offers you the right ambiance and budget. Moreover, the food is delectable, and its desserts are a delicacy. You may or may not have something in the main course, but its desserts are a must-try. Adding, if you are a caffeine person then the hazelnut latte coffee, when served with a hot oatmeal cookie is heaven.

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It is a friend’s corner that offers exquisite taste of Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Tibetan meals to you. Their thupka is worth a try. Come here for good momos if you are hungry! The décor here passes off Tibetan and Chinese vibes, making you feel you are in Ladakh.

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12.Xero Degrees

If you want to give your friends and family an awe-struck birthday party or a celebratory event, then this place can take your event to the next level just as they take your food to a flamboyancy. The way they present the snacks and mocktails is just baffling.

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This new branch of Nikbakers has just opened at the perfect place at the heart of Ludhiana, where you can sit hours over coffee chit-chatting about your favorite pastime memories alongside an ideal sunset. Its elaborated savory delights are a one bite at a time!

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14.The Gully House

They are the masters of celebrations; just enjoy a lush party vibe here. Every night is spectacular here. Famous DJs and singers from all over the country are invited to perform with an ongoing food buffet. Gully house having a spacious dance floor is famous for conducting Pajama parties.

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15.The Upper Housee

Having a blissful terrace view with some fancy food is the soul here. Want to celebrate a Pinterest like birthday party theme? This place offers just the right aesthetic ambiance to set everything right. The bullets here are a must-go.

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16.The Borgo

Both being a banquet and a dine-in, this is a newly opened and most talked about luxurious venue in the city. You can indulge in a gastronomical adventure with the most delicious meals here.

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17.The Wildfire

If you ever visit wildfire, then their pasta with Bolognese sauce and the thin-crust wood-fired pizza will make you fall in love with just one bite. Talking about beverages, you can go for some lemon drink, it is the best here.

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18.Bistro 226

It is the best Italian-centric restaurant in the whole city. Their apple pie and ice-cream brownie are a feast! Their crackling Rice imparts an excellent texture to soup than regular noodles or choupsey and its Virgin mojito has optimal sugar and good juice flavours, so they are a pre-requisite here.

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19.Lake House

Lakehouse feels like mini Goa, a waterfront paradise serving flavorsome food. It is to be taken a note that there are no walk-ins here. There is entry only by prior reservations. Many celebrated singers hold their concerts here. The parties thrown on festivals like Holi and Diwali here are a vibe.

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20.Martini In The Clouds, Maharaja Regency

This restaurant is a top player in the category of rooftops and is a one-stop destination for both local and other parts of Ludhiana. It occupies a prominent location in the city and provides top services in north Indian food, rooftop dining, and walk-in dine.

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