Top 20 Morning Cafes In Banaras

Top 20 Morning Cafes In Banaras

Banaras or Varanasi is an age-old city on the banks of river Ganga. It is crowded with age-old temples, buildings, ancient ‘galis’, and people. The streets, buildings, and ghats here are ancient and have a traditional aspect to them. In short, if you visit Banaras, you are in a living museum of tradition, people, and culture. And such is the case with food here too. The foods you find here are dunked in history itself. The foods in the ‘galis’ and streets of Banaras are profoundly traditional and a slice of ‘history on the plate.’ In short, Banaras is the place for a traditional feast. Be it hot ‘puri sabzi,’ ‘rabri jalebis,’ various chaats, lassis, or the delicious ‘mallaiyo’, everything is here for many decades.But, today Banaras is not only confined in history as far as food is concerned. There are many places in Banaras that serve western cuisine besides Indian. There are many places to serve English Breakfasts and pancakes, too in this old city. Below given is a list of authentic places, both traditional and contemporary, that serve the best morning meals in Banaras.

1.Pappu Ki Adi

Also known as ‘Pappu Chai’, it is a famous spot in Banaras. It is renowned for its tea which is made in a unique way. The tea stall is 80 years old and still going strong. Beginning the day with a ‘kulhad’ of tea in ‘Pappu Ki Adi’ is a good idea as it makes the most amazing morning teas in Banaras. Even PM Modi visited this place during the 2014 elections. Served tea to at least two prime ministers, ‘Pappu Ki Adi’ was established by a retired soldier. It is now run by his sons and grandsons.

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Pappu Ki Adi

2.Niyati Café

It is a well-known place near Dasaswamedh Ghat. According to the general review, it serves well-cooked Indian and Italian dishes. When you are in ‘Niyati Café’, you can expect perfectly cooked paneer, palak paneer, masala dosa, etc. Coffee,Lemonade, or lassi are the most popular drinks in this place.

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Niyati Café

3.Vishwanath Gali

It is the place for traditional morning breakfast in Banaras. The traditional breakfast, which is ‘Puri’ and ‘aloo ki sabzi’ is abundant here. You can complete your breakfast with ‘jalebis’ of superior quality.

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Vishwanath Gali

4.Blue Lassi

This shop is famous for selling around twenty varieties of lassis. But they are renowned for their signature drink, ‘the pomegranate lassi.’ Located in the kachauri gali, it is well known amongst the locals as well as foreigners. This place sells a range of vegetarian dishes for breakfast. Hence, it is a perfect place to kickstart the day with a hearty breakfast and a ‘kulhad of lassi.

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Blue Lassi

5.Chachi Ki Dukan

It is a famous place where you find mouthwatering kachori sabzi and jalebis along with to end the meal. It is located on mall road and in front of Banaras Hindu University.

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Chachi Ki Dukan

6.Bread Of Life Bakery

This bakery is the destination for those who want sandwiches or pancakes or freshly baked goods for breakfast. This bakery is one of the oldest establishments in Banaras. It also serves you herbal teas, which pairs up with the breakfast well.

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Bread Of Life Bakery

7.Kerala Café

Kerala café is the famous South Indian food joint of Banaras. If you want to begin your day with wonderful South Indian delicacies, come here. The freshly brewed coffee, perfectly cooked idli, and crisp hot dosas are the major attraction of this place.

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Kerala Café

8.Rajat’s Roof 80

Rajat’s Roof 80 is a multi-cuisine restaurant specializing in Italian, Chinese, and North Indian food. The menu is vegetarian. They serve a hearty meal of breakfast.

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Rajat’s Roof 80

9.Brown Bread Bakery

It is the first organic bakery and restaurant in Banaras. The bakery is situated right at the heart of the city. Here, you will find a range of dishes from International cuisine.

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10.Banana Leaf

It is well known for its quality food in Banaras. It has a soothing ambiance and alert staff. This restaurant is known to be doing a range of South Indian delicacies. Besides South Indian foods, they serve other foods too.

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Banana Leaf

11.Aum Café

A small café on the rooftop terrace, it just has five tables. It is well known for its delicious and healthy vegan meals, if you want to begin your day with a western breakfast, come here.

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Aum Café

12.Kadambari Coffee House

According to general review, Kadambari Coffee House serves the best coffee in Varanasi. The place is known for serving delectable breakfast along with authentic coffee from South India.

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13.Dolphin Restaurant

It is known for the breathtaking view of the ghat from its rooftop. They serve both Indian and Continental dishes. They strictly serve vegetarian food. Their pasta and sandwiches are lip-smacking and are must-try dishes.

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Dolphin Restaurant

14.The Palate

This place delivers excellent breakfast buffets. It is located inside the Ramada Plaza in the Cantonment area in Banaras. They serve Indian, Asian, Continental, and Italian menus. The staffs are courteous here.

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The Palate

15.Varanasi Café And Bakery

It is a family-run business and is well known for its homemade breads and is a little rooftop café which is well known for its food and service. Besides Indian cuisine, they also serve Italian and continental food. It has a great view of Ganga from the rooftop.

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Varanasi Café And Bakery

16.The Open Hand Café And Shop

If you want a break from the local food, you can come to this place for a western breakfast. It is a charming and cozy café with a wide range of menus. The food is good, and the coffee is outstanding.

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17.Bana Lassi

This is an excellent place for lassi and breakfast in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. You can easily gather here for a morning chill out with friends.

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18.Pizzeria Vatika Café

Located just at the riverside, it is a beautiful café with a relaxing atmosphere. It is an open café over the rooftop. It is incredible to sit in the cool breeze and have your breakfast in the open air.

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19.Ashish Café

Ashish café is known for its delicious and affordable meals. They serve Indian as well as Italian food. It is an excellent place for breakfast. They make their own bread, which is always fresh. This place is known for its good food. It is pocket friendly.

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20.The Ram Bhander

If you are looking for hot puri and sabzi for breakfast, then it is the place to visit. Running since 1887, this is one of the authentic places to eat, for authentic Banarasi flavours, come here.

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