Top 20 Breakfast Dishes Around The World

top 20 breakfast dishes around the world

Breakfast is named so because it is a meal that “breaks” your “fast.” After 8-10 hours of being without food, breakfast is the first form of nutrition your body gets. Recent studies have shown having a nourishing breakfast has multiple benefits for the body. A breakfast helps maintain your body weight and provides much-needed energy. A good breakfast should include less processed foods with a low glycemic index. The glycemic index is a parameter that measures how long a food will keep you satiated. Here are the top 20 breakfast foods that are eaten all over the world.

1. Syrniki From Russia

This dish is a trendy breakfast item in Russia and Ukraine. It is a pancake served with either sour cream or jam. It is made with flour, eggs, and unique cheese called Tvorog, which is native to Russia.Syrniki from Russia:

2. PãO De Queijo From Brazil

A popular breakfast and snack item in Brazil, this dish is a type of cheese bread. It is usually made with tapioca flour. The dough is prepared using flour, milk, eggs, and mozzarella cheese. The dough is then sectioned into small pieces and baked in the oven. It makes a great breakfast when paired with soups.Pão de Queijo from Brazil

3. Bircher Muesli From Switzerland

Have you ever eaten overnight oats? Then you have probably got a taste of the Swiss breakfast. Bircher muesli was made by Dr. Bircher Benner as an easy-to-make and nutritious breakfast dish. It is rolled oats made with apple sauce, sour cream or yogurt, and berries. It is an excellent alternative to your regular oats or muesli. Bircher muesli from Switzerland

4. Tapsilog From The Philippines

Tapsilog is an amalgamation of two words: Tapa and Itlog. This dish consists of garlic fried rice, beef tapa, and fried eggs. The beef is marinated in a soy-based sauce and then shallow fried. This breakfast dish is delicious but slightly complicated to make. Tapsilog from the Philippines

5. Gallo Pinto From Costa Rica

It is a prevalent breakfast dish in Latin American countries. It also has cultural significance. It is a dish made primarily with beans and rice and a special sauce unique to its preparation. Tomatoes and onions are fried with the sauce, and then the rice and beans are added. Gallo Pinto from Costa Rica

6. Menemen From Turkey

Perhaps one of the perfect breakfast dishes, Turkish poached eggs or Menemen is a much-loved food. Onions, tomatoes, and capsicum are cooked with spices and herbs for this dish, after which eggs are added. It is often eaten with flatbreads like Khamiri. Menemen from Turkey

7. Shakshouka From Afghanistan

It is a dish similar to the Turkish Menemen but a lot spicier. You will enjoy this dish better if you enjoy spicy foods. The base is made with tomatoes and onions flavored with spices like paprika and cayenne pepper. Eggs are then added on top of the rich gravy.Shakshouka from Afghanistan

8. Ful Medames From Egypt

It is made with fava beans and spices and served alongside Egyptian bread called Aish Baladi. It is a nutritious breakfast dish with proteins, fibers, and minerals. The fava beans are cooked with onions, tomatoes, spices, and Tahini, an essential element of this dish.Ful Medames from Egypt

9. Strapatsada From Greece

This dish is known by other names like Menemeni and Kaglanas. It is an economical breakfast option. Eggs are scrambled with tomatoes and feta cheese in this dish. It is then served with bread. Strapatsada from Greece

10. Manakish From Lebanon

This hearty and delicious dish is similar to Italian Pizza but with entirely different flavors. The dough is prepared from flour and topped with herbs and Lebanese cheese. It is usually served alongside beef curry.Manakish from Lebanon

11. Miso Soup And Natto From Japan

The Japanese breakfast does not consist of a single dish but has multiple elements, which makes it a complete meal. Miso soup is made with stock and miso paste made from soybeans. Vegetables and tofu are often added. Natto is a sticky dish made with fermented soybeans. It is a very interesting and filling dish. All this is served alongside rice. Miso soup and Natto from Japan

12. Rice With Banchan From Korea

Like in most East Asian countries, rice is widely eaten in Korea. It has also been incorporated into breakfast. Breakfast consists of rice with any side dish, which is called “Banchan” in Korean. This Banchan can be stir-fried vegetables, soybean, or fish. Rice with Banchan from Korea

13. Huevos Rancheros From Mexico

It is an iconic Mexica breakfast dish that literally translates into “ranch eggs.” This dish consists of fried eggs and lightly fried tortillas, along with some fresh salsa. It is an effortless and filling dish. Huevos Rancheros from Mexico

14. Changua From Colombia

This is the most widely eaten breakfast dish in Colombia. It is a soup made with milk and eggs. The milk is simmered in butter and herbs. Eggs are then added directly to the milk. It is a mild and hearty meal.Changua from Colombia

15. Hagleslag From The Netherlands

The word Hagleslag translate to sprinkles. The Dutch usually have toast for breakfast with a sweet or savory spread. A weird yet popular tradition in the Netherlands is to add sprinkles on buttered toast for breakfast.

16. Doi Chire From Bangladesh

Bengalis are renowned for their sweetmeats, and the breakfast item is no exception. Doi Chire is a sweet breakfast dish made with yogurt and flattened rice. “Batasha” or sugar drop candies are added to the dish to sweeten it.Doi Chire from Bangladesh

17. Haleem From Pakistan

This prevalent breakfast dish is also very commonly eaten in Kashmir. The Haleem is made with lentils and minced meat. It is a slow-cooking, delicious, and highly nourishing dish. It is usually eaten with naan. Haleem from Pakistan

18. Kiribath And Lunu Miris From Sri Lanka

A unique breakfast dish, Kiribath is a type of savoury rice pudding. Traditional Sri Lankan Kakulu rice is cooked in coconut milk until it becomes soft and sticky. It is served with Lunu Miris, which is like a chili and onion pickle. Kiribath and Lunu Miris from Sri Lanka

19. Khur-Le From Bhutan

It is a prevalent breakfast dish in Bhutan. Khur-le is a type of pancake made with whole wheat flour. It is usually eaten alongside Emam Datshi, dried beef meat, widely eaten in Bhutan. Khur-le from Bhutan

20. Dosa From India

India is a diverse country with different communities living together for centuries. It is tough to pick one breakfast item from India, as people eat different foods in different parts of the country. Dosa is a quite popular South Indian breakfast item. It is made with flour and semolina and served with Sambar and Rasam.  Dosa from India