Top 20 Breakfast Items To Try In The Matunga Area Of Mumbai

Top 20 Breakfast Items To Try In The Matunga Area Of Mumbai
Top 20 Breakfast Items To Try In The Matunga Area Of Mumbai

Matunga is situated in the heart of Mumbai towards South Bombay. It has many railway stations and colleges in its locality. This place gives out stunning food joints with budget‐friendly options. Here is a list of Top 20 breakfast items to try in the Matunga area of Mumbai:

1. KandePohe:

KandePohe is the most traditional and popular Marathi dish. It is also popular in the city of Mumbai. You may see small joints on the streets of Mumbai with a huge office crowd eating this snack. Try Maharashtra’s KandePohe at Maharashtrian snacks in Matunga East.


2. Rasam Vada:

This warm snack is best for your cold rainy days. Rasam is a spicy and tangy soup from the south. When crispy vadas are dipped in Rasam, it makes a perfect breakfast item. Café Madras is popular for its Rasamvada.


3. Thalipeeth:

Thalipeeth is a Maharashtrian dish made with multigrain flour and a lot of spices. It is a healthy yet delicious breakfast option served with curd or coconut chutney. You will find thalipeeth at any food joint nearby.


4. Sabudana Wada:

Sabudana is a crispy ball made with sabudana, potatoes, chilies, and spices. It is deep‐fried in piping hot oil and served with sweetened curd or chutneys. They are mostly consumed during fast. Try them at Maharashtrian snacks in Matunga.

sabudana vada

5. Upma:

Upma is another healthy breakfast option made with the base of semolina. It is cooked in pure ghee. You can have a warm plate of upma at Café Madras.

upma 2

6. Vada Pav:

Vada pav is eaten at any time of the day. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it fills people’s belly. Street stall vada pavs are always better. Do try them!

vada pav

7. Bhajji Pav:

Bhajji is a pakora stuffed in a bun along with chutneys. It gives out a burst of flavours in your mouth. You should try one!

pav bhaji2

8. Dhokla:

Purshottam Kandoi HaribhaiDamodarMithaiwala is well known for its Gujarati snacks and namkeens. Dhokla is a gram flour‐based dish loved by all. It can be served along with green chutneys or chilies. A combination of Jalebi and Fafda will do wonders.


9. Khandvi Rolls

Khandvi is a mouth‐melting Gujarati snack made with gram flour and curd. An oil seasoning is then drizzled all over it. You can try it from Purshottam Kandoi HaribhaiDamodarMithaiwala as they sell some yummy khandvis.

khandvi roll

10. Chai:

A chai can fix everything! Cutting chai with your friends on a rainy day is heaven. Everybody agrees right? Have a chai on a tea stall and you will forget everything and enjoy the drink.


11. Filter Coffee:

Filter coffee is popular in Madrasi restaurants across the city. It is not your fancy coffee from an expensive café, but you’ll love its simplicity. Try filter coffee at Café Madras.


12. Dosa:

A crispy layer of dosa with lots of warm sambhar and coconut chutney is loved by all. Sharda Bhavan serves some amazing dosa, we bet you’ll order multiple times.


13. ThatteIdli:

Thatte is a Kannada word for a huge plate and the name comes from that word as this idli at Arya Bhavan is as huge as a plate. ThatteIdli is served with gun powder over it and garnished with coriander.


14. Pineapple Sheera:

Pineapple Sheera is made on auspicious occasions like poojas. Hotel Ram Ashraya sells some mouthwatering Pineapple Sheera cooked in pure ghee and topped with lots of dry fruits.


15. Meduvada:

Meduvada is made using urad dal batter, and it is deep‐fried and served hot with sambhar and coconut chutney. Head to Café Madras as it is famous for its meduvada.


16. Neerdosa:

Neerdosa is a soft dosa made with rice. It has a thin layer and can be served with chutney or even jaggery. Try neerdosa from Hotel Ram Ashraya and you won’t be disappointed.

n dosaa

17. Onion Uttapam:

Uttapam is a dosa topped with vegetables and fried on hot Tawa. Arya Bhavan serves some appetizing onion uttapam, you can’t miss out.

onion uthapam

18. Sada Sandwich:

A bread slice sandwiched using butter, green chutney, onions, tomatoes, beetroots, capsicums and topped with lots of butter and sev, sounds like a typical Bombay sandwich, right? You can have a yummy sada sandwich from any street stall.


19. Missal Pav:

Missal pav is a spicy curry enjoyed with soft buns. It contains sprouts, farsan, onions and spices. You can have missal at DP’s The Fast‐Food Centre as they serve delicious missal pav in Matunga.

m paav

20. Dabeli:

Dabeli is an anytime snack popular as a Kutchi dish loved by street food lovers. Have a plate of butter dabeli at Matunga Dabeli in Matunga East. Enjoy it with masala peanuts and onions.