Top 20 Brinjal Dishes Famous in Arunachal Pradesh

Top 20 Brinjal Dishes Famous in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Baked Brinjal

Not all people love Brinjal. It is one of the rarest veggies to be loved. With this fact in mind, we happen to think whether there can be variations in the recipes made out of Baingan. Yes to our surprise there can be many hybrid dishes that can be cooked. Baked Brinjal is one among that list. It is usually considered as snack time serves due to its health benefits. Like any other dish, spices and other garnishes are a must. Here fried Onion is an adage. Don’t forget to taste this when you happen to visit Arunachal Pradesh.


2. Baingan Khichdi

Many people love Khichdi as it is one of the easiest things to cook. It is healthy enough to be eaten by people of all ages. From a common perspective, the combination may seem very weird, but when you end up making and tasting, nothing can beat its taste. Here chopped Onions, fried coriander leaves, a variety of spices end up forming the major part of the gravy. If you are a rice lover, you will definitely like this twist of Baingan.


3. Baingan Aloo

Any combination with Baingan would sound unusual. But trust me, when cooked together in a proper proportion, wonders would be formed leaving you to lick your fingers. Here Potato is used in its boiled form so that a proper blend can be prepared. Coriander and Onion are used for garnishing.


4. Baingan Aloo Bharta

This is the next version of above dish. Bharta is something people eat as a subordinate. Not only with roti but also with rice. It is also a festive demand in most parts of India. It has a lot of health benefits. It might be cooked in two forms either raw ones blended together or roasted and boiled ones mixed together.


5. Baingan With Cheese

This is an experimental amusement in the history of Baingan. Baingan with Cheese is something you have never imagined earlier, but to the real fact, it does exist. I would suggest you to first try the dish outside before experimenting the cooking. Cheese has to go well with onion and coriander leaves used for the tadka.


6. Baingan Chutney

After few main course meals, it’s time to check out the subordinates. Baingan chutney is one such dish. This is made by grated Baingan. Initial preparations include boiling or roasting Baingan and then grinding it to form a uniform paste. To make it more happening you can add tomato gravy to enhance the look and taste. A blend of spices is an adage.


7. Baingan Dal

The name does sound bored dumb, but trust me these minor variations are something that creates stars. Both the ingredients come under the category of healthy ones so, in turn, the combination of the two would end up creating the healthiest dish.


8. Baingan Pakora

This one is something that leaves your mouth watery. People of all ages would love eating this. This can be served with chutney as regular snacks or to get that feeling of eating Pakora, serve it with a hot beverage of one’s choice.


9. Tangy Baingan Bharta

Although the name is quite confusing, one can guess the presence of tomato in this dish. The name has the word tangy due to this tomato gravy. It not only adds color but also enriches the spicy extract with its special tint.


10. Bharwa Baingan

The word ‘Bharwa’ here means full. It simply means that we don’t chop the brinjals, instead cook them in their full structures. Baingan lovers are the ones who fall for this dish. It also includes a perfect blend of spices to make it worth licking.


11. Chana Baingan

The only difference in this is adage of Chana. This combination works well. So one can normally cook this in their regular meals. This also comes under the list of healthy dishes. Any puree can be used as a base in its cooking.


12. Baingan Achari

Achar is a blend or abbreviation of a pickle. It symbolizes something rich in spices along with color and taste. Some non-veggies prefer adding vinegar to this one to make it look happening. Achari flavors can also be added to make it tangy. Pepper powder plays a major role in the same.


13. Baingan Curry

A food lover would definitely avoid missing this. It has marked its name in the list of amazing dishes. The adage of curry makes it stand out from other variations. This is cooked in two ways; one by using boiled Baingan and other by using roasted Baingan.


14. Baingan Chokha

This dish itself is a cocktail of two places. It is nothing but Arunachal touch for Bihari cook. It is usually served with roti or naan. The yum cannot be explained.


15. Baingan Groundnut Gravy

Groundnut is yet another healthy ingredient. Here the groundnut gravy is used to enhance the taste of this dish making it more yummy and healthy. Chopped Onion along with roasted coriander leaves are used to garnish this dish.


16. Baingan Masala

This dish is special due to its tangy nature. It includes lots of spices which help the dish justify its name. Masala itself gives you an idea of how rich and royal the dish could be. It can be eaten with roti or naan. The rich gravy can also act as abase for rice lovers.


17. Dahi Wale Baingan

This variation is especially for Dahi lovers. Dahi not only enhances the taste of the dish but also enriches the texture in total. The aroma generated is worth the effort.


18. Baingan Hariyali

Hariyali here means greenery. The name says it all! This dish constitutes of green gravy which can be either spicy or medium as per one’s choice. People tend to add hari chutney to come up with the green flavor which is another variation created.


19. Baingan Fry

This includes deep frying of baingans. It is served as a snack. This one is truly for the spice lovers. Don’t miss the chance to put your but on fire!


20. Baingan Onion Gravy

You can easily conclude the ingredients from the name itself. Roasted or chopped Onions are used to make this dish the way it seems. Yumminess can be tilted towards onion or Brinjal depending on the eater’s choice.