Top 20 Kachori Types Rare To Find


1. Raw Banana And Coconut Kachori

Although the name is slightly rare, the combo definitely tastes better. It is considered to be the healthiest Kachori. It not only gives you the taste but also reminds you of the Keralite touch. Here the preparation includes boiling of bananas and grating of coconuts to get that proper taste. The addition of coriander leaves is an adage. This Kachori is usually decorated and presented with curd and ketchup.


2. Sweet Kachori

The sweet lovers would definitely love this type. It gets its sweetness with the tamarind and jaggery pulp. It also includes a huge amount of ghee extracts which enhance its taste in all.


3. Moong Dal Kachori

This one is quite famous towards the west of India as Moong Dal is used there. Here the specialty stands out due to the addition of Moong Dal along with sweet and sour chutneys. One can add tamarind for extra flavor. The sweetness which Moong dal brings is never compensated by jaggery.


4. Bread Kachori

This Kachori is considered among the crispy ones. The bread used here makes it crispy. You can use the bread in various forms to come up with revised versions of this dish.


5. Baked Kachori

We have already checked out bread. Now it’s time to move ahead and reach the baking stage. Here the Kachori is baked in low flame to allow it to cook better. This is another healthy type which includes boiled potatoes along with coriander leaves. This is again garnished with cold curd. The addition of dry fruits here would be an adage.


6. Matar Ki Kachori

The name says it all! Matar is nothing but Peas. They are always used to enhance the taste and look of the dishes. They aroma of this Kachori leaves you hungry. Here, boiled and chopped peas are used for them to allow proper mixing. You can also find greenish shade due to Matar and coriander leaves used.


7. Dry Fruit Kachori

Nothing can be grand and rich as this one. Who wouldn’t love eating such a royal dish? Only a real dry fruit lover can justify the cook of this Kachori.


8. Masala Kachori

Masala Kachori is quite commonly found in our day to day travel around. This one is special due to the addition of various spices making it look and taste like being full of masala. This one goes well with red and green chutneys. One can also serve with ketchup to try out the original traditional way out.


9. Pyaz Ki Kachori

This name might seem weird to you, but trust me no other dish can beat the onion flavor present in this one. The technique used here is fried onions grated or simply used along with coriander leaves to bring that look and taste. As all of us know, Onion goes well with mithi chutney; preferably serving the same would be a better option.


10. Dal Kachori

This is nothing but just the addition of Dal. This twist marks the name in the list of healthy Kachori. The best way to prepare batter is by using ingredients in fried, chopped or boiled format. The dal used here is in the boiled format. You can also use any veggie rich in spices to garnish the dish. The most commonly used one is Aloo tamatar ki sabzi.


11. Besan Kachori

Not all the people tasting this one would like it. Only the people with a lot of expectation of texture in the dishes would ever end up loving this. Besant used here mainly smoothens the texture. The red and green chutneys served along end up enhancing the Kachori. This one is analogous to Pakora.


12. Aloo Ki Kachori

Again here, the name says it all! The most important ingredient used here is Aloo (Potato). You can also use any veggie rich in spices to garnish the dish. The most commonly used one is Aloo tamatar ki sabzi. The smell is quite tempting due to the addition of spices. This one can be served with curd to learn the taste better.


13. Paneer Ki Kachori

Here comes the much awaited one! Paneer says it all. This one is to melt in your mouth for sure. Paneer lovers would end up loving Kachori for an entire lifetime. As it consists of Paneer, any gravy would be a perfect match for serving. Paneer is used in its fluffy form which is even more tempting.


14. Khasta Kachori

This name stands out unique, but the ingredients are quite common. The only other ingredient used is boiled potato which is even smoother in texture to get that flawless look. The addition of spices is must in this one.


15. Raj Kachori

This is the special star dish of Nagpur. People, who visit Nagpur, never ever forget to taste this one. This one is a perfect blend of all the ingredients along with spices and garnishes. Curd or chutneys are just subordinates to enhance the look and the taste of Raj Kachori. The royalty is contained in its name.


16. Dahi Kachori

Curd lovers can’t wait to taste this one. It neither comes in the spicy list not in the sweet list. It stands out differently in the sour list. The aroma is just amazing. Serving with chutneys would be an adage. Taste once and you will end up craving for more.


17. Egg Kachori

After so much of variety for the veggies, here we introduce a few for the non-veggies. Egg Kachori as the name says, sounds weird but tastes yummy. Egg used here is in the form of Bhurji. This one tastes parallel in the line of Paneer Kachori. Curd or chutney garnish would be preferred.


18. Keema Kachori

This is yet another one in the list of non-veggies. Keema lovers would never let this go. The addition of Keema is the only difference, although spices would slightly differ. This one goes well with curd. Some people prefer eating with chutneys to retain the taste of spices.


19. Fish Kachori

Although the name doesn’t sound normal, this is quite famous among the fish lovers. This one is a unique dish in the list of seafood.


20. Chicken Kachori

Last but not the least is his one. Chicken Kachori as the name says is the cooked by using roasted chicken as the main ingredient. The addition of the variety of spices is something that would help differ. Also, another variation could be in the usage of the chicken itself. The two types are using roasted chicken and grilled chicken.