Top 20 Bts-Inspired Dishes

Top 20 Bts-Inspired Dishes

Do you know BTS? I don’t need to ask this question. Everyone is familiar with the leader in Namjoon. We all know there is no better dancer than Jhope. Anybody can fall to the charms of V. Also, we have the world-wide handsome Jin on the team. Jimin’s excellent moves back them up. No one can surpass the tongue speed of Suga. They are all taking care of their baby Jungkook. He is an allrounder in himself. Today, we will be discussing all BTS-inspired dishes. Most of them will be Korean.


Sashimi comes directly from Japan. It has raw fish or meat. They call it Hweh in Korea. Jungkook is a lover of this dish. You can make it at your home using the available ingredients. Make sure you are happy eating raw fish. The fish includes Tuna, Salmon, or Halibut. You can eat it with the famous chogochujang dipping sauce.

Luxury food. Italy

2.Mul Naengmyeon

Mul Naengmyeon is a Korean cold noodle. Jin likes them the most. They are thin, chewy noodles. They have buckwheat flour or sweet potato starch. Furthermore, they go great with the Korean beef stalk. You can add veggies and toppings as per your choice.

It is a photograph of a Morioka Cold noodle of Morioka, Iwate in Japan.


Samgyeopsal is a Korean grilled pork belly. It is a favorite dish of Suga. It is a three-layered meat dish. The dish looks like bacon. However, its taste is far from the same. One can make this dish with high-quality cuts of pork belly. You can check the whole recipe online.



Bulgogi is a Korean BBQ ribbed eye. This dish is a famous dish all over Korea. It has thin marinated slices of meat grilled on a barbecue. The meat usually includes beef. However, one can try different meats here. Coming to BTS, Jhope likes Bulgogi and enjoys eating it with rice.

Korean beef Bulgogi with sesame seeds, chili and spring onion in a black plate.


Galbi is a Korean word for ribs. Galbi is Korean Marinated Short Ribs. The dish is famous because of V of BTS. He has mentioned it multiple times in many interviews. Furthermore, the meat here includes beef. Galbi comes from beef ribs.

Yakki-Mandoo Dinner

6.Kimchi Jjigae

Here comes my favorite BTS-inspired Korean dish. Kimchi Jjigae is Kimchi Stew. It is a great, warm, and nutritional way to begin your day. The age of Kimchi decides the taste level of this dish. Furthermore, Jimin loves Kimchi stew a lot. Hence, we have included it in the top 20 dishes BTS-inspired dishes.

Korean Kimchi spicy soup in a hot pot


Here comes the leader with a leading dish. Kalguksu is a Korean knife-cut noodle soup. It has many nutritional ingredients. It is famous during the summer. People consider Kalguksu as a traditional seasonal food. RM or Kim Namjoon loves Kalguksu a lot.



Bibimguksu is a Korean tangy noodle salad. BTS Song Dynamite is the inspiration behind this dish. Bibimguksu is a spicy noodle dish with many other toppings. The dish is popular during summer and has a good catch over many traditional foods of Korea.

Italian culture food and salad


Sujeonggwa is a cold cinnamon tea. It is a sweet dish. Koreans serve it as a dessert. This dish is a traditional dish. It has lots of flavors and calmness to offer. Furthermore, one can make it at home with available ingredients. You can make your version of Sujeonggwa.



Do you like shaved ice desserts over ice cream? I am fond of it too. Bingsu is a shaved ice dessert. BTS song Dynamite inspires this dish. It has many flavors, Dry-fruits, fruits, cream, and ice. It is a great way to surpass Korean summers. Hence, we have included in the top 20 BTS-inspired dishes.



Tonkatsu is a Japanese Pork Cutlet. You can eat it with rice and other spicy sauces. Kim Namjoon loves this dish. Furthermore, you can use any other meat instead of pork. You can make this recipe at home using the recipes on the internet.



Japchae is a simple stir fry noodle. People prefer to keep it veg. However, you can use your favorite meat in it. Furthermore, the noodle has potato starch and many other veggies. They have famous Korean sauces too. They are slightly spicy and tangy noodles.


13.Mitarashi Dango

Mochi is a famous dish from Korea. Mitarashi Dango is a Japanese mochi sweet. It has a coating of sweet soy glaze on the top. Again, Jungkook loves to eat this dish. He has mentioned it in many interviews. Furthermore, you can make Mitarashi Dango or your version of mochi using internet recipes.

Mitarashi Dango


I guess the word Bibim means mixed in Korea. To find out and let me know. Bibimbap is mixed rice. It has rice with egg, multiple sauces, veggies, Kimchi, sliced meat, and other toppings of choice. Mix it and have a hearty meal sitting at your favorite picnic spot. Do let us know how it goes.


15.Hope Toast

If you are an Army, you must be following BTS on social media. If you do that, you must know the famous Hope Toast. It is a signature recipe by Jhope. It has bacon, eggs, white bread, butter, and strawberry jam. Jhope posted it long back and began the journey to influence Army.

Hope toast:


Pajeon is a scallion pancake. You must have heard and eaten many different varieties of Pancakes. Pajeon is one of them. It has wheat flour, rice flour, scallion, and other fresh ingredients. It is a tasty and healthy stomach-filling dish. You can have it with different Korean sauces for more flavors.



You will find this dish the in the famous BTS cookbook. It is hand-pulled noodle soup. It is a Korean traditional soup. It has noodles, veggies, meat, and all you will find in a Korean soup or noodle dish. It is a healthy, heart-warming tasty dish. Do give it a try.

Beef Brisket Pho


You must be familiar with the dish because of Vincenzo Cassano. The mention of this dish is there in many other Kdrama. This dish is a sweet dish. It is a fish-shaped pastry. It has red bean paste stuffing. They come in two varieties. Both are different as cause to the usage of flour to make them.



There are many BTS-inspired Ramens in the market. They come in different flavors and attire. Yes, attire. Some companies place a BTS toy or merch. They do it to capture more market and have more sales. Unfortunately, BTS does not promote many Ramen brands.



Finally, we have Tteokbokki on the list. It is a world-famous dish now. This dish has rice cakes dipped in a famous sauce. The sauce is usually spicy. It has eggs and other veggies too. You can have Tteokbokki at any Korean street food center. You can make one at home too. It is worth trying the dish.