Top 20 Budget Restaurants In And Around Powai

20 places in and around powai

Powai has some of the best restaurants in Mumbai. I love to eat in restaurants and I go at least once in a fortnight. But, if I would go to just restaurants like Chili’s or Le Pain Quotidien which are two of the best in Powai, my budget is sure to drain too fast, so I had to acclimatize by finding cheaper places to eat. Whether you feel like having a la carte, luxury dining, or just an undemanding Thali with no frills, Powai has all that you would want.

The food variety in town is very diverse. You name it, you have it in Powai. There is, of course, local food, but also a plenty of international cuisine like French, Continental, Chinese, Italian, etc.

But there are restaurants which fill your belly without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Great Punjab

Lost amidst the rush of Hiranandani, located just opposite Eden, almost at the end of the central avenue road, this place usually goes unremarked because it is not one of those picturesque restaurants. It is greatly loved by the Hiranandani residents and has been serving North Indian since a long time. Paneer Peshawari, Dal Makhani, Banjara Kabab, Butter Chicken and not to forget Fish Koliwada are recommended. If you’re in Hiranandani and are famished, you don’t have to worry. Don’t skip this restaurant for its ambience, because the quantity is good. It is cost friendly.

Great punjB

2. The Brothers Biryani House

Located two minutes away from Hiranandani Hospital, it is a small place serving sumptuous Biryani and succulent Kebabs. Cravings for kebab and you cannot afford spend a lot neither can you have the Kebabs on the street? Why not The Brother’s Biryani House. If you get hunger pangs for salubrious Biryani, this is the place for you. The starters and the Dum Biryanis are near authentic. Once you eat here, you are sure to try again and again. The place is not very old but has gained a lot of customers for its good quality, quantity and of course, packaging.

brothers biriyaani

3. Naaz

In the hustle and bustle of Sakinaka, this place is one of the stellar area for food. Exceptionally amazing ambiance, welcoming staff and they don’t even charge you a fortune. It has another branch in Kurla, just opposite Phoenix Mall. It’s truly a hidden gem. Reshmi Kebab, Basa Fish, Drums of heaven are a must try. The non-veg platter is worth a try. Salli Boti and Murg Musallam generous in quantity. The Naan is one of the best in Mumbai as you can literally feel the butter until the last bite of the Naan. This is not one of the best places for food, for nothing. Hardcore Non-Veg lovers are sure to love the restaurant.


4. Eva’s pizza

Want to have a Pizza and can’t spend too much? Eva is a steal in the Powai-Chandivali area. This is one of the most loaded pizzas with a perfectly cooked pizza base and the right amount of toppings. You won’t feel disappointed if you choose Eva’s over other pizza outlets. It offers sumptuous pizzas at the best price. The Cheesy Garlic Bread is also loved. It’s highly spoken for by all the customers for its overwhelming quantities. This is a small joint which definitely doesn’t do much marketing but the customers keep putting snaps on Instagram and Snapchat, essentially marketing the joint.

evas pizza

5. Punjabi roots

Want to have Chhole and don’t want to miss out on the Punjabi element in it? This place serves authentic Punjabi Kulchas and Chhole. You can find the authentic Dahi Kadi of Punjab here and it has become many people next preferred choice after The Parathas. The Kulchas are lip smacking and the Chhole is not runny. This place will apparently make you forget the street food in Chandigarh.  It gives considerable quantity for the price that it charges. It will fill you just right and won’t even make you feel inflated. It gives you homely food at the best price.


6. Pan of Asia

This food joint only does home delivery but the food is piping hot with good packaging and is pretty affordable. The Chicken Krakow rice has minced chicken with a fried egg on top. The Chilli Bean Lamb, Paneer Tingling, and Chicken Wonton Soup will delight your taste buds. The joint has been marketed so well that the food looks very enticing in the pictures and you are sure to be convinced to order at least once. However you won’t be disappointed. The food is as tasty and delicious as it looks. The best part is that they cook chicken just perfect and the meat is tender and juicy.


7. Freshmenu

Relaxing at home, famished, and don’t want to take the pain to cook or go to the restaurant? Fresh menu offers value meals at your doorstep. Their food is ‘Fresh from the Wok’. This place also has pictures of their dishes, which look so tempting that you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying this place out. The dishes have a blend of Indian Cuisine and International Cuisine, which makes it even more delicious. Gingerly Chicken Curry has succulent pieces of chicken in it apart from the plate of Portuguese Bowls. I personally recommend the Wings Bucket and Larb Gai Chicken Salad.

fresh menu

8. Dadimaa No Varso

Located in the food court of RCity Mall, is Dadima No Varso which won’t make you miss out on the Gujarati wholesome meal as it offers veritable Vegetarian Gujarati food. It is highly spoken of by its customers and highly appreciated for its quick service. Being located in the mall, it does not charge too much neither does it compromise on the quality. This place serves authentic Dhokla, Thepla, Handva, Khaman and all the dishes, not to miss the Chutneys and Pickles that Gujjus have; this place has everything that comprise a Gujarati thali. It has a cheap and well-priced menu.


9. Hotel Malvan katta

Hotel Malvan Katta is a plain featured place on The LBS Vikhroli which serves homespun food, almost rustic and preserves the authenticity of the food. This is good place to have a proper Malvani meal and if you love sea food, this is the right choice for you. The thalis are a good steal because they serve all kinds of fishes from Mackerel to Bombay Duck to Pomfret with different permutations and combinations and shuffle them up. The Rice Bhakri that they serve is as thin as Roomali Roti and you just cannot have enough of it, for its taste of course.


10. Hungry heads

In Galleria, Hiranandani, alfresco, this is the place for all the Maggi Lovers. Maggi goes through striking recreations and disguise. This joint has done all that it could to create new ways to serve Maggi as we all love the noodles so much that it never goes out of style and we love to have it any time of the day. It serves fries with different flavors, cold drinks and mojitos. It also has pizzas and rolls. They also serve Pizza which has Maggi noodles as its toppings. The sauces and dips that the place has are amazing and we all know how much dips and sauces matter to us.


11. Nawab’s house

They offer only home delivery and have a very limited and narrow menu. They serve only Biryanis as they specialize only in Biryanis. They serve a pretty good meal in comparison to what they charge. The Egg Biryani also known as Anda Biryani is very tasty. They don’t put a lot of Masala and no oil dripping because they pack it really well. The food is hot until it reaches your door. But they serve a wholesome meal which is sure to fill your belly because  it is place that promises a no-nonsense quantity. It is one of the best houses that serve Biryani among others.

nawab house

12. Nutan

Nutan is a tiny place, slipped in Galleria that offers vegetarian food. Nutan is not a place with an exciting ambiance but a decent place with decent food and will fit within your budget. If you are hungry and are searching a place only for food then Nutan is an option. Paneer Makhanwala and the many Parathas that they offer are liked by many. Nutan serves food at an affordable price in spite of being located in Hiranandani. The Tawa Pulav is also something that should be tried if you have visited Nutan. The Dal that they have is also one of the dishes that are tasty among others in the Menu.


13. Curry me up

Curry Me Up serves resplendent Moghlai food at your doorstep, you will become a frequenter once you start ordering food from here. The food is sure to leave to happy and the aftermath of the experience is going to be amazing. The food is so tempting that you just cannot resist and will surely feel like ordering once from here, if you’re in Powai. All Tandoori dishes are admired by the patrons who’ve tried the Tandoori chicken and Jhinga which are tempting until the last bite. The curries that they prepare are absolutely perfect, not very thick neither too runny.

curry me up

14. Navjivan

Located in Galleria, Hiranandani, this place offers Chinese food and also Mughlai food. It is pretty cheap in spite of being in Hiranandani. The Chicken Manchow Soup and Chicken Lollipop are very good and the Triple Schezwan is generous in quantity. They serve juicy Tandoori Chicken which will be one of your preferences on your next visit. Once you visit this place you will surely commit to this place because the food is decent, it is a small place with hardly three to four tables and air conditioned with not a lot of noise and you can have your privacy and eat in peace.


15. Hotel Laxmi

Just opposite the IIT Campus Gate, This place will make you fall in love with vegetarian food even if you are a hardcore Non- vegetarian. You are sure to find a rabble of IITians because of cheap food and liquor. However there is separate family restaurant besides the family restaurant and bar, were you can have your food peacefully. That is in case you mind dining in a family restaurant and bar. The juices they serve are really fresh and will surely quench your thirst. This place is one of the best pure vegetarian restaurants in Powai. The Pav Bhaji and Garlic Naans are relishing, apart from the main course.


16. Orange is the new green

It offers only home delivery and the meals are a bit on the healthier side with more of sprouts, nuts, etc. They offer wholesome and nutritious Indian meal. This is one of the new joints offering home delivery, only that it has healthy meals and concentrate a little more on the ‘health’ dimension. Since the food is made taking into consideration, the health factor, you have to marginally compromise on the taste. Not a lot of butter, not a lot of oil, but tasty and healthy. Chicken Angara, Murg Jwala, and Madras Curry Chicken are their specialities. They also have lip smacking salads.

orange is the new green

17. Pancho’s Pav Bhaji

Want to have Pav Bhaji but don’t want to travel to Juhu? Pancho’s will serve you salubrious meals as it specialises in Pav Bhaji and Tawa Pulav. It is one of the best places if you want to have a Pav Bhaji. Although it won’t taste exactly like the ones on Juhu Beach but then you won’t miss the Juhu element. The best part is that the Pav is well packed and there’s no oil dripping from it, although it tastes buttery and tasty. There’s non-vegetarian Pav bhaji and Pulavs. YES, CHICKEN PAV BHAJI. A must try for Pav-Bhaji lovers!


18. Bhojohori Manna

Want to try the authentic Bengali Cuisine? Try Bhojohori Manna. It serves all major representatives of the Bengali Cuisine and tastes extremely good. You certainly won’t miss Kolkata if you eat here. It is not very expensive despite serving sea food. Bhekti Sorshe, Pomfret Masala and Prawn Cutlet are exceptionally well prepared and Dum Aloo entices vegetarians too. The food is served very well and you won’t be able to resist the food; you may become frequent if you visit once. You can eat Bengali Sweets after the meal, Mishti as the Bongs call it, which is cherry on the cake.


19. Gopala’s Veg Kitchen

It is a fast service, vegetarian food joint located minutes away from Huma Mall, Kanjur Marg. It serves good South Indian and North Indian food, also Chinese and is very light on your pocket. The Naan is buttery and tasty and should be tried with any of the Paneer items because Paneer Kolhapuri and Palak Paneer are a good combination with the Naans. They serve Hyderabadi Pulav which is very tasty apart from the Pav Bhaji it is famous for. It also serves Jain food. It has Lord Krishna’s spiritual music playing in the background and tiny tales of Lord Krishna on the walls.


20. Gulmohar

It is inside the IIT Campus and goes unnoticed by many, however the restaurant is preferred and recommended by IITians and the residents in and around the place. The food and the price cannot be any more reasonable. It is dirt cheap. It serves good Chinese and you can randomly visit the place, just to check it out. The non-veg food is decent, although there are not many options and dishes for vegetarians but has a good menu. No exciting ambiance, but good food and a well priced menu, this place is a good steal for IITians. If you’re hungry and running out of money, visit the place.


When you have not much money to spend on food, and you’re in Powai, drop in one of these restaurants or order for a home delivery. Bon Appetit!