Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Jalpaiguri

Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri is a district of West Bengal. It is derived from the word Jalpi, meaning Olive, and Guri, meaning a place. It has tourists each year owing to its exquisite landscapes, serene river banks, rolling tea gardens, and for housing two of India’s known wildlife sanctuaries – Gorumara National Park and the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the best snacks are phuchkas, puri bhaji, jhal muri or puffed rice, and ghugni.

1.Chaska-the Fusion Café

Chaska-The Fusion Cafe, located atCollege Para Rd, Jalpaiguri, is a warm place to hang out with friends and a closed one. The food is delicious, and the behavior of the owner is gentle. Good ambiance, service is good. Indoor and outdoor seating areas are available. Some must-try foods are chowmein chili chicken, pan-fried chicken momo, and makhani pizza.

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2.Vibes Café Restaurant

Vibes Cafe Restaurant, located at GPHC+W28, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Silpasamiti Para, Jalpaiguri, is a peaceful cafe with a chill vibe. The ambiance of this cafe is inconceivable. The food and service are fantastic. The price is reasonable. Kurkure Momos is the best in this place.

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3.Z Café And Pub

Z Cafe and Pub, located inside Reliance Mall, 4th floor, opposite Ruposhree Golden Complex, on DBC Road Jalpaiguri, is the best fine dining experience in Jalpaiguri. The ambiance for friends and family is fabulous. The food is extraordinary across the board. The staff is friendly and helpful. Foods are delicious, especially American corn salt and pepper, chicken pizza, fish finger, chicken popcorn, spaghetti, and meatballs.

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4.Majilish Café And Restaurant

Majilish Cafe Restaurant, located at GPHC+8R8, Jalpaiguri, is highly recommended for food lovers. It has some different and unique categories of food. The ambiance is calm and peaceful. It has glamourous decoration and enough enjoyable time. The staff are polite and helpful.

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5.Te Amo Café

Te Amo Cafe, located at Paharpur, Jalpaiguri, delivers mostly tea in kulhad with lots of mouth-watering dishes and gives aesthetic vibes. It also has background music. The food is at a reasonable price. It has a must-try chicken pakora.

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6.Food Hub

Food Hub, located at Kadamtala Road, near the No. 3 gate, opposite Shanti Glass House, Jalpaiguri, has a decent fast food corner. Varieties of food items are available, including Chinese items. Some of the recommended foods are double egg chicken mughlai and Kurkure momos.

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7.Theyk Junction

Theyk Junction, located at Kadamtala, opposite Rupmaya Cinema Hall, Jalpaiguri, is a place to try a wide variety of momo then this is the place. The menu at this place offers a delightful fusion of flavors and a wide variety of momo. The ambiance is cozy, the staff is polite, and the mouth-watering aroma wafts from the kitchen. Some recommended foods are Darjeeling chicken momo, pan fry momo, and non-veg momo platter.

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8.Green View Restaurant

Green View Restaurant, located at GMJC+RX2, Patkata Colony, Jalpaiguri, is a peaceful place to visit with friends and family. The food quality is their top priority at a reasonable price, and the services are incredible. There is a garden that gives a calm and peaceful vibe.

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9.The Nirvana

The Nirvana, located at Bhanumati Rd, Deshbandhu Para, Jalpaiguri, is an extraordinary restaurant in the town. The quality and taste of the food are decent, and the ambiance is mind-blowing. The price range is affordable. The staff is well-behaved and attentive. Some suggested foods are chicken biryani and mocktails.

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10.Hotel Chandi Chowk Family Restaurant

Hotel Chandi Chowk Family Restaurant, located at Paharpur, More, Jalpaiguri, is a place to relax and restore energy in the company of family friends, enjoy charming interiors with elegant modern touches or outdoor seating overlooking open country fields while experiencing the richness in flavors. It also provides alcohol.

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11.Hungry Spoon

Hungry Spoon, located at GPG9+5RC, Jalpaiguri, offers delicious food at a reasonable price. The cozy ambiance and the staff are courteous. It has a variety of starters, main courses (including Indian and Chinese), and desserts. Some suggested foods are chili chicken, biryani, and paneer items.

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12.Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Restaurant, located at DBC Rd, Jalpaiguri, is the best dine-in restaurant. It has delicious food at an affordable price with its old crews at service. Some recommended foods are egg chow min, chicken biryani rice, and egg biryani.

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13.Masala Restro-café Cafertaria

Masala Restro-Cafe, situated opp. SBI ATM, Kamarpara Road Ukilpara, Jalpaiguri, is a cozy Cafeteria curated with aesthetic Retro-Modern decor. Enjoy our delicious food and ambiance with your folks. The food is delicious, and everything is fresh. Staff are friendly and helpful in every aspect.

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14.Mrin-mon-a Banquet Café

Mrin-Mon, located at Babughat, Sukhsagar Apartments, Babupara, Jalpaiguri, is a lifestyle cafe featuring a boutique and an intimate theatre space to showcase all cultural aspects of Jalpaiguri along with an area to hang out. It has quality food at an affordable price. The services and behavior of the staff are extraordinary. Momos and chicken items are mouth-watering.

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15.Moon’s Kitchen

Moon’s Kitchen, located in Assammore, near Holy Child School Jalpaiguri, is a perfect place to chill with friends and special ones. It has a variety of delicious dishes. The food is fresh, and the quality is fabulous. The ambiance is quaint. The staff is courteous.

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16.Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani, located at DBC Rd, Nutan Para, Jalpaiguri, is a place for all Biryani lovers. It has a delicious taste and is pocket-friendly as well. Only a takeout facility is available, no dine-in facility. You will get chicken and mutton biriyani. Other chicken items are also available.

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17.Jadukarai Restaurant

Jadukarai Restaurant, located at GPGF+FW9, Jalpaiguri, is a Chinese restaurant. This restaurant is the oldest in Jalpaiguri. The Chinese food is of high quality at an affordable price. Recommended foods are egg rolls, chicken rolls, momos, and biryani.

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18.Dawaat Biryani

Dawaat Biryani, located at Samaj Para, Merchant Rd, Jalpaiguri, is one of the famous Biriyani shops in Jalpaiguri. It serves the best quality of Biriyani at an affordable price. The behavior of the staff is remarkable.

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19.Royal Sagar Food Plaza

Royal Sagar Food Plaza, located at DBC Rd, Jalpaiguri, is an Indian family restaurant. The items served are at a cheap rate compared to the other standard restaurants in the town. The behavior of the staff is good. The location of the place is also perfect. They also serve pizza, momo, burgers, dosa, etc.

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20.Bikaler Adda

Bikaler Adda, located at Shilpa samiti para, Kerani Para, Silpasamiti Para, Jalpaiguri, is fast-food restaurant. The food is tasty at a cheap rate. The ambiance is cozy, and the behavior of the owner is heartwarming. A must-try is the momos, biryani, tea, Tarka ruti, etc.

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