Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Motihari

Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Motihari

Motihari, located in East Champaran of Bihar, is a city accompanied by a rich history. It is renowned for Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagraha. The region in and around it has a longstanding connection with Buddhism, and visitors can witness the world’s tallest stupa at Kesaria, which is only an hour away from the city. Additionally, it is known for its delectable snacks such as chiwra, samosa, kachori, and makhana. The locals prefer beverages like sattu paani, lassi, and aam jhor. One cannot resist the mouth-watering pastries called khajas, which are coated with sugar and available here.

1.City Café

City Cafe is one of the best fast-food centers in Motihari. The environment of the cafe is fabulous and enjoyable. The place is very calm and relaxing may visit with our friends and family to chill. Momos and pizza are delicious and at an affordable price. The address is New Chandmari Motihari Rd, near Durga Mandir Road, Chandmari.

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2.The Amirlals

The Amirlals is a café with Bakery South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Herbal Hookah. The place has remarkable food selections. The staff here is very polite. It has an open kitchen for guests to observe hygiene in the kitchen. It also has a huge balcony. The foods are delicious. If you are close to Arya Nagar, it is a must-visit cafe.

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3.Jail Chai Bar Café And Restaurant

Jail Chai Cafe Bar embraces a jail theme in its design. It offers a broad combination of dishes, initiating starters to full-fledged meals. They serve vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The food itself is delicious, satisfying the taste buds. The staff helps assist with menu choices. Their attentive service contributes to a pleasant dining experience. It also has a separate party hall to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. It provides a private space for special gatherings.

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4.Heart Beat Café

Heart Beat Cafe is the most admirable cafe in Motihari as it offers a warm and cozy environment with delicious food. The menu contains momos, burgers, sandwiches, and some Italian food. It provides fast service and mouth-watering foods. The atmosphere gives a peaceful vibe. If you are near Chandmari, you may visit this place.

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5.18 Café House

18 Cafe House is the first swing cafe in Motihari. The foods are delicious the services are too good. Staff behavior is impressive. Paneer Tikka, Chicken Biryani, and Sandwiches are recommended foods. It is on the 2nd floor, RJ Plaza Shopping Mall, Janpul Rd, Motihari.

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6.The Table

The Table is a family restaurant where you can enjoy relaxing and tasting fantastic food. The imagination of chefs will never bore you with always different and delicious dishes. The availability of the friendly staff will pamper you. It has a variety of main courses. At last, you can choose between fresh fruit, a fruit salad, ice cream, or a dessert prepared by the pastry chef.

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7.Infinity Restaurant

This restaurant is ideal for those who love food but has busy schedules. It provides the best possible services at convenience. The food price is reasonable. It includes a high-standard menu that is extensive and seasonal. Chicken biryani and chicken lollipop are the best food here. Hospitality by staff is extraordinary.

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8.Yummy Foods

Yummy Foods is the best place to hang out or chill with friends and families. The atmosphere is good. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians foods are delicious, and they have a lot of varieties. It also arranges birthday parties and other celebrations.

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9.Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar is a cafe oulet in Motihari. You can enjoy or hang out with a variety of six types of flavored tea, like chocolate, masala kesar, and elaichi. It also serves pizza, burgers, cold coffee, and other snacks. It is mainly known for khulhad chai and coffee.

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10.Food And Fun

Food Fun is a luxurious family restaurant that offers mouth-watering dishes. It sets the stage with a magnificent ambiance. Each cuisine here is a work of art, exploded with flavors and expertly prepared. The service is impeccable, and the staff member is humorous.

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11.Bosco Momos

Bosco Momos is a Chinese Restaurant. It has a spectacular ambiance. The staff is well-behaved and helpful. Chicken Steamed Momos, Chicken Cheese Afghani Momos, Sweet Corn Tandoori Momos, and Chicken Fry Momos are some delicious foods. If you are near Khoda Nagar, then it is a must-visit.

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12.The Flavoresca

It provides finger-licking multi-cuisine food that replenishes the taste buds with an exclusive food experience. It includes a mouth-watering barbecue with a spectacular view. It makes a quintessential venue for a divine dinner. The staff here is polite, well-behaved, and knowledgeable.

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13.Chilli Paradise Restro Café

Chilli Paradise Restro Cafe is a family-friendly restaurant. It has quality with quantity food. Here, food services and the staff are excellent and well-behaved. The ambiance is attractive. Some recommended foods are cheese pizza, french fries, and chocolate ice cream.

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14.7th Heaven

7th Heaven is one of the best cafe outlets in Motihari. It has multi-cuisine food with bakery items. The ambiance is calm and peaceful. The staff is friendly and cooperative. The desserts here are delicious.

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15.Laziz Pizza

It is the outlet of Laziz Pizza restaurant located in Chandmari Chowk. It has excellent food taste. Here, services are fast, and the staff are friendly and well-behaved. It provides a chill and refreshment atmosphere.

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16.The Downtown Café

This cafe has an arrangement of arcade games and kiddie rides to enjoy. It has the best place for enjoyment, having food and drinks. The staff here and their services are outstanding. The ambiance gives a chill vibe. Kulhad Chai and the game zone are well-known here.

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17.11th Avenue

11th Avenue is a lavish dine-in restaurant in Motihari. It has a comfortable ambiance, and the food is mouth-watering. The quality is excellent. The chef and the staff are well-mannered and modest. It will be a remarkable visit for guests.

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18.The Flavors

The flavor is a pleasing dine-in restaurant with top-class foods. It has a cheerful ambiance with friendly and welcoming staff. The taste of the food is excellent and within budget.

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19.Yashraj Family Restaurant

Yashraj is a family restaurant that is the best vegetarian restaurant. The food quality and the services are mind-blowing. The ambiance is calm, with cooperative and well-behaved staff. A person wanted to spend quality time with family or friends can go for it.

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20.New Sai

New Sai is one of the best food outlets in Motihari. They have ample sitting space. The staff is very humble and customer oriented. The food is at an affordable price, and on top of that, the portion of the food quantity is excellent. It is must visit with your family and friends.

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