Top 20 Cafes And Their Cuisines In India

top 20 cafes and their cusines in india
top 20 cafes and their cusines in india

India is the seventh-largest country in the world and the second most populous. It lies in Southern Asia. Every state and place in India its taste and creativity. Generally, when an individual hears the word ‘Cafe’, a common confusion is that it might be equal to the Cafeteria. But there’s a little bit of difference between a café and a Cafeteria. In cafes, A visitor can only find coffee variety and tea collections. But in Cafeterias, visitors can find different cuisine choices along with coffee, soups, and tea collection in their menu chart. Their service is well characterized by attractive food displays so that customers can view the array of offerings before making their budget-friendly selections. Coffee is becoming the best buddy to a workaholic best futurist. This article talks about the list of the “ Top -20 cafes in India and their cuisines. ”Let’s look at those Cafes of our growing nation, India!

1. Bon Appetite, Leh

If we come across it from the top of the Indian Map, this Cafeteria is in Ladakh. Most tourists like to visit Ladakh because of its thin air and cold and dry atmosphere. No doubt why it is number one on our list. Bon Appetite is one of the best places for pangs of hunger to eat in Ladakh. The wooden work inside and glass doors make this cafeteria eye-catching. During the daytime, sunlight shines upon it. At night you can experience a candle night dinner at this lovely place with delicious food choices.“ BON APPETITE ” means good appetite/ enjoy your meal & it has maintained the exact meaning of it by serving the best-chosen cuisines. Its interior, menu, taste, hygiene, and environment must catch your soul that you can’t get rid of visiting again in this cafeteria. A visitor to this cafe can find some international tastes like ‘ Chicken Katsu ’ is a Japanese-inspired fried chicken cuisine besides it has Italian Pizza Verity and European cuisine too.

bon appetit

2. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, (Mumbai)

Mumbai is the most populated place in India. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is located here & famous for roasted coffee choices per visitors’ choice. They can customize their taste accordingly for them. Not everyone has the same capacity to handle caffeine. So this café gives its best service to satisfy its customers as per their choice and taste. They provide door-to-door service of customized coffees and Vietnamese cold brew cans also. Besides coffee, a visitor must try on roasted sesame doughnuts, a Green smoothie bowl which is a complete nutrition-based healthy smoothie, freshly baked Croatian, etc. A visitor to Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters can enjoy quality time with live music bands and an atmosphere with hygiene.

2. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Mumbai

3. 8th Day Café and bakery, (Kolkata)

It is in third place in the list of best cafes and cuisines. It’s an extraordinarily unique place where visitors can enjoy their sophisticated environment with entertaining poetry and music sessions of background playing sound. It serves the best cappuccino with its logo in its crockeries and tissues. That makes this place so sophisticated. They serve freshly creative baked sandwiches. Markedly Bengal sandwiches sprinkled with sesame seeds along with good taste and presentation. Besides that, there are cupcakes, Pizzas, hot coffee, hot chocolates, etc.


4. Coffee Bond, (Delhi )

Coffee Bond certainly deserves to be in fourth place on the list. This naturalistic place has different types of tea speciality on their menu along with unique signature cuisines like cheese and Spanish omelet. Affogato, brownies, mocha and fruit salads, and cupcakes are some of the items on their list.

4. Coffee Bond Delhi

5. Wild Garden Cafe (Chennai)

As we hear this café’s name, we can easily assume its environment to be greener and eco-friendly. Then, we went to an eco-friendly place covered by lots of plants. Some of them got scared about insects, but they maintained complete hygiene to satisfy their customers without causing them any disappointment. Their menu has Latte Cappuccino and various cuisines like grilled chicken breasts. Starter lists have crunchy fried fish, etc. In the desert, a visitor must try Cream Brulee

5. Wild Garden Cafe Chennai

6. Curious Life Coffee Roasters (Jaipur)

This café has maintained the Red theme for its café area. The Curious Life Coffee Roasters is one of the famous cafés in Jaipur. Their innovative way of  presentation makes them so unique and popular among other cafes. They display a wheel chart diagram for coffee lovers. Visitors can look at the display and choose as per their taste. They serve delicious grilled sandwiches, freshly baked pizza, and desserts.

6. Curious Life Coffee Roasters Jaipur

7. Mr Beans Café (Bangalore)

This place has an internal size where visitors don’t have any problem with rush and suffocation. This place has a different reputation from other cafes. It inspires by a famous comic character Mr Bean. We are familiar with Mr Beans’ history. Besides, a visitor must have tried on Sephred’s pie dessert, sandwiches along with the white sauce, and hot chocolate topping wafers made perfectly by them.

7. Mr Beans cafe Bangalore

8. The Backpackers Cafe (Chandigarh)

It stands in the eighth position on the list. This place has its soul-catching concept of travelers. They perfectly decorate their outward and inward looks inspired by travellers. Their interior is so impressive and filmy in its way. Its iced-layered coffee with some signature cuisines like Egg Benedict, cheese stick with olive topping salads, and the spicy sauce has maintained different tastes. You try on those unique cuisines.

8. The Backpackers Cafe Chandigarh

9. Glenary’s Bakery And Café (Darjeeling)

 It is an excellent hill station café in India with various cuisines choices like bakery items and coffee variety with the mixed touch of live music organization. Here you must try roasted coffee sprinkled on latte cappuccino and never miss chicken roast sizzler.

9. Glenarys Bakery and cafe Darjeeling

10. Grandma’s All Day Café

Just like its name, this ring stands very true. The owner himself designs and maintains the cafe! Mr Abhayraj Kohli and his wife, Simar Kohli. In the times and ages where the importance of restaurant decoration is down to striking furniture and the minimal personal touch, grandma’s all-day cafe shines with its most unique rounds in the cafe.

10. Grandmas All Day Cafe

11. Gloria Jean’s Coffee (New Delhi)

 It is located in New Delhi, also nearer to Noida. It has a unique collection of coffee for coffee lovers. A visitor must try cold coffee and mango macadamia, and white chocolate mocha. Besides it, you should never miss Moltan Lava Muffin and Turkey sandwiches.

11. Gloria Jeans Coffee New Delhi

12. Le Cafe (Pondicherry)

Don’t forget to try the coffee crunch ice-cream sundae in this café. It tastes like a wow brownie and has topped over ice cream and crunchy roasted coffee beans are delicious try lasagna Tuna fish, Veg Deluxe Pizza, and also coffee frappe here.

12. Le Cafe Pondicherry

13. Costa Coffee (Jaipur)

This place has numerous coffee varieties like Iced latte, caramel latte, cappuccino latte, and white chocolate latte with chocolate sauce topping. It’s an absolute collection of lattes in this place.

13. Costa coffee Jaipur

14. Star Bucks

 It has fantastic attractive customized name theme coffee. To make a person feel special, you can write your loved one’s name in their coffees glass. It has delicious coffee items such as cold coffee caramel macchiato, and double chocolate coffee, and a visitor must try creamy spinach and corn pocket.

14. Star bucks

15. Café Chocolicious

It has a chocolaty fancy touch on a coffee collection that reflects its name correctly. Its menu can confuse anyone that stresses a good impact on this café. But a grilled layer-based chicken sandwich, a visitor must try this simple and delicate.

15. Cafe chocolicious

16. Ciclo Café

It is in Mumbai. It has a simple and decent interior and atmosphere where someone can have peace and enjoy cuisines like fried sushi, Risotto, Ravioli, and tiramisu. We all know that cafés have coffee collections on their menu. So a visitor must have a look at cuisines and try those to have a better experience in their life.

16. Ciclo cafe

17. Café Mocha               

It has a romantic atmosphere around the corner. It has a simple and healthy cuisines collection like lotus steam, Falafel con hummus platter, which smells good, and overall plating simple and delicate. A creamy latte with chocolate sauce and roasted coffee beans makes magic on your coffee cup.

17. Cafe mocha

18. Café Coffee Day

Cafe coffee day comes in the top 20 cafes and cuisines in India. As usual, it has a sizzling salad collection and grilled cheese sandwich on its menu and a coffee collection on its list.

854015 cafe coffee day

19. Barista

The most famous café, ‘Barista’ is a budget-friendly selection. Their menu looks classy and simple. Also, the atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. So, spending time here with your cup of coffee may satisfy your soul in a better way.

19. Barista

20. Hot Stimulating Café (Darjeeling)

Lastly, this small-sized café has some relaxing music mist with their delicious cuisines. Darjeeling is beautiful in its way and also famous for tea. But it explores coffee as well. People may have less knowledge But this café also serves a good taste of hill station side cuisines.

20. Hot stimulating cafe Darjeeling