Top 20 Cafés For College Students In Kalyan West, Maharashtra


Cafés have always been one of the best hangouts for college students. College students choose to go to cafés in their spare time with friends, or when they want to try something different from what is available at their college canteen or are searching for a place for reading or studying, and most often, they do so to get energy and tasty bites served at such cafés. Top-quality cafés tend to provide the tasty, quick, and healthy foods and beverages required for tackling the hunger pangs of young college students. Going to a café with friends or at times alone, can be a splendid way to spend time or even complete work, as most good cafés come with well-designed interiors, stylish and comfortable ambiance, and tasty food. They provide a good sitting and eating area, which makes the cafés college students’ favourite hangouts. This blog will tell you about the top 20 cafés for college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra. Students from colleges in Kalyan and Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra prefer coming to these cafés and enjoying their time! Here are the top 20 cafés for college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra.

1.Café Crème (Friends Co.)

Café Crème (Friends Co.) near Birla College, Kalyan West is famous for ‘Kuka’, a drink often filled with chocolate. Kuka is a signature drink of Café Crème. Café Crème is also famous for serving lip-smacking ice creams, Mastani (a thick shake with an ice cream scoop and toppings), chocolate drinks and shakes, fresh crème shakes, chocolate shots, sandwiches, brownies, etc. Café Crème tops this list of cafés in Kalyan West for its quality service, delicious food and beverages, and ambiance. Every college student from Kalyan and the surrounding area must visit Café Crème and enjoy the mouth-watering desserts and drinks served here.

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2.Momo Nation Café

Momo Nation Café in Kalyan West serves the biggest momos in the whole town of Kalyan. Momo Nation Café serves momos that are tasty and filling. Besides the momos, they serve soups, crunchy bites, burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes, mojito, ice creams, sizzlers and, hot and cold beverages. A good thing about Momo Nation Café is that they have a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian menu. Momo Nation Café is a good place to taste Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. As an add-on, Momo Nation Café has beautiful interiors, and college students in Kalyan West must visit Momo Nation Café for an exciting and exotic eating experience.

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Foodcosta, in Kalyan, has an interesting ambiance, courteous staff, a variety of food, and tempting offers and discounts almost every day of the week. This is one of the coolest cafés to be at for college students in Kalyan West. Moreover, it’s heaven for vegetarians. Some of the popular and loved food items at Foodcosta in Kalyan are Cheese Chilli Pizza, Jalapeño Fries, Burgers, Steamed Momos, Fried Momos, Spring Rolls, Blueberry Shakes, Raspberry Mojito, and Mocktails.

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4.Aromagasms Café

Aromagasms Café specialises in multiple cuisines like Continental, Mexican, and Italian. From pizzas, pasta, quesadillas, chicken or prawn food items, Mexican dining, burrito and quinoa bowls, quick bites, tasty Sriracha and pesto dips, and exciting beverages such as hot chocolate, café mocha, café latte, white-hot chocolate, frappé, iced teas, fruit juices, mojito, they offer an extensive menu. The varied and tasty menu adds to the extravagance of Aromagasms Café. Aromagasms Café truly deserves to be in the top 20 cafés for college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra.

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5.The Vibe

The Vibe is a wonderful place with a colourful ambiance and tasty food. The Vibe serves North Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. There are also many beverages to impress college students at The Vibe in Kalyan, Maharashtra. It’s heaven for connoisseurs and selfie lovers.

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6.Coco And Basil

Coco And Basil Café serves healthy and tasty food. The best thing about Coco and Basil are their extremely healthy salads, which are a must-try for all college students. They also happily serve exactly what college students like eating. From sandwiches, pizza, Panini, Sichuan, to fast food, they serve all delicious food. We highly recommend college students in Kalyan West Maharashtra, and other places to visit Coco And Basil café for their salads and other tasty food. You can enjoy milkshakes, coffee, iced tea, mojito, and fizzy drinks and have a rocking time at Coco And Basil.

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7.The London Shakes

The London Shakes is an easy-to-reach café on the Birla College Road in Kalyan West. The London Shakes is not just a favourite café of college students, also school students and staff at colleges and schools located on or near Birla college road like it. The London Shakes serves the best milkshakes, Mastani (a thick shake with an ice cream scoop and toppings), kulfis, faloodas, sundaes, and brownies. Servings of The London Shakes are a treat for the eyes too. Their ‘Freak Shakes’ are popular and highly recommended.

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8.Shamby’s Pizza Café

Shamby’s Pizza Café is a fantastic fast food outlet. The menu is impressive and delicious. Shamby’s Pizza Café serves a variety of pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, garlic breads, pastas, Maggie noodles, momos, wraps, brownies, milkshakes, ice teas, mojito, soft drinks, and filling combo meals. All in all, Shamby’s Pizza Café is the best fast food joint for college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra.

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9.Café Coffee Day

Situated on the Birla College Road in Kalyan West, this Café Coffee Day is everyone’s favourite. Café Coffee Day has always been closer to the hearts of college students, and the one in Kalyan West is loved too. Students come here for cold dark frappe, cappuccino, Spinach and Corn cheese sandwich, Chili cheese toast, Dutch truffle cake and the best being the Classic New York cheesecake by Café Coffee Day!

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10.Monkey Cakes Board Game Café

Monkey Cakes and Board Game Café is a unique café as it promises to provide customised cakes, play space with board games and is the coolest party planner in Kalyan West, Maharashtra. You can come up with your own design for a cake and see it coming on your cake with the flavour of your choice. Celebrations and parties arranged by Monkey Cakes and Board Game Café are a delight for all ages.

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11.High on Chai Café

High on Chai Café in Kalyan is a fun place to eat fast food. You will enjoy their menu consisting of pizzas, sandwiches, Maggie noodles, garlic bread, fries, burgers, brownies, donuts, and a lot of beverages ranging from milkshakes, iced teas to mojito. But what tops their menu and is in high demand is the Maska Bun with Chai. If you are a college student, you should visit this place for Maska Bun, Chai, and other tasty delights.

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12.The Belgian Waffle Co.

Waffles at The Belgian Waffle Co. are a superb way to start your day or have them as an evening dessert with friends from the college. Though your parents may want you to indulge in healthy eating habits, you can relish waffles at The Belgian Waffle Co. at least once a month. You can also get it delivered to your family and enjoy a waffle party at home. The Belgian Waffle Co. has a long menu consisting of waffles, waffle cakes, waffle crisps, ice cream Waff-wiches, waffle sundaes, Stroopwafel, beverages, etc. For those of you who want to make your own waffle, The Belgian Waffle Co. also has packaged waffle premixes and waffle spreads.

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Tasty is a popular café among college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra. Students from Birla college, Agrawal college, Ideal college, and Mohindra Kabal Singh junior college tend to visit this café to enjoy Tasty’s fancy sandwiches, burgers, and delicious Italian and Sichuan foods. The variety of frankies at Tasty will amaze you. They have 10+ types of frankies. The bottom line is that Tasty is a great place to try fast food, Chinese, or Italian food items.

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14.The Spicy Capsicum

College students love coming to The Spicy Capsicum. This café has designer interiors. The Spicy Capsicum Café also serves well-garnished food. Being here is a treat for the eyes and the tummy. The menu is impressive. College students who have already been here at The Spicy Capsicum would recommend that you try TSC’s momos, spinach-corn subs, chocolate or cheese toast sandwiches, club sandwiches, coleslaw wrap, crispy fried noodles, mocktails, the special burger or hot and spicy rice. Besides these, The Spicy Capsicum offers an almost endless list of soups, Chinese starters, momos, grilled sandwiches, fries, wedges, nuggets, garlic bread, wraps, juices, milkshakes, refreshing teas, cappuccinos, latte, coffee, etc.

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15.Street Café

Street Café is a perfect café for college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra. It offers a tasty and healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast that includes Cheese Omelette, Egg Omelette, Pakora, Misal Pav, etc. Street Café also serves delicious pizzas, sandwiches, waffles, milkshakes, mocktails, etc. The tariffs are pocket-friendly. Street Café is a must-try place for all college students in Kalyan West, Maharashtra.

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16.Food Town

Food Town is an excellent café with a long menu. They have almost everything every college student would be delighted to eat. From pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, noodles, fries, nachos, pasta, Chinese starters, waffles, and fruit creams-you name it, they have it. Just imagine the pleasure and time it would take to go through Food Town’s menu. Food Town’s Pink Tango Pasta, Jamun Shots, Pizza Kulcha, Paneer Lasuni, Peach Mojito, and Cheesy Bites are delicious and loved by most. We hope you try these out at Food Town soon.

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17.Mc Café By Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s is a fast food brand, and its related yet separate entity is Mc Café. Mc Café in Kalyan West is equally famous as Mc Donald’s and is liked by college students. College students can enjoy all the fast food items and desserts at Mc Café by Mc Donald’s at Shelar Park in Kalyan West, Maharashtra.

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18.Salgar Amrutulya Chaha And Coffee

Salgar Amrutulya Chaha and Coffee is a budget-friendly café for the young college students of Kalyan West, Maharashtra. Salgar Amrutulya Chaha and Coffee serves refreshing tea for only 10 rupees and a tasty coffee for a bit more. Do not worry if you are facing a cash crunch yet want to have a refreshment. Just visit Salgar Amrutulya Chaha and Coffee with your best friend or college mates and spend a rocking time without getting a massive bill to pay. Salgar Amrutulya Chaha and Coffee is located near M.K. College. Having a tea or coffee at this café is absolutely worth it.

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19.Café Chocolicious

Café Chocolicious is at Sarvoday Mall in Kalyan. For college students who want to have a triple bonanza of shopping, movies, and eating, Sarvoday Mall is a suitable option. Remember to visit Café Chocolicious at Sarvoday Mall. We think it is the best café at Sarvoday Mall. It serves a variety of food items ranging from fast food to desserts, and eating at Café Chocolicious can be delightful.

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20.Premacha Chaha

Premacha Chaha is near Madhav Shrishti Godrej Hill in Kalyan West. Premacha Chaha is a small yet fulfilling café for college students in Kalyan West. Premacha Chaha (Tea of Love) serves tasty Maharashtrian snacks such as Vada Pav (Maharashtrian potato burger), Misal Pav (bread-spicy curry-snack mixture), Kanda Bhaji (fried onion snack), Kachori (a fried chaat snack), and much more with their tea that adds awesomeness to the whole experience of visiting Premacha Chaha.

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