Top 20 Indian Food Ideas For Your Baby


After weaning, a baby’s first food should include all flavors and textures, so we bring you some delicious Indian food ideas for babies with a diverse range of nutrients. If you want to include vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious elements in your baby’s meals, here is a list of 20 Indian baby food ideas that will be perfect for your little one.

1.Mango Idli

Idli is a delicious dish and safe for babies, as it is not likely to choke them. It is easy to digest and easy to eat. The best part is that idli; is considered a baby-weaning food, and mango adds flavor to the idli, giving babies nutrition.


2.Ragi Halwa

Ragi flour for babies is an excellent addition to your baby’s diet. Ragi Halwa increases the health of the baby.


3.Oats Pancake

Oats are a rich source of protein, making them very good for babies, primarily for babies from vegetarian households. Oats contain dietary fiber, which helps in easy digestion in growing babies. They have many minerals, such as calcium, iron, and sodium; these minerals are good for bone development in babies.


4.Sweet Potato Dosa

It contains nutrients to help your baby’s eyes grow and develop, but it also contains vitamins and minerals that your child growing bodies need. Plus, because of that sweet flavor, your little ones love them, making them a popular pick for a baby’s first food.


5.Elaichi Wheat Porridge

Wheat offers plenty of carbohydrates plus some fiber and protein for your children. It helps to gain weight, beat constipation, and prevent iron deficiency in babies.


6.Beetroot And Potato Puree

Beets are full of nutrients, including fiber for healthy digestion and folate, an essential nutrient to fuel a child’s development in the early stages of life. They also contain carotenoids, phenols, and many other plant nutrients that act as antioxidants and support cellular health. We can offer this to babies, usually around six months.


7.Methi Dosa

It is rich in fiber that helps to relieve your children from constipation. Methi Dosa helps your baby’s skin, hair, and digestion.


8.Sweet Corn Paratha

Parathas are filling and will keep your child satisfied till the next meal, and it solves all your problems because your child will consume the nutritious spinach covered in the dough and sweet corn, which is rich in fiber and adds flavor to the food.


9.Vegetable Pulao

With vegetables as a main ingredient, this healthy and nutritious meal is also high in protein, iron, fiber, and many more essential minerals and vitamins. All the vegetables added to Pulao are very healthy and nutritious to eat.


10.Masala Poha

Poha is rich in iron, preventing the baby from iron deficiency or anemia. Loaded with carbs is a healthy breakfast option for babies and kids to help them feel full, active, and energetic. Poha is low in gluten and less likely to develop a food allergy in babies.


11.Idli Upma

Idli is a perfect combination of urad dal and boiled rice, a cereal pulse combo that serves as a complete protein comprising all the nine essential amino acids. However, idli is high in carbs. So in idli, we add fiber through high-quality vegetables like carrots, onions, green peas, and tomatoes to make it even healthier.


12.Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Paneer scrambled sandwich is a perfect healthy breakfast for your children, some kids don’t like veggies like raw onions, tomatoes, and capsicum, but they love paneer in any form like gravies or pressed paratha, etc. This crumbled paneer stuffed sandwich would be a treat to them.


13.Apple Khichdi

Khichdi has managed to persist in many Indian homes, despite the advent of packaged and processed food. It is a complete meal, with carbs from rice and protein from pulses. Khichdi uses white rice, making it easy on the digestive system. Apple Khichdi cures tummy problems in babies.


14.Milk Rice

Rice milk contains the highest amount of carbohydrates, sugars, and calories. It is the least allergenic alternative because it is lactose-free and doesn’t contain the risk of nuts.


15.Pumpkin Rice

Pumpkin helps your child to strengthen their eyesight, growth, and immune system. They also contain essential nutrients like vitamin E, B6, folate, fiber, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and more.


16.Mixed Dal Rice

Dal contains amino acids, and rice contains sulfur-based amino acids, needed by the body to synthesize proteins. A combination of dal and rice helps in protein synthesis, strengthening your baby’s muscles.


17.Vegetable Curry

The heart of India lies in its flavorful curries, and as Indians, we should be proud of our curries and their numerous health benefits. Vegetable curry satisfies your children’s taste buds and provides essential nutrients to their bodies.


18.Dahi Poha

Curd is a probiotic food, which means it is fermented and is rich in gut-friendly bacteria. Poha is flattened rice, rich in resistant starch that acts as food for the bacteria in our gut. This combination, when eaten regularly, can have a tremendous impact on gut health.


19.Tinda Dal

This green vegetable has been important for its significant medicinal value since ancient times. It is known for its immense health benefits; it is famous local cuisine across India, as well as in reducing illnesses of the stomach, liver, and skin.


20.Ragi And Oats Ladoos

Ragi is one of the most nutritious grains. This wonder millet is used widely in South Indian homes in many different kinds of recipes, from dosas to dumplings to sheer. Ragi laddoos are not only nutrient-dense but also mouth-watering for your babies. These laddoos are a perfect way to include this rich cereal into your kid’s daily diet schedule, and they are full of energy to give your baby an action-packed day.