Top 20 Cafes In Hudson Lane, New Delhi

Top 20 Cafes In Hudson Lane New Delhi
Top 20 Cafes In Hudson Lane New Delhi



The Hudson Cafe

Known for their Italian and Continental cuisine, The Hudson Café comes under the category of most popular cafés in the entire Hudson Lane. It is a place for pizza lovers. In the menu card, the pizzeria section offers you pizzas according to your sunshine. Within thousand bucks, you will get here a full sumptuous meal for two.


2. YOLO 21

Yes! Since you only live once, so, if you don’t visit YOLO 21 for at least once, you will miss a chance of a lifetime. Situated near GTB Nagar Metro Station, YOLO 21 offers Italian and Continental cuisine. Since it is near the Delhi University North Campus, it is very popular amongst students. Besides having pocket-friendly, good food, YOLO 21 has a great ambiance as well. The wooden decor, the walls adorned with framed photographs of Inspirational figures and quotes by them heighten the ambiance and make it a very cozy place to sit and chat.yolo21

 3. For God’s Cake

For god’s sake, you cannot miss For God’s Cake. To get a sinful amount of chocolate, one should always visit For God’s Cake, situated in the Hudson Lane. You will get a variety of milkshakes here, and their super-chocolaty Nutella cheesecake is awesome.


4. Woodbox Café

One of the finest rooftop cafes and hookah bars in the Hudson Lane, Woodbox café is famous for its pocket-friendly price and soothing ambiance. It is meant for long adda sessions over hookah and shakes. Their Oreo Shake and Ferrero Rocher Shake are to die for. It has a separate smoking zone, free wifi and an entirely open space which attract the young crowd all the more.


5. SuperHero Cafe

The wall decor adorned with images of comic superheroes is a pretty catch for superhero lovers. It is all the more catchy for their various offers. They offer a separate party pack which costs 275/- per person, and the minimum number of guests should be 15. This is only beginning. You will get free hookah on a minimum food billing of 799/-. One of the cheapest cafes in the Hudson Lane is SuperHero Café.


6Spezia Bistro

Spezia Bistro has a unique taste in music and entertainment. A café is not only about food. The ambiance also matters a lot. Spezia Bistro offers live sports screening, live music, and live entertainment. It is also the highest rated café in all the social media sites. And the best thing about Spezia is that you will get a half kg of chocolate truffle cake for free in any party. Within 900/- two persons will get a sumptuous meal full of cheese, pasta, and pizza.


7. Tea Trails Café

One of the cheapest cafes in the entire Hudson Lane. If you love tea, you should not miss Tea Trails Café. They have a variety of tea, from green tea to Darjeeling tea to masala tea and a lot more. You will also get a lot of option to munch on along with your tea. Within approximately 600/- two persons can have a quality time over a cup of tea or coffee at Tea Trails Café.


8. Abongchiiz

Abongchiiz is comparatively a newer addition to the cafes in Hudson Lane. The décor of Abongchiiz offers a unique sitting arrangement. Some place has mattresses on the floor to sit on, other places have chairs and tables, and they also have an open terrace, small but cozy. You can also play several board games like carom, ludo, etc in this café. They offer North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine here. It is a very comfortable and more or less reasonable place to visit often.


9. Phonebooth Café

The décor is inspired from vintage phonebooth, Phonebooth Café is one of the most popular cafes among the young crowd. The wooden phonebooth like structure at the entrance of the café is the place where people gather to take photos. Their specialties are burger and pizzas. Their Crispy Chicken Burger and Dragon’s Kiss Pizza are to die for. If you spend 800/- here, you will know that it is worth it.


10. Cafe Void

It is one of the less popular cafes in this area but one of the best. The café is of three storeys. The interior is not anything special, but the food here is really good. They offer a huge quantity, and besides café food, they offer North Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine as well.


11. Big Yellow Door

The most popular café which every Delhi University student knows about. They are famous for the pocket-friendly price, the juicy burgers, and the thin crust pizzas. In the Hudson Lane itself, Big Yellow Door has three branches. The decoration is beautiful. In the outside waiting area, there is a huge umbrella and colorful chairs. It is decorated with various plants. If you ever visit here, you cannot miss their three items – B Y D-cheese bomb burger, cheesy nachos Mexicana, Butter Chicken Pasta.



Mama’s Buoi

A comparatively new addition, Mama’s Buoi’s decoration is the most attractive one. In the huge tree near the café, they have hung wooden bird nests. Whenever you pass by the café, those nest like structures will surely attract your attention. The interior décor I also amazing. Now let us come to the food. You cannot miss their fish items when you visit them. The fish finger and the grilled fish both are amazing. They also offer live music. So whenever you are feeling low, and you have around 1k in your pocket, just take a friend and straightaway your destination is Mama’s Buoi.


13. Blue Bull Cafe

With a soothing blue interior, Blue Bull Café, offers a dining menu apart from the café one as well. Their paneer items and their tandoori chicken are delicious. The ambiance inside is a little noisy but they usually stick to the current hit list of the time, and people enjoy it a lot.

blue-bull-cafe14 The Stroke House

The Stroke House has huge bicycles attached to its outside walls. The interior is decorated with engine symbols. The Stroke House is a pure delight for vegetarians. They do not serve non-veg. But their veg dishes are the best in Hudson Lane. Their pizzas and nachos are the most recommended.


15. Indus Flavour

Indus Flavour is known for veggie delicacies. It is a pure vegetarian café and serves Jain food as well. The must try their student thali in which they serve paan flavoured cotton candy as dessert. Their Dahi ke Sholey is another very popular item. The interior walls are decorated with the map of Indus Valley Civilization.


16. Taxi – Café

If you want to booze at a very low cost, then Taxi is your place. The recommended dish for pasta lovers is the white sauce pasta. Their Mexican dishes are also amazing.


17. F.R.I.E.N.D.Z

Are you a diehard fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Then, the friend F.R.I.E.N.D.Z is your place. From Joey Pizza to Ross Sandwich to Rachel Salad to Phoebe Soup to Monica Wrap to Chandler Noodles, you will find everything here. The drinks section in the menu card is named Gunther Station. The entire interior is decorated with various quotes from the classic sit-com T.V series. So if you want to get F.R.I.E.N.D.S feel, then hurry up! Take five more friends along with you and visit the café at least once.


18. Cafeteria & Co.

Cafeteria & Co only serves Continental and Mexican food. The interior is decorated with mannequins, and the walls are adorned with graffiti paintings. Their hexagon shaped pepperoni pizza is a delicacy for meat lovers. And in shakes, their German Chocolate shake is pure love.


19. Ricos

Ricos is the place to eat the best Blueberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet Pastry and Jack Daniels Pork Ribs. The interior decorated with books is a catch for the young generation. The white building and the name Ricos written on it beautifully catches the eyes of a passer-by. It is just the appropriate place to hang around, either with friends or alone, when you have nothing else to do.


20. Mad Monkey

One of the smallest and lesser known cafes in the Hudson Lane is Mad Monkey. But those, who have not yet tried their pizzas, burgers, and pasta, I would recommend them to hurry up and visit the café. Trust me; you will not be disappointed.