Top 20 Dishes Of North Indian Cuisine

20 Dishes Of North Indian Cuisine

1. Stuffed Bati

The taste of stuffed bati, is very fantastic. It is a Rajasthani bread snack. Stuffed batis are very famous everywhere. The stuffing of the bati changes from chef to chef, people to people. The yummiest batis are the original Rajasthani bati which are spicy and peppery in taste. The batis are usually cooked in ghee. The most famous stuffing in Rajasthani bati is paneer.


2. Malai Ki Kheer

There are a number of kheer dishes. Kheer is something that a sweet lover can’t afford to miss. This is the perfect dessert someone can have. The specialty of this kheer is that it is loaded with lots and lots of malai (you can add cream also).  To enhance the taste of yummy sweet dish (malai kheer) simply add lots and lots of khoya in the kheer. Garnish the sweet dish with chopped dry fruits.


3 Aloo Kishmish Samosa

Aloo Samosa is a very famous snack of North Indian cuisine. The updated version of samosa is Aloo kishmish samosa. The taste of Aloo kishmish samosa is yummiest of all samosa recipes. There are a number of restaurants where cook adds matar and tamatar in the samosa, but the taste of dry fruits added in the samosa is something that a samosa lover like me can’t afford to miss. You can have this yummy samosa with spicy green chutney.


Almond Malai Kulfi

The taste of Almond malai kulfi is simply mood enhancing. This kulfi has something very special in its taste so that no one can say “no” even if the person is not fond of ice creams and sweet dishes. The taste of kulfi is simply amazing.


5 Kaju Katli with Khoya

Kaju katli is one among those sweet dishes which come under the category of royal sweet dishes. In case if you think that the price of cashew nuts is higher and that is the reason behind the royalty of this sweet dish, then “No,” “a big no” you are thinking wrong. The taste of the sweet dish is royal. Not only the price of this sweet dish is higher, in fact, the taste of the sweet dish is worth its price.


6 Punjabi Egg Curry

The Punjabi touch given to yummy egg curry is something that you can’t afford to miss. We all know the taste of egg curry, it is simply yummy. The Punjabi touch given to egg curry by adding lots and lots of butter is simply scrumptious in taste. The dish is not only yummy but is healthy also.


7 Besan Bread Toasts

Again that boring bread toast!! If you are also fed up of that boring bread toast, toasted by a toaster, then this is something you must try. Besan bread toast is something that you can have anytime. The special part of this dish is that you can serve this to your loving guests also. The recipe for the toast is very easy. You can make this yummy crispy toast without a toaster.


8 Aloo Matar Bread Pakora

Normal bread pakora is boring now; it needs some special touch in it. The special North Indian touch given to normal aloo bread pakora by the addition of matar is simply enhancing the taste of the pakora. The addition of matar in the bread pakora is changing the definition of the bread pakora. Aloo Matar bread pakora goes well with tamarind chutney.


9 Aloo Baingan Masala with Malai

The taste of aloo baingan masala is yummy . The addition of malai in the aloo baingan masala gravy simply enhances the taste of the dish. You can add cream to the dish also. The dish is very well garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves.


10 Aloo Grilled Sandwich

We all know that Aloo sandwiches are a yummy snack to have. Also, it gets ready in no time which makes it more lovable. The special touch is given to aloo sandwich by grilling it. The grilled aloo sandwich is very yummy in taste.


11 Lucknawi Moong Dal

The taste of lucknawi moong dal is simply yummy. Dal always sounds boring, but your view towards boring dal is now going to change after tasting this yummy dal. The lucknow touch given to moong dal by the addition of lehsun tadka is simply scrumptious in taste.


12 Kanpuri Aloo Tikka

Aloo tikka, paneer tikka, chicken tikka, all have a yummy taste, no doubt. The recipe of all the tikkas are also same, but only a minor difference is there. But the taste of Kanpuri tikka is yummiest of all tikka dishes. The kanpuri tikka is very peppery and spicy in taste. Also, the special part of this Tikka is that it is very well garnished with lemon juice which makes it extra special.


13 Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo, I think the name of the sweet dish is more than enough; no explanation is needed for this sweet dish. In case if you haven’t tasted this yummy sweet ladoo then you have missed such an amazing sweet dish. Don’t wait for anything, just go and taste this yummy North Indian sweet dish.


14 Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa loaded with lots and lots of khoya and dry fruits are simply soul enhancing. Carrot halwa is not a sweet dish; it is a feeling. Anyone can get the heavenly feeling by tasting this halwa. If you don’t love sweets then also you must try this halwa once. It’s my guarantee, after tasting this halwa you are going to be crazy for its scrumptious taste.


15 Lacha Parantha

Lacha parantha is a Crispy and multi-layered parantha. The specialty of this parantha is that it goes amazingly well with all gravy dishes and dry dishes as well. The multi-layered quality of this dish is its special quality.


16 Egg Parantha

Egg omelet, egg curry, egg bhurji, are all common egg dishes. If you are also an egg lover just like me, then I have something special for you. Let me introduce an amazing dish to you which you can try in your homes. Egg parantha is something that sounds weird but has an amazing taste.


17 Dal and Vegetable Khichdi

The name of khichdi always sounds boring, but the addition of vegetables in the khichdi enhances its taste and health benefits as well.


18  Aloo Paneer Masala

The combination of aloo and paneer is very weird, but the taste of the outcome is simply amazing. The spicy dish is simply amazing in taste.


19  Gobhi Masala

Gobhi Masala is very tangy spicy dish for all spice lovers.


20 Anjeer Barfi

Anjeer Barfi is one among all the special barfis in the category of barfis.