Top 20 Cafes In Chitrakoot Jaipur

Top 20 Cafes In Chitrakoot Jaipur

Jaipur City is referred to as “Pink City.” It is famous for satiating food cravings. The cuisines of Jaipur are world-famous. You can taste the old Rajasthani food by Dal Bati Churma, Gatte ki sabzi Churma laddu, kachori, and sweets like Ghevar, Feeni, Gajak, and Changuna laddu. From the morning walk at 5 am, you can smell delicious food making starts in the heritage city to midnight street foods in areas like Vaishali, Raja Park, and Chitrakoot. This state has a variety of tempting cafes in its arsenal for you. So, get ready for a gastronomical ride through the platters of this royal Indian state. I’m going to introduce you to some best cafes in Chitrakoot.

1. Coffeedo Cafe

If you are looking for a cool and different place for eating or hangout, this is the one cute place with little outdoor and huge indoor sittings, with excellent picture worthy area. They have a wide variety of food available with amazing coffee. Overall its worth spending your money for a coffee and not too pricey.

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2.Momo Magic Cafe

Momo Magic cafe is a franchise with a fast-growing restaurant chain nationwide. With mouth-watering food, great ambiance, and courteous staff. Worth every penny spent. A very reasonably priced, good-quality Momo joint. Also available on Zomato.

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3.Chai Chaska

Lively place with good crowd and a variety of tea. Nice place to hang out with friends with taking chuski of chai. The Good environment is created inside with indoor games space availability, games like -chess, carom, Ludo, etc. It’s a nice place to meet up with friends in evening and hang out with sips of chai.

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4.Hakka Bakka Cafe

Best for spending time with friends with board games. The minimum cost for two people is approx 600rs. This café with a vibrant ambiance offers indoor and outdoor seating. It also offers a variety of Indian, Chinese, and continental dishes. It also delivers at home. When you want to relax do remember to spend time here.

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5.Buddha’s Your Choice Cafe

This cafe is an amazing place for youngsters. The pocket-friendly rate and great food taste make it a fantastic place to eat with friends. Indulge in some hot, delicious and creamy white sauce pasta, paneer pizza, hot momos, and cheese Maggie. It is suitable for kids with a good crowd found, and a good place to even visit with your family.

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6.Daabri Cafe House

Daabri is a popular place for pocket-friendly drinks. A better version of café cum thadi. It’s a takeaway joint in Chitrakoot Stadium. Famous in the youth crowd hanging out with friends. It’s on a lively street to interact with people around. Its services are fast with a friendly staff.

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7.Gvd Soni’s Cafe

GVD is a popular quick-bite outlet in Jaipur which serves pocket-friendly yet amazing food. It consists of a space of more than 25 people inside. It possesses a good ambiance, ad also serves a range of some of the best fast-food items for junk food lovers. On average, it cost 300rs for two people.

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8.Chemistry Over Coffee

It offers a unique experience of combining chemistry with coffee. The Cafe serves a variety of coffee-based beverages, and snacks. It interestingly offers range of chemistry experiments and demonstrations for customers’ to enjoy. It aims to provide a fun and educational experience that combines science and coffee.

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9.Ytc Cafe

Yellow Tree Cafe is primarily a coffee shop with an amazing food quality, good hygiene, well-behaved staff. It’s a perfect place to hang out in evening and it’s open till midnight. A soothing atmosphere with perfect street food items can be found. It’s franchise is a new establishment in Chitrakoot but not a bad bet.

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10.Cafe Bonzer

Cafe Bonzer is famous for its cozy and comfortable ambiance. A good place to hang out and even work with an accessible Wi-Fi facility available. The minimum cost for two people is around 500 to 650. It also offers home delivery, also combo deals. Its famous for wood-fired pizzas.

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11.Happy Heart Cafe

A very cozy place with nice food made from quality ingredients, fresh and organic. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for healthy and delicious food options while in Chitrakoot. This café is a top choice for health-conscious foodies. The highlight is the smoothie bowl menu.

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12.Bliss Café

Suppose you are looking for some chilling drinks, its best to try mojitos and superb shakes. This place rejuvenates and brings you happiness. Very special about the site it’s an animal-friendly café. The average cost is 200rs for two people. It serves food at the lowest cost in the area.

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13.Hopnbite Café And Kitchen

Cozy and inviting café serving a range of desserts, snacks and beverages. It’s an Instagramable place with colorful décor. The staff is also amicable and attentive. This café makes sure customers have an enjoyable experience. A great place to unwind with friends. The minimum cost for two people is 400-500.

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Hopnbite Café And Kitchen

14.Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee day is a popular chain of coffee shops in India. Cafe is famous for its comfortable ambiance, and coffee with snacks options. It costs around 600 for two people. Option of non veg., and vegetarian both are available.

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15.Coffee King Statue Circle

Café is famous for range of beverages. The interior is with modern and chic décor. It offers free Wi-Fi, perfect to sit and work with coffee in the other hand. Prices are reasonable with a average cost for two people is Rs 500.

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16.Chai Dhani

Chai Dhani café is known for Rajasthani décor. The ambiance gives a glimpse of Rajasthani culture and heritage. Café offers a range of Indian snacks and a variety of tea and coffee. An ideal place for tea lovers. A perfect place for a fun-filled evening with friends. The staff here gives a home-like feel. The average cost for two people is Rs 500 for two people.

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Pizzitalia Is famous for serving Italian dishes with also range of Indian dishes. Has an inviting and cozy ambiance making it perfect for a casual meal. It’s perfect for a budget -conscious dinner, with an approximate cost for two people is Rs 800.

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18.Café Seven Heaven

A perfect place to unwind after a stressful day with pocket-saving and tasty servings. This place greets you with a welcoming atmosphere that puts you at ease. The menu is diverse, with wide range of dishes to cater your preferences. It’s a popular site for tourists and locals. The average cost for two people is approx. 500.

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19.Mars Coffee

Enjoy every sip with the best and strong coffee. It’s a trendy and modern café. Spacious parking available for you. Youth attractive place as it has an aesthetic interior with a peaceful, cozy environment. Staff ensuring customers’ pleasant experience. The average cost for two people is approximately Rs500-700. A perfect spot to rest with a quick snack to a leisurely meal.

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20.Royal Bakery Cafeteria

It’s amazing to dine in served with basic standard and hot meals on the table. Best for the sweet-toothed people from pastries, cakes and sweets everything available here for all your cravings. It is an excellent place to hang out with family and friends. Totally a recommended place with a peaceful ambiance. With desserts, even yummy snacks are available. The average cost for two people is Rs 350-450.

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