Top 20 Beautiful Contemporary Style Cafes In Prayagraj

Top 20 Beautiful Contemporary Style Cafes In Prayagraj

Prayagraj which was formerly known as Allahabad is considered one of the most holy places of Uttar Pradesh. It is famous for the confluence of three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati, called Sangam, attracting thousands of pilgrims to take their sacred dip. Along with this, the city is known for its local culture and delicious local cuisine having a unique palette of dishes. Diversity is an enriching part of India and here the diversity of local delicacies and cultural amalgamation is embroidered beautifully especially during Kumbh Mela when devotees from all over visit the city.Festivals are another larger-than-life celebration in the city and food plays a major role to attract tourists here. Along with the traditional delicacies, the city has seen a beautiful blend of contemporary styles over the years. This has led to the opening of several cafes, exuding contemporary energy through aesthetic lighting, decor, and food menus. Here are a few such must-visit cafes in the city.


This cafe opened a few years back, designed in the most lavish way. It has a balanced aesthetic of nature with a small garden and outdoor sitting providing a contemporary decor. The turquoise theme and colorful outdoor decor with a unique menu attract locals from teenagers to families. It provides delectable desserts and shakes, catering to North Indian, Asian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines.

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2.El Chico Restaurant

Being one of the oldest in the city, it has been recently renovated, getting a perfectly modern touch with a revamped bakery and a beautiful terrace sitting. It is a great option to explore different cuisines and take memorable photographs with family and friends. It provides meals from North Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. This restaurant is well-known for its mesmerising ambiance and sitting. It boasts lovely and modern interiors that draw guests in to dine and enjoy themselves.

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3.Old School Cafe

A beautiful cafe with painted walls, an exquisite menu, and comforting decor, it is one of the most famous and well-known cafes in the city. It has a kind staff with food options ranging from exclusive mocktails to continental, Italian, Chinese, and even Indian food options, appropriate for both youngsters and adults. It keeps organizing different events and hence is a perfect place to hang out on a weekend afternoon or evening.

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4.Coffee Machine

In the busiest areas of Civil Lines, this cafe consists of two floors, with a proper restaurant on the second floor. It is famous for its shakes, sandwiches, and even pasta along with different snacking options for friends and family. The ambiance is really relaxing and decorated with lamps and rustic furniture for an out-of-the-box look.

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5.Veggie Veg

Providing a pleasant environment with beautiful and aesthetic decor and comfortable sitting, this is another recent addition for the vegetarian lovers of the city. Being pure veg it has several options from chats to South Indian and North Indian items along with full meals. It is situated below the el chico cafe near the busiest areas of Civil Lines and caters to several locals and tourists with a friendly and cooperative staff.

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6.Well Bean

This is another cafe situated in the Civil Lines area of the city. It opened a few years back and had a change of location but since the beginning, it has been famous for its delicious burgers, sandwiches, and shakes providing a perfect place to enjoy with friends and even family members after a shopping spree or just to celebrate the weekend. It has a friendly staff and relaxing decor and ambiance set with artificial grass and different funky posters to serve you delightfully.

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7.Bar Code

Another one in the Civil Lines area, this is situated near the shopping mall and has a perfect location to enjoy a partying weekend with friends and family. It is among a few of the cafes /restaurants in the city which provide drinks along with catering to different cuisines. With a friendly staff and a dancing floor, it sets the right mood to dance off some beats with the music. It is dimly lit and has a perfectly relaxing ambiance along with an outdoor sitting as well.

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Bar Code


Situated in the Naini area, a bit far away from the city, it has a very aesthetic and beautiful decor with canopies and colorful decoration pieces providing a vibrant ambiance for a delightful time with family and friends. It attracts many youngsters from all over the city, especially the ones studying nearby providing different snacking and food options with the cooperative staff.

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9.Tea Bar

This is a small cafe, another one in the Civil Lines area of the city with a few options including different combinations of tea and other refreshments. Along with this it has a few options for burgers and sandwiches also providing vegan options. It has a very different taste and a comforting environment to have a meeting or just meet up with friends for a refreshing cup of tea and have a great relaxing time.

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10.Cafe Coffee Day

This famous franchise is another great option to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee along with snacks for an evening stroll or just to relax in the minimal decor ambiance of the cafe. With friendly staff, it provides different snacks and dessert options situated in a very posh locality of the city. It attracts several local youngsters and even ones who want to work on their laptops enjoying a cup of coffee throughout the day.

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cafe coffee day


This one is the most recent addition to the contemporary cafes of the city situated in a nice locality, aesthetically decorated to perfectly suit the taste of youngsters. It has comfortable sitting and a funky atmosphere along with a subtle ambiance to enjoy different cuisines. It is loved by the locals to click memorable pictures with their friends and family.

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This is another franchise that is situated in the Civil Lines area of the city providing delectable and unique options for coffee lovers along with other beverages and a few snacking items. It is a great place to just relax, work or have a cup of coffee with friends and family. It has a good location and a friendly staff to serve you and help you have a delightful time.

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This is another recent addition to the list of cafes in the city situated in the beautiful Cantonment area providing a memorable experience with an indoor as well as an outdoor sitting naturally decorated with trees and lights. It is wonderful to spend time here with family and friends, especially during the evenings providing many options from snacks, and pizzas as well as full Indian meals perfect to capture aesthetic Instagram photos.

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14.The Burger Company

This is another franchise that is also not a very old addition to the city and since the time it opened it has been loved by the locals for the variety of menu and the funky ways of serving food and different mocktails. It is especially loved by youngsters as it has several gaming options which you can play with your friends along with having delicious burgers and reading books and fries.

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The Burger Company

15.The Roof Park Cafe

A beautiful cafe with an indoor and outdoor rooftop sitting, it is a famous place for vegetarian lovers. Youngsters love this place for organizing their birthday parties, set with beautiful lighting, artificial grass, and even funky decoration, perfect for taking Instagramable pictures. With a friendly staff, it provides great party options with cuisine ranging from Indian to Chinese and Italian.

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The Roof Park Cafe

16.Rasna Buzz

Another one situated in the Civil Lines area, this is a small cafe which provides as the name suggests several options of beverages made from rasna along with a few snacking options to have a nice time with friends. It has a refreshing atmosphere with vibrant lighting and decor to set your mood right.

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Rasna Buzz

17.Punjabi Chaap Corner

As the name suggests it is a restaurant/cafe appropriate especially for the ones who love soya chaap providing several different options made from chaap including sizzlers to starters and main course. Along with these, it has other dishes from the Indian and Chinese cuisine providing a comfortable environment with friendly staff in the busy locality of the Civil Lines area.

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Punjabi Chaap Corner

18.Old Town

This is an old cafe in the city situated near the tamarind tree restaurant which is famous among youngsters visiting for birthday parties as well for a nice comforting time with friends. It caters to all the different options from Indian to Chinese cuisine and has a cooperative staff to serve you well for a delightful experience.

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Old Town


One of the oldest places in the Civil Lines area of the city, it has been famous for its pizza and the outdoor ice cream parlor over the years. It is well-known and famous among youngsters as well as adults attracting friends and family to enjoy different food options with the famous hot chocolate fudge and other snacking items.

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20.Bean Here

Another one of the popular cafes of the city changed its location to the Civil Lines area a few years back and is among the top options for a contemporary menu and decor for youngsters as well as for older adults. It serves delightful coffee options along with other refreshments and beverages including snacking options which are delicious and cater to every taste.

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Bean Here