Top 20 Cafes In Margao City, South Goa

Top 20 Cafes In Margao City, South Goa

South Goa is known for its exotic and sandy beaches, The glance of Portuguese culture and beyond doubt its romantic vibe. Goa is way more than just beaches. Visiting the famous restaurants here is a must. The enchanting savor of the Goan Samosas, Ross omelet, Chicken cuttle pao(bread), Patal baji, chorizo pao(bread), kheema pao(bread) are some of Goa’s most famous and standard dishes. The aroma of these dishes will undeniably pull you inside the shop and never disappoint.

1.The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is a well know café in Goa. They serve a variety of desserts like Italian Thick Hot Chocolate, and Chocolate Pancakes and they also serve Sandwich, Pizzas, Burgers, and lots more. Some of their popular dishes include Oreo Cookie Shake, Black Forest Shake, Cookies and Cream Shake, etc. It’s a place where people can relax and enjoy with family and friends.

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Brewbakes is one of the leading cafes in Goa. It is perfect for hangouts and chill time along with family and friends. It provides the most personalized café experience making it a go-to place to celebrate birthday parties. They serve fast food, Beverages, desserts, and many more things to try.

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3.Conchies Café

Conchies Café is a cute little café known for its friendly staff and for serving some incredibly delicious coffee and pizzas. They are always down to serve you with some of the most appetizing dishes. The peaceful atmosphere and positive vibes can make your day stress free.

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4.8 Ball Café

8 Ball Café is best known for its mouth-watering beverages and is also a top-player café in south Goa. Perfect place to spend time with friends and relatives. They are open till midnight and have a variety of breathtaking dishes.

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5.Café London

Café London has the best fast food in Goa and severs a variety of beverages. They are known for their coffee and English décor. An excellent way to start your day with a healthy English breakfast, café London will never disappoint.

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6.Ceskaz Deli Café

This café is leading in some of south Goa’s café and has extremely delicious food and a lovely sit-out set up to experience fine dining. Ceskaz Deli Café is perfect for family time or spending time with a loved one.

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7.Coffee Buzz

Coffee Buzz is a 24 hours cafe in the city hotel, Nanutel, perfect for breakfast and coffeebreaks. The cupcakes and doughnuts here are a must-try and are also almostevery child’s favourite.

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Caliber is known to have the best coffee in south goa and its all-day breakfast tops it up like a cherry on the cake. Its signature dish is classic hot chocolate with rich ganache. It serves a variety of cuisines like Mexican, Italian, etc.

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9.Frozen Bottle

Everyone in Goa, especially teenagers and youth love visiting frozen bottle at least 1-2 times a month to experience its lovely beverage and unique desserts. Mocha hot chocolate is one of their most loved beverages, and their mouth-watering pizzas would never disappoint.

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10.The Temptation

The Temptations is a modern and trendy café perfect for hangouts with school friends and conducting business meetings. They serve various snacks and have a bunch of desserts, pastries, and doughnuts. They have a lovely sit-out place with the most pleasing atmosphere to relax.

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11.Wow! Momo

Wow! Momo is one of the leading restaurants in Goa. They have a variety of Momo’s both, veg and non-veg. The comfy, friendly environment makes you want to visit again. They have a fantastic collection of desserts and beverages. Loved by children, adults, and local tourists.

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12.Café Tato

They are known for serving Indian, and Goan elegance. They have a variety of fruit smoothies and coffees and the most fantastic Goan food. Their affordable prices, friendly staff, and amazing service attract locals and foreign tourists into the shop.

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13.Souza Coffee

This café is known for its coffee which includes cappuccinos, lattes, and homemade bakery items like cakes, pastries, etc. They have a lovely outdoor sitting making it the perfect place for breakfast and coffee.

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14.Cafe De Voyage

Café De Voyage is known for its comfy outdoor sitting area, healthy, and tasty menu inclusive of salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and fruit juices, making it perfect for a fresh and healthy morning breakfast and a coffee with clients, friends, family, etc.

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15.Torrado Café

Torrado Café is a trendy coffee shop well-known in Goa for the longest time. It is an everyday café among locals and tourists and is known for the best Goan snacks and drinks.

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16.Café Zelo

Café Zelo is the perfect place for a fine dining experience. They also serve a variety of beer, cocktails, and wine of your choice. The café is modern, trendy, has a pleasant vibe, and they also serve delicious food.

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17.The Chocolate House

The Chocolate House is a popular café and bakery in Goa. Loved by many children. If you are a tourist and have come to Goa Chocolate House is the perfect place to visit with your children at least once. They have a bunch of chocolate-based dishes, desserts, etc, which are a must try.

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18.Café Eden

The restaurant is known for its healthy and mouth-watering menu. It’s cosy, comfy, and perfect for break time hangouts. They also serve a variety of juice, coffee, drinks, and tea.

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19.The Temptations

A popular bakery and dessert shop in South Goa. Known for its coffee and drinks and friendly staff. It’s the locals’ favorite spot to pass time and have a cup of tea or coffee alone or with friends. The calmness and peaceful atmosphere make it one of the top places in Goa.

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20.Pastries Victoria

Pastries Victoria is known for its authentic Italian cuisine serving various kinds of Pastas, Pizzas, and Salads. The restaurant allows takeaway and delivery service for those who would want to enjoy their Italian meal at home. Nevertheless, they have a lovely outdoor seating arrangement just perfect for an evening coffee.

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