Top 20 Best Momo Places In Navi Mumbai

Top 20 Best Momo Places In Navi Mumbai

The best soul-warming and comforting food is momos. When you feel cold and sad, you look for momos to lighten and warm your day; when you feel the urge to break your diet, you look for momos to fulfill your cravings; even when you are happy and with friends, you look for momos to enjoy your day. Here are some of the best and most different momo places in Navi Mumbai.

1.The Momo Van (TMV)

TMV has 3 locations in Navi Mumbai (Kharghar, Belapur, and Nerul) and sells one of the absolute best momos. They are generous with the size, filling, and even the price of the momo. The best type of momo they sell is the “TMV special momos”; it has six pieces and is smothered in a rich and yummy sauce with piri-piri seasoning, and it tastes like heaven. Even the fried momos by themselves are soul-nourishing as the momo is thick, and filled with veggies. They also sell chicken momos which are as good as the veg.

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2.Delhi Belly

It is located in Sanpada and is pure veg; they sell various sorts of tandoori momos with different veg fillings. The most famous and delicious momo from Delhi Belly is the “Afghani cheese momo.” This saucy momo hits the right spot when craving something creamy. Although it is a bit more expensive than a local momo spot, it is worth trying.

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3.Hungry Yaar

It is located in Nerul; this is a pocket-friendly and hygienic restaurant to have classic momos with some spicy schezwan sauce. They also serve “Kothey momos,” which is a Himalayan-style momo; if you ever go there, do try it. This is the best spot for midnight cravings as it is open till late at night and serves both veg and non-veg.

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4.Yum Asia

It is located in Kharghar and is an authentic Chinese restaurant that sells exquisite momos with different types of sauces. The best kind of momos from this place is the “Smoked cottage cheese dumpling” for veg lovers and the “Korean spiced cheese and chicken” for non-veg.

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5.The Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen

It is located in Kharghar and they serve authentic Korean and Tibetan momos. Their momos are fresh and succulent and always the place’s vibe makes the whole experience better. The restaurant is decorated with Tibetan cultural ornaments.

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6.Chi Na Chi Ni

It is located in Kharghar and is in a 5-star hotel; it certainly lives up to the 5-star rating but it is in the pricey range. The food never disappoints the stomach and it is always an elevating experience to have momos from a 5-star hotel.

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7.Utsav Momo Café

It is located in Kharghar and is exceptionally budget-friendly; it is one of the popular spots in Kharghar and is always crowded on the weekends. They serve piping hot freshly steamed momos and it is best to go and eat at the location.

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8.The Momo Factory

It is located in Vashi and if you are looking for a quick snack near the station, this should be your spot. They are fast at service and the taste never disappoints.

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It is located in Kharghar and is one of the best places for momos. Their fried momos are a treat to eat when cheating on your diet and the steamed momos are always delicious to indulge in on a cold day. This place is usually crowded on weekends but is worth the wait.

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10.Offline Café

It is located in Kharghar and is almost a hidden gen. It is a café that has a great pool table and great momos. They serve phenomenal cocktail momos and have a small fridge for drinks that can be paired with the momos. This place certainly will surprise you.

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11.Hello Momos

It is located in Sanpada and is the best momo spot in Sanpada. The most recommended momo is the “Chicken tikka momo” and the “Mixed veg momo.” They sell a variety of momos that can cater to you any craving and is also budget-friendly.

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12.Una Café

It is located in Seawoods and it is the right place for momos when looking for pan-Asian style momos. They serve a variety of momos and the looks never disappoint and surprisingly they are budget friendly when considering a pan-Asian restaurant.

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13.House Of Momo

It is located in Airoli and is value for the money. They serve moist and hot momos which are perfect for when you have cravings for momos. Their red chutney is one of the best sauces to dunk your momos in and is spicy.

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14.The Momo Co

It is located in Nerul and has multiple locations in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. This spot always sells hygienic standard momos with a few twists in flavors which are delicious and fun to explore when wanting a break from the classic momos.

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15.Kolkata Rolls

Although it seems like a roll spot, they also sell momos at all the locations in Navi Mumbai and are always near the stations. This spot is perfect when wanting to eat momos on a budget and not compromising the hygienic levels.

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16.The Appetite Momos

It is located in Airoli and is a chic little café that serves affordable momos. They are famous for their fried and classic momos when craving warm and rich momos at affordable rates.

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17.Momos Point

It is located in Vashi and is a trendy place to have momos from hence the name. The momos are soft and yummy and are certainly budget-friendly. It is 99% worth trying and indulging in.

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18.Wow! Momo

Many locations can be found in Navi Mumbai and are the new happening place to eat momos from. All the sites have standardized momos and the taste is always top-notch no matter where the area is. They serve a wide variety of momos and frequently have discount offers.

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19.Faloo Momo

It is located in Sanpada and is entirely famous for falooda and momos hence the name. This place is a local spot and best eaten at the location. They serve classic momos which never disappoint the heart and stomach.

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20.Mainland China

It is located in Vashi and is the right restaurant when searching for authentic Chinese cuisine. They serve their momos with soy sauce which is a very unconventional way to serve momos but the taste pairs well with the spices and seasonings. The filling is quite generous and is oozing with rich broths from the fillings. It is on the expensive side but is worth trying if you indulge in the buffet that includes unlimited momos.

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