Top 20 Cafes Near Freeganj, Ujjain


Freeganj is the most well-off and costly city in Ujjain. It is the education hub of Ujjain, as there are several coaching centers for engineering and medical students. A clock tower is also located in Freeganj. Generally, a crowd of students is seen in the streets of this city. Freeganj is also a hub of fantastic and unique cafes. Here are the top 20 must-visit cafes near Freeganj.

1.Howzzat Cafe

This cafe has its uniqueness. If you are a cricket lover, this cafe is for you in Freeganj, Ujjain. Its interior is on the concept of cricket. The ambiance is fantastic and cheerful. The quality of the food is also outstanding. The cost of food is also not so high. You can have yummy Chinese and Italian foods with varieties of drinks here. The owner is so humble here. Youngsters must visit here to chill with friends.

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2.At The Rate Cafe

It is suitable for friends and business meetings with a fantastic interior. The service is quick. The food is incredible. The taste of burgers, pastas, pizzas, tea, coffee, and much more will make you crave more. It is such a hygienic and peaceful place.

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3.Cafe LoVozA

This cafe serves varieties of beverages at a meager price. The quality is also maintained along with the low cost. Kulhad chai is also available here. The price of all flavors of tea is just 10 rupees, and 15 rupees for all types of coffee. Other drinks like mojitos are also served at a low price. So, what are you waiting for? Come and hang out with your friends here for chit-chat.

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4.Chai Sutta Bar

The ambiance of this cafe is so attractive, and the music is also vibing. The unique thing about this cafe is that it serves coffee in kulhad. One of the most loved beverages is chai here. Snacks like grilled sandwiches are served here. You must visit here if you want to have quality friends time.

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5.Tealogy Cafe In Ujjain

This cafe is unmatched in terms of the services provided here. The staff is so polite and friendly. The tea is served in kulhad. The snacks like cheese sandwiches and bun-maska are liked a lot. It is the highly recommended restaurant that you must visit here.

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6.Food Villa Cafe

This is a must-visit cafe with a Bollywood theme. The posters of a few famous actors are there on its wall. The price of every snack is lower than a hundred rupees. The snacks on the menu card are pizza, baked samosa, Maggi, burger, pasta, pav bhaji, and french fries. These all have excellent taste. The interior is quite spacious and attractive. Everything is fantastic here.

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7.Cafe Kamina

It is a suitable cafe for those who are looking for some privacy. The lighting is dim, and the music is low. The place is peaceful with a fantastic ambiance. You can enjoy excellent coffee, tea, and snacks with your partner or friends.

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8.Hashtag Cafe

It is quite a trendy cafe with positive and chill vibes. The ambiance is aesthetic and attractive. It is a multi-cuisine cuisine cafe with a shady interior. So, it’s a thumbs up for couples. The food is lip-smacking here. The staff is welcoming. Hygiene is also above average. You must visit here with your partner.

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9.Sports Coffee Bar

It is a fantastic cafe with mouth-watering Chinese and Italian cuisine. The beverages like tea and coffee are most liked here. The taste of tandoori pizza is so excellent here. It is a budget friendly cafe and you must visit here at least once.

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10.Vinayak Cafe

It is a famous cafe in Freeganj with its unique chocolate tea. The food is so amazing. The service is also fantastic. The owner has a friendly nature. The place is quite bright and suitable for family gatherings. Once you try tea here, you will become addicted to it.

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11.Cafe Howdy

The theme of this café is a mixture of modern versus traditional. It is an old café in Freeganj. The taste of parathas is incredible. It is a multi-cuisine cafe. You can have lunch or dinner also here.

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12.Shree Swastika Cafe

It is a highly recommended cafe to have breakfast. The cleanliness is taken care a lot here. The snacks like Baked samosa, sandwiches, and kachori are specialties of this cafe. The staff takes care of the customers. It is an excellent place to give a small treat to friends or have breakfast.

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13.H2 Tea And Coffee House

It is a lovely cafe with a theme based on guitar. It is a pocket-friendly cafe. Its aesthetic ambiance is terrific. The food has a fantastic taste. It is overall an excellent cafe.

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14.Chai Chaska Freeganj

Chai Chaska is an excellent cafe to hang out with friends and partners. The dishes and beverages are so delicious here. The interior is pleasing and shady. It is one of the best cafes in Freeganj.

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15.Sidhi Vinayak Everfresh

It is one of the best cafe serving varieties of baked samosas. The cakes are also fresh and delicious. It can be a spot to celebrate birthday parties. The service and hygiene are both above average.

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16.The Belgian Waffle Co.

It is a waffle café. You can try a different kinds of yummy waffles here with some unique beverages. You must visit here and try some mouth-watering waffles here.

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17.Laxmi Vilas Tea Cafe And Restaurant

It is a restaurant-style cafe. This place is famous for its tea. Other things like ice-creams, water, and coffee are also available here. You can also have snacks like samosa, sandwiches, jalebi, and poha here. The place is clean. The service is quick.

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18.Cafe Unplugged

The interior of this cafe is fantastic. It is decorated with bamboo sticks and wooden stools. The food is unique and delicious. You can have a peaceful time here.

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19.Harley Cafe Ujjain

It is a small restaurant with an attractive ambiance. The wall has a giant painting of a bike. The snacks like sandwiches, bread rolls, pakoras, smilies, and samosa are served here. These snacks have an unmatchable taste.

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20.Happiness Infinity Cafe

It is a great cafe in Freeganj, Ujjain. Makai Rota is a unique dish that is served here with green chutney and sabzi. This cafe also serves incredible cold coffee, sandwiches, tea, bread-bhaji, and pizza.

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