Top 20 CaféS Of Jammu City

Top 20 Cafes of Jammu City
Top 20 Cafes of Jammu City

In this fast-evolving world, long gone are the days when restaurants were the only predominant sites of the food industry. Instead, cafés are the new trends. These small cozy places, which can probably be considered as miniatures of restaurants, serving a wide range of beverages, and having a limited menu, are a new fascination.

Cafés or coffee houses, as they were called initially, came into existence in the capital of the Ottoman Empire – Constantinople, in the year 1550. Ever since then, cafés have kept advancing, gradually becoming the prime choice of anyone thinking of having a little get-together with their friends or even a tiny minimal outing with family. People love cafés because they are comparatively less expensive than restaurants and not to forget how the intimate and comfortable environment of cafés is less noisy too because of the fewer crowds. Also, the fact that most of the cafés have great aesthetics and designs which is just another plus.

Jammu, too, has not failed to adapt to the trend and has shown many advancements in terms of café. One can find many good, high-standard cafés in Jammu that can easily astonish anyone. Below mentioned are the top 20 (in no particular order) cafés of Jammu:

1.Eden – Botanic Kitchen & Bubble

It’s impossible to curate a list of the top 20 cafés of Jammu and not mention Eden. It’s an extremely unique cafés in Jammu, with exquisite greenery surrounding the entire area. It has a very lavish décor that gives it a high-end 7-star restaurant vibe. While the cherry on top is how the place is not just an eye candy but also offers a super-elite menu with options like no other at the average cost of Rs.1400 (approx.) for two with alcohol.



Another gem, without any second thought, would be Kaffberry. It is a wonderful place, with super classy vintage furniture and mesmerizing color combinations. It looks super high-end but is instead relatively affordable with an average price as low as Rs.800 (approx.) for two. Furthermore, it has a widely loved classic menu and even offers bakery delicacies like cakes, etc. it’s absolutely worth it from every aspect.


3.Nox Café

Anyone looking for superb food at a place that has an excellent modern interior with an extremely calming and intimate ambiance should try out Nox Café. The location is a café and bar; hence it has two separate menus: bar menu and food menus. The food is quite flavorsome but probably a little expensive for a few people with an average cost of Rs.1400 (approx.) for two, without alcohol.


4.Paper Art Café

Now, without any second thoughts, one of the most famous cafés in Jammu on today’s date would be the paper art café. It is not just Jammu’s but rather north India’s first 2D café. The place is probably no less than a heaven for art lovers and feels almost like walking into a drawing along with the benefits of good food. The best thing is how economical the café is with an average price of just Rs.650 (approx.) for two.


5.Barista Lavazza

Who doesn’t know the Barista now? Making a list of top 20 cafés and not adding Barista on it feels almost like a sin. So, next on the list, we have Barista Lavazza, and well, little needs to be said for this world-famous chain of cafés. It is the best classic café with a wide range of beverages that any coffee lover would drool for, along with different tasty snacks like wraps, sandwiches, etc. The average cost for two people is Rs.500 (approx.).


6.The Grandstand

The most versatile place on this list would definitely be The Grandstand. It serves as a restaurant, café, and bar as well. The menu is very diverse and has a variety of snacks, drinks, and meals. The atmosphere of the place is very surreal and pleasant while the average cost for two is Rs.1200 (approx.) without alcohol.


7.Tandoori Chai Café

Tandoori Chai Café is your cute, small pocket-friendly café with a private and warm aura and fantastic food whose taste would linger on your tongue for long. The menu is the same as any classic café with various beverages and snacks, but with a bit of desi touch; it is a dream come true for tea lovers. The average cost is as low as Rs.200 (approx.), making it the most affordable café on the entire list.


8.The Brownie Box

Another wonderful blend of café and bakery, Brownie box, is an excellent café with adorable, heartwarming furnishing and lip-smacking food. The hospitality is worthy of high praise too. The deserts of brownie box are definitely the best out of everything. Anyone with a sweet tooth is advised not to miss this place and check it out soon. Not to forget, the average price is Rs.300 (approx.) for two.


9.The Factory Café

Shout-out to the street food lovers, the next one is for you. The factory café is another outstanding café with lip-smacking pizzas and a variety of street food like momos.  The environment is pretty sweet with awesome music and good Wi-Fi. This café is ideal for people who love street foods yet do not like eating on the streets. The average cost for two is Rs.450 (approx.)


10.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Café

Do we have any mega-fans of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series out there? Well, good news for you all as next on the list is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. café. A beautiful and cozy theme café in Trikuta Nagar based on, inessential to mention, famous international series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s surely the best choice for all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans due to its yummy menu. The average cost is Rs.800 (approx.) for two.


11.Ministry Of Bars

Ministry of bars or MOB, as it’s popularly known, isn’t your regular casual café but is more of a bar lounge. However, the popularity makes it worth the mention. The site is high-end with good food and an average cost of more than Rs.1300 (approx.) for two. The appearance of the place is also quite beautiful.


12.Se7en Beans Café

Another easy on wallet café would be the se7en beans café. A very decent, friendly, and affordable place that’s ideal for hanging out with your friends during a time when your budget is low. The menu is also satisfying with good variety and an average cost of Rs.250 (approx.) for two.


13.Country Barn

Famous for its delicious pasta, pizzas, burgers, and desserts, Country Barn is another great option. The place has a neat aura and an amiable staff. It’s a good place with modern vibes and is perfect for an outing with friends or even for someone planning a family eat-out for a change of mood. Its average cost is Rs.300 (approx.) for one person.


14.The Law Project #Y.O.L.O

Looking for a slightly snug and warm place with exceptionally vibrant and colorful decor, well, The Law Project is the perfect café for you. The place has an incredibly diverse menu and serves both veg and non-veg with an average cost of Rs.500 (approx.) for two. It is perfect for your birthday parties with friends or even general outings.

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15.Books And Beans

‘Less is more,’ is probably the best definition for this delightful and tiny café. The owners said the main idea behind the café was attracting the social media addicted youth back to the beauty of books and literature. It is perfect for Leisure hangouts with friends or family or even yourself. The average cost for two is Rs.450 (approx.)


16.The Brewbakers

Another elegant café with a vast menu of burgers, wraps, pizzas, beverages, and mouth-watering combos is The Brewbakers. The place is quite spacious with a very cordial staff. The food presentation is stunning, and here’s the fun point, the average cost for two being just Rs.400 (approx.) is just another plus point.

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17.Fun Bytes

For the people busy with their work and looking for a fun-size café with a typical original café menu to visit during their mini between work breaks, Fun Bytes is the best choice without any second thoughts. The place has a good home-like vibe with tasty food and is super low-cost with an average price of Rs.350 (approx.) for two.


18.Hashtag Foods

Hashtag Foods is a café that can best be known as the perfect combination of lively colors and decor that speaks of class. The menu has everything that a café would need, from drinks to wraps to burgers to pizzas, etc. While anyone concerned about the prize can relax as the average cost for two is just Rs.400 (approx.)



 Another luxurious-looking café with a super calming environment would be Smugglers. The place has an average cost of Rs.500 (approx.) for two. It has a spectacular menu that serves both healthy foods such as delicious salads as well as fast food, which is loved by everyone. The presentation of the food is also very elegant and fantastic.


20.Woodbox Café

Woodbox café is a unique café with a beautiful prominent wooden decor. The place is perfect for anyone looking for somewhere where they can click good instagrammable pictures and enjoy impeccable food.  The café offers a refreshing break from all the contemporary cafés due to its mesmerizing atypical aura. The average cost is just Rs.500 (approx.) for two.