Top 20 Theme Restaurants In Salt Lake, Kolkata

Top 20 Theme Restaurants in Salt Lake Kolkata
Top 20 Theme Restaurants in Salt Lake Kolkata

People tend to go to restaurants that offer the best taste, quality, and ambiance. Ambiance nowadays has become an integral part of any restaurant. This is the reason why theme restaurants are gaining popularity. Salt lake is one of the most essential locations in Kolkata. They offer diversity in restaurants. They sell various cuisines. The ambiance of the restaurant is top-notch. If you are visiting Kolkata do visit this part of the city as it will offer you a lot of things.

1. Kouzina Mining Co

Dark and eerie ambiance. It has the concept of a mine as the name itself suggests. It is well known for its north-Indian gravies. It is close to Bidhannagar Railway Station and you can easily take an auto and visit this place. It has aced the taste, quality, and ambiance.20190122-125950-largejpg

2. Kouzina Marine

Bright and happening place. It has the concept of a submarine. When you sit in your respective chair, you will feel, as if you are inside a submarine. The staff here is excellent and co-operative. Every time you go there, they have something unique and better to offer.restaurant_657598_restaurant020181025115838

3. Fly Kouzina

No one will be able to comprehend the difference between an airplane and this restaurant. This is so beautifully constructed. Their pizzas are out of this world. You can also try their breadbasket that consists of tandoori roti, lachcha paratha, kulcha, and one naan of your choice. It is most recommended.restaurant_604418_restaurant320160829125302

4. Seven Kingdom

This place is ideally suited for you if you are a game of thrones fan. The café provides a lot of options for you. It is highly recommended. The most recommended item here is Hakka noodles, and Manchurian. The ambiance is very lively and your mood will freshen up for

5. Sonar Tori

It is a typical Bengali dining restaurant. It is made with a concept of a boat. It serves good quality Bengali dishes. If you do not know what to buy from here, you can go for their Bengali thali. It is slightly expensive, but the variety they provide is immense.img-20180704-wa0016-largejpg

6. Backstage

The most striking feature of this restaurant is the ambiance and interior decoration. You might feel the dishes are slightly over-priced but keeping into consideration the taste, quality it is perfectly worth it.22fd6_Bakstage-1

7. Ocean Grill

It is pretty evident from the name that it has the theme of an ocean. You should visit this place if you are a prawn lover. The most recommended dish is golden fried prawns and grilled prawns. The area is vibrant and will bring out one of the happiest experiences.3460-OCEAN-GRILL-By-SCAFFOLDA

8. Mugs and shots

The place is cozy and happening. The ambiance is pretty cool. Chicken sizzler is something everyone recommends. The most attractive feature of this place is the presentation. They serve even the simplest of dishes in such fashion that you will feel like the king of the world.5d036a93e765690f6044c0b7_1560504979416

9. Friday Release

It has the traditional look of a general coffee shop but the thing that hits you is vibrant colors. The interior is so panoramic and picturesque. It serves good quality food but most people come here to enjoy the vibrancy and livelihood this place has to offer.p50311-15553102875cb426cfea0c7

10. Fusion Fantasea

Carved out of bamboos. This place has an old-age charm that completely goes with the character of this city. They have kept things simple yet elegant. It is mostly known for its seafood. The crabs that they prepare here are surely what we crave.fusion-fantasea1-1585093394

11. Canteen Pub and Grub

This place is known for its happy hours’ offer where you can enjoy your favorite mocktails and cocktails. Their Thai curry and wok fried rice are very delicious. It is a beautiful experience to visit this place which is aided by a sound music system and lively environment.5f965dc63a359c5c27860ac3_1603689926872

12. Oudh 1590

This place is known for its Awadhi cuisine. This place has a very traditional ambiance. Their Chicken Biryani and, Chicken butter masala is worth trying. The staff here is very polite and the service is quite fast. It is one of those restaurants which are also famous for its top-quality vegetarian foods.img-20170322-194353-largejpg

13. Baati Chokha

Traditional Rajasthani cuisine is what you get here. It is one of those restaurants that serve good quality vegetarian dishes at such an affordable price. Their paranthas are very good. Rajasthani curry and, gatte ki sabzi are a must-try.xhdpi

14. Afraa Lounge

This lounge serves quite a unique variety of dishes. The place is quite lavish with lots of paintings. They give you a perfect feel of a business class meeting. It serves Mediterranean, Asian and Indian dishes.eazytrendz_2138_trend20181213093348

15. Sly Fox Gastro Club

This place is highly rated among the locals. People from various parts of Kolkata come to visit this place. Their cheese kebabs and pizzas are highly rated. The ambiance is extremely colorful and it feels like a complete world altogether.unnamed

16. Jaisalmer Sonar Kella

Sonar kella means the golden fort. The interior and exterior completely justify the name. It is an excellent option for North Indian cuisine. Their Laal Maas and Chicken Butter is something you cannot miss.1574239379_sddssdsdds

17. Kaafila

This place will take you back to the streets of Old Delhi. They serve good quality Mughlai Cuisine. They are well known for their kebabs and tandoori dishes. Afghani tikka is a must try. Soft and succulent meat marinated in rich slurry.kafila

18. Calcutta 64

A traditional Bengali cuisine dining restaurant. Their fish fry and maccher Kalia are very famous. They have a nice interior and the staff members are also very sweet. If you are searching for a traditional place to try Bengali cuisine then you must try this place. It is totally worth the hype.brewing-now

19. Azad Hind Dhaba

This place is known to serve food late at night. It is very popular among the riders out there. Their kebabs and tikkas are very tasty. One of the top recommendations of this place is their rolls and dal makhani. Their rolls are so flaky and flavorsome.azad-hind-dhaba-gopalpur

20. Bhojohori Manna

One of the most popular franchises in Kolkata. Their gondhoraj chicken and dab chingri are very delicious. The seating arrangement is quite simple, but the quality of the food is of the utmost quality. Their thali is also very famous and is worth trying.bhojohori-manna