Top 20 Cafes In Visakhapatnam

Top 20 Cafes In Visakhapatnam
Top 20 Cafes In Visakhapatnam

 1.Cafe Coffee Day

It is the preferred place to hang out on weekends and is famous for the cappuccinos and cookies, also with a good ambience. Even they serve mouth-watering desserts, and people would recommend the Nutty Brownie Delight. The Spinach Sandwich is delicious over here too. It is the right spot for all those who want to try something new.


 2.The Gallery

The Gallery sits right opposite to HSBC, Siripuram. This place has good interiors and serves great pancakes. This place is wonderful for the readers as it also has the facility of novels which are suitable for all bookworms and food lovers. Even the sandwiches are worth a try. This spot is worth visiting as it will lighten your mood.



The ambience is good with a theme formed from lights and the atmosphere is also romantic as the music helps you to pep up your mood when you are with your partner. It also got a bowling alley and so will never get you bored while you are in this place.


 4.Pastry Coffee N Conversation

This place is one cafe with attached bakery serving fresh cakes with a nice decor and peaceful ambience. They also have some sublime background music. It is suitable for college or school kids because of its affordable prices. It’s a cool place to chill out with friends.


 5.Seven Days Cafe

This cafe is a hangout for all those who love the vintage music and also has a convincing taste when it comes to cakes and coffee. The menu offers you with a variety of items at a low budget price, and so you can have the pleasure of having any item without worrying about the cost. The service of the staff is good in terms of quality as per the suggestions by the people who have visited this place.


 6.Kumar Coffee House

This cafe is the snacks corner in Jagadamba junction doing a lot of business for their quality food and service and also is accessible to everyone. You can never miss the evening tea and samosa over here.

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 7.Little Italy

Little Italy is an ultramodern chain of dining rooms serving traditional Italian food, gelato, and some Mexican dishes and people usually recommend buffets over here. You have the option of all the thin crust pizza and also the choice of pasta in their live counters.


 8.Nawaz Bakery

This bakery provides you the classic cakes, pastries, and ice creams at reasonable prices with the quality products being fresh and hygienic in the surroundings. The maintenance is good, and the location of this place is quite a preferred one.


 9.Percolator Cafe House

The main reason everyone visits this place is due to the panoramic sea view it offers so that you can enjoy every sip of your coffee in the balcony setting. The server would also recommend the fried rice over here and also chicken starter which is good.


 10.Gallops Cafe

Gallops Cafe is calm and not crowded at any time and everyone loves the Garlic Bread and the Kathi rolls which are pocket-friendly too. It is near Ushodaya Junction, and the whole design of the place is of a polo theme which suggests that the owners would have a history in polo and horse riding.


 11.Barista Lavazza Espresso Bar

The bar offers good hospitality and is a hygienic place with a peaceful atmosphere and this is the place for all coffee lovers. It also feels right to enjoy the moment with your family or friends when you are over here. Also, the smoothies and pastries will make your evening a memorable one.


 12.Radisa Chocolates

Radisa is right next to the Sheraton hotel which is a calm and pleasant place. Caramel Custard is the recommended one among the item they offer and this cafe offers you brownies which you have never tasted in your entire life (in a good sense) and also the café has an attracting interior work.


 13.The Chocolate Room

This place is famous for their chocolate shots which will satisfy your chocolate cravings. People who visited here say that the Nutella frappe is delicious and has a refreshing taste. The pastries are also delicious, and it is also suitable for hosting birthday parties or surprise parties. It is a little expensive but is worth it.


 14.Coffee Wave

Coffee Wave is the spot where you can enjoy the cool breeze with an option of sitting out and also the choice of an air-conditioned seating. It is a small outlet with the indoor and outdoor arrangement with a sea view. Even the prices are nominal and so is a worthy place to try and the drinks are also tasty with the Hazelnut shake being the recommended one.


 15.Zodiac Coffee Shop

This Coffee shop is a part of the hotel which looks like the younger version of the Grand Bay located on the beach road. So, it will have some basic standards meeting the expectations of the people visiting this place. They also provide different kinds of bread including naans and kulchas. Even the desserts include kheer, pastries and ice cream are a must try.


 16.Moksha Restocafe

This cafe is the place where you get Moksha which means peace and is run by a batch of friends and so is student friendly. It has got both open air and air-conditioned seating arrangement. The interiors and exteriors are from the scrap, and they even got some innovative stuff, some accessories, and merchandise which they sell at zero profit.


 17.Coffee Trend

With new coffee shops coming up every day, the people in Vizag are so bored of the monotonous life that they are in need of some fresh way of bringing out food and beverages. So many people love their morning cup of coffee and big cafe operating chains and shops in the city which Vizag-ites have so much to feel happy about with this place as the special one.



This place offers all continental dishes which are authentic and delicious. People also like the vegetarian buffets including naans which are soft and serves as a nice combination with the delicious Veg korma. In starters, soups steal the show with sprouts and salads too in the offer.


 19.The Little India

It is a place to hang out with friends due to the tasty items available at pocket-friendly prices. The environment is also unique. Coming to the starters and soups, it includes nachos, salads, and garlic bread. The lasagne also tastes better with mashed potatoes and spicing it up to the right extent, and people also love their Mexican rice with some vegetarian curries.


 20.Yallop Gourmet

It is a bakery and dessert parlour too with the chocolate doughnuts and hot nutty brownies as the preferences. The service is quick with reasonable prices judging by the interior decor and quality of the food they provide. They also have both indoor and outdoor seating facilities. The locality of this place has a calm and peaceful environment suitable for all kinds of people.