Top 20 Dishes For A Frequent Traveller



“Puri” should officially be classified as the ‘National Journey Food’ of India. Puri is hugely popular with the masses and is the most preferred food (notice most, not one of them) for travel. Generally accompanied by its loyal mate, Aloo ki sabzi, it can also be eaten with side dishes such as pickle and yogurt.


2.Moong Dal Parantha

Paranthas are the soul of the nation, and occupy the first place in school tiffin boxes, and are second as the preferred food choice for travel. And out of these, the most travel-friendly comes out to be the moong dal parantha. Moong dal parantha fills your tummy without making it feel too heavy and showing  side effects like  mooli parathas.



This Gujarati dish has won many hearts and tummies across India. Theplas are thin, after like structures which come in plain and masala varieties. They can be savoured with pickle, and their crunches can make hunger pangs go away.


4.Sooji Dhokla

One of our favourite travel dishes is the Sooji Dhokla. These dhoklas are soft and can be enjoyed with green chutney or the good old tomato ketchup. They are very filling and light on the stomach as well, which is really required if you’re a frequent traveller.



Although not a separate dish in itself, Mathri can be combined with ingredients like yogurt, chutney, sev, chole, and many more options to make an array of dishes to eat on the go.



Idli is another tasty dish from the south. Idli is made with rice and does not use oil like dosa, so it can be eaten both before and during a journey to prevent hunger rats from troubling you on your trip. Idlis can be eaten with either coconut powder, sambar, and a variety of chutneys.


7.Parwal Ki Sabzi

This green color veggie comes with all the qualities. It is famous for its colour . It controls blood sugar and weight loss and aids digestion. And in case you had a bit too much junk food along the way, parwal also helps in treating constipation. That’s music to the intestines.


8.Banana Chips

Banana chips make the perfect snack for any place, no matter where you go. This tasty snack is from the state of Kerala and is made by deep frying banana slices. One can never have too many banana chips, as this snack is popular with people of all ages, from the first generation to the younger kids.



Makhaane also go by the name of ‘Fox nuts’ and ‘Lotus seeds’. These white nuts are good source of many minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc, along with being rich in protein and carbohydrates. It’s fibrous structure helps in digestion and can be made into many other dishes as well, the most popular one being kheer.



Laai-chana is one time pass snack. Waiting for the train? Have some laa-chana. Sitting at the bus stop, wondering when the bus will come? Here is some laai-chana. Or simply wanting to eat something but not that hungry? Have two full bowls of laai-chana.



The people of Indore swear by their poha. This dish comes in many varieties, like onion poha, kanda batata poha, and poha upma to just name a few. This Maharashtrian dish never fails to impress and is a regular choice of many travel boxes.



Jave, also known as vermicelli and sewaiyaan, are poha’s cousin in terms of popularity. Jave are, like poha, also eaten with veggies, and one can eat them dry or with them floating in their tomato puree. That said, Jave are also a part of the delicacy ‘sewaiyaan kheer’, which is has a huge fan following too.



Uttapam is kind of a pancake made with sooji. It is widely consumed in many parts of the country and contains a lot of vegetables, which makes it an ideal choice to take along as you travel. It can be eaten with chutneys, ketchup, yogurt, and many curries, bringing out a different person with each one.



Porridge is usually made with oats or cereals boiled in milk. A Porridge can be eaten by everyone, from young children to their grandparents. It can also be made very easily, by either boiling it along with milk or letting it soak in it for a while. It’s a perfect traveller’s food.



Undhyu is a one pot dish and a mark of Gujarati cuisine. This name of this dish is derived from the Gujarati word ‘Undhu’, which refers to ‘upside down’. The recipe is not very time consuming and can be made easily by a beginner too.



Upma is a common dish in South India and Maharashtra, and forms the breakfast of many other places as well. It is cooked as a thick porridge from dry roasted selimona (commonly known as rava or sooji) and is added with various veggies and seasonings, customized as per the person’s preferences.


17.Equity Sandwich

Equity sandwiches have made lives easier for mothers around the country. Equity sandwiches are very simple to make and have found themselves in tiffin boxes a bit too often. Generally eaten with tomato ketchup, they taste equally good with chutney and yogurt too.



Cutlets are a good tasty snack you can find at any street food stall around. They are delightful to the tongue and filling to the stomach. One can savour them with chutney or tomato ketchup, and will not give you a ‘grease rush’ that easily.



Khichdi is really good when you have an upset stomach, so it won’t be surprising that it has made it to the list. Khichdi can be plain or spicy, with or without vegetables, and still always be tasty. The main factor though, lies in its health properties, and is highly recommended for any traveller.



Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! One can never stress enough on the importance of fruits in our daily life. They are a vast storehouse of vitamins and minerals, and many have a lot of fiber in them. They aid digestion, give us energy, are not expensive, and can be eaten as they are without needing to cook – what more can a traveller ask for?