Top 20 Cafes with Private Cabins near Malviya Chowk, Jabalpur

Top 20 Cafes with Private Cabins near Malviya Chowk Jabalpur 1
Top 20 Cafes with Private Cabins near Malviya Chowk Jabalpur 1

Cafes in Jabalpur are not limited to serving foods and beverages. You can find some places which provide private spaces for sitting. With this theme of having your coffee in private cabins, you can have an uninterrupted conversation with your friends and partner. Places like this are excellent options for couples. Be it a coffee date or a business meeting, sometimes all you need is a space where you can speak without any distraction. The newly opened cafes in Jabalpur are offering this – private cabins to have proper chit-chat time with your loved ones without any distractions. Here is the list of the top 20 cafes with personal space in Jabalpur.

1.The Foodies Cartel

The Foodies Cartel is a beautiful restaurant with cozy cabins which looks like a small hut. People found this place satisfying. One can spend a romantic date with a partner with all the fresh dishes served with proper hygiene. You can also book a cabin and make arrangements with balloons and flowers decoration to surprise your loved ones. The menu is attractive with affordable prices. They serve momos, pasta, sandwiches, pizzas, and many more dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients.

Location: Beside Jamdar hospital, near Malviya chowk, Jabalpur.

The Foodies Cartel

2.Sun Café

Sun Café is a small and beautiful café near the Bhawartal garden. It has a small party room which can accommodate ten people. Sun café offers a cute dining area, cool décor, and delightful food.” The small party room can have customized decorations for a small birthday party. The vibe is very peaceful, and the music is good.

Location: Near Bhawartal garden, Napier town.

Sun Cafe

3.Candlelight café

Candlelight Café aims to offer its customers a spacious, cozy, and fantastic environment besides the best varieties of food. The food is fresh and soothing. This place provides complimentary dishes for parties and private sitting. You can book a separate party hall for a maximum of ten people. The staff of this café works so hard to make your party memorable with decorations and fresh complimentary food.

Location: Vijay Nagar Near Shree Sai Hospital, Jabalpur.

Candlelight cafe

4.Chai Square

Chai Square is a perfect place to have quick bites or small eats. One can have a good conversation while enjoying different kinds of teas. There is a small area where you can talk and have a meeting without any distractions. The menu is vast and full of varieties of dishes, ice creams, and cakes. This café is fancy and exotic to visit.

Location: Home Science College Road, Napier Town, Jabalpur.

Chai Square

5.Chill Out Café and Lounge

Chill Out Café and lounge is a great place to spend the day with your family, friends, and partner if you are looking forward to small surprise parties or big birthday bashes. This café is the best option for you if you are planning to arrange a romantic date for your partner. A small tent with beautiful mood lights and music is what will make your partner fall in your love deeper.

Location: Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur.

Chill Out Cafe and Lounge

6.Cloud Café Hookah Lounge

Cloud Cafe Hookah Lounge is a perfect place for hookah lovers. This place provides splendid service, a great environment, and delicious food. People love to hang out here and enjoy different flavours of hookah. They serve tasty and fresh food at affordable rates. A separate sitting area is also available for couples. It feels nice to have a private space to spend time with your loved ones and family with delightful platters.

Location: Dixit Pride, Taiyabali chowk, Jabalpur.

Cloud Cafe Hookah Lounge

7.Café Hidden Place

A Cafe Hidden Place is a spot at the table that enables privacy. If you are looking for perfect privacy, come and have fun in this place. The highlighting feature of this place is hookah, private cabins for couples or any personal meeting, a gaming setup, and a party hall. It is a one-stop shop which is providing you with multiple services. The Party Hall is suitable for more than twenty people. You can book this hall for birthday parties or anniversaries etc.

Location: Shop Number 1, Avtar complex, Gorakhpur, Jabalpur.

Cafe Hidden Place

8.Wrong Turn Café

Wrong Turn Cafe is a fantastic cafe in wright town. They serve a wide range of food and a great selection of drinks. Make your day special by having the wrong turn to celebrate birthday parties or anniversaries. You can make reservations for your parties, and they will accommodate your special events. This place is good for kitty parties and other private parties. The menu is full of mouthwatering dishes to satisfy your cravings.

Location: Wright Town, Jabalpur.

wrong turn cafe

9.90 MM Café

90 MM Cafe is the perfect place for a date or catching up with friends. Space available for a romantic dinner setup. This space has all the required arrangements to serve your partner with a candlelight dinner or any other dinner menu you want. The taste is good, and you can have varieties of food here. Momos, pizzas, maggie, cold coffee, burger, ice creams, and many other things are also here to make your date more special with delightful dishes.

Location: Napier Town, Jabalpur.

90 MM Cafe

10.360 Café And Restaurant

The 360 Cafe And Restaurant is a great place where you can enjoy food, drinks, and the company of your friends and meet new people too. You can satisfy your hunger with white sauce pasta, cakes, Hakka noodles, burgers, tea, coffee, momos, fries, and many other dishes. There are different halls available as per the occasions. A private dining room, birthday party hall, and anniversary hall are available with graceful ambience and sitting arrangements.

Location: Ukhri road, near Baldeobagh, Sheetalpuri, Jabalpur.

360 Cafe And Restaurant

11.Nice Café and Restaurant

A Perfect Alternative for those short on space, the Nice cafe creates a sitting area in private. This cafe is a friendly and welcoming place to spend an afternoon with your family, a coworker, or friends. This place is perfect for those moments when you need a private, intimate setting for breakfast or lunch that’s still open early enough to beat the rush. Private cabins are the best choice when you need personal time with someone. This place is not limited to providing a nice sitting area, along with that there are delightful dishes which can melt your heart like the veg burger, Manchurian rice, cutlets, cheese fried rice, fries, dosas and many more.

Location: Gohalpur, Amkhera Road Near Vedant convent school, Jabalpur.

Nice Cafe and Restaurant

12.Engineers Café

Engineers Café is a perfect option for celebrating private occasions like small kitty parties or birthday parties. They also arrange a candlelight dinner with beautiful flower decorations, mood lights, and relaxing music. This place should always come first in your mind if you want to plan a romantic candlelight dinner for your better half. Try this place for once, and you will not be going to disappoint.

Location: Behind HP Petrol Pump, Near Sharda Chowk, Jabalpur.

Engineers Cafe


Kaidikhana is a restaurant on Mandla road, designed with a subject of the jail where all the waiters are in prisoners’ uniforms and the manager dress like jailers. You can enjoy your family dinner here in the private room that looks like a jail. Families love to spend their quality time here in this unique restaurant ‘this is so much fun.

Location: Beside Agarwal petroleum company, New Mandla Road, Jabalpur.


14.Dx Café And Lounge

Dx Café And Lounge provide a private corner for couples to ensure their privacy. Many times, couples feel a bit uncomfortable in public places. So, this café ensures a separate space to give them time to converse in a comfortable environment. Along with thi1s, the atmosphere of the overall place is satisfying, and the food is fresh and tasty.

Location: Napier Town, Jabalpur.

Dx Cafe And Lounge

15.Festa The Lounge

Festa Café And Lounge is an ideal place if you are planning to throw a big birthday bash. This place provides a separate hall along with DJ and dance floor. The private party room is perfect, with complimentary food at affordable prices.

Location: Nehru Railway Colony, Katanga, Jabalpur.

Festa The Lounge

16.Hashtag Café

Hashtag Café will make you fall in love with this place. The atmosphere is unmatchable. The best part about this café is its separate area for date and party setups. Staff will never miss a chance to amaze you with beautiful decorations for your occasions. They also provide customized decorations for date setup. Best place to have a romantic date with your Gf/Bf.

Location: Ekta Chowk, Jabalpur.

Hashtag Cafe

 17.Kelley’s Restaurant

Kelley’s is the best café in Jabalpur and is well known for its eyes pleasing interior and small party area. This small area is excellent for private meetings and a date with a partner.

Location: Sadar Main Road, Jabalpur

Kelleys Restaurant

18.Eric Café

Eric Café is an incredible place with a marvelous interior. The party hall is quite large and will be sufficient for more than 30 people. It’s a love language of some people to show affection toward their partner with cute surprises. And this place will always be there to help you with that. Small cabins are available for couples to have a romantic date with fresh food. Private cabins are cozy and beautifully decorated with a closed environment. Must visit this place if you want to surprise your partner with a romantic date.

Location: Dwarka Nagar Ward, South Civil Lines, Jabalpur.

Eric Cafe

19.Arq- The Courtyard

Arq- The Courtyard is a very different restaurant. Enjoy the multiple options of dishes in a personal hut without any interruption. This restaurant is perfectly suitable for having family time at night with a pleasant atmosphere and even having your dinner in open spaces or closed huts.

Location: 4th Mile beside Ice Factory, Mandla, Jabalpur.

Arq The Courtyard

20.Uneek Café

An Uneek Cafe is a unique place with a pleasant ambiance and great music. they have a big party area which can accommodate more than 30 people. The food is fresh and delightful. You can order your favorite dishes like Chinese, momos, and Maggie, cold coffee, sandwiches, and burgers in your cabin. The staff is polite. They always arrange the best date set up in a private space.

Location: Deendayal Bus Stand, Jabalpur.

Uneek Cafe