Top 20 Must-Visit Mughlai And Chinese Cuisine Outlets In Madhyamgram, Kolkata.

Top 20 Must Visit Mughlai and Chinese Cuisine Outlets in Madhyamgram Kolkata. 2
Top 20 Must Visit Mughlai and Chinese Cuisine Outlets in Madhyamgram Kolkata. 2

Located 17 kilometers away from the ‘City of Joy’, Madhyamgram is quite reputed for a plethora of restaurants serving delectable dishes with an irresistible aroma and appetizing spices.

1. Kabuliwala

Craving for the enriched Awadhi biriyani at midnight to be served at your doorstep? The reputed address is undoubted ‘Kabuli Wala’ which is open from noon to midnight. The restaurant is remarkably known for serving the sinful biriyani with all organic sources ranging from the ghee used to the plates served.

Kabuliwala 1

2. Oudh 1590

If you’re looking out for a perfectly suitable ambiance with the delicious biriyani, oudh 1590 is the one-stop destination. India’s first-period dining experience, exhibiting the aura of authentic Awadh in all its grandeur with flawless furniture and lighting.

Oudh 1590

3. Dhakai Biriyani House

Your quest for a combo of palatable food with the required ambiance within the attainable budget ends right here! The traditional biriyani with the availability of ‘chaap’ and ‘korma’ makes it the allured place for a royal treat.

Dhakai Biriyani House

4. Lazeez

The word lazeez means-‘palatable’. The place is true to its word. Apart from biriyani, there’s a surplus of variety to be explored in the Mughal cuisine. The fine-dine restaurant promises exquisite Indian and fusion cuisines. Their top-notch hospitality makes it the most popular among family and friends.

Lazeez 1

5. Dada Boudi Biriyani

This outlet deserves mention with the reputation of serving surplus quantities for minimal price. A must-visit as they promise a homely atmosphere and authenticity at the cheapest price possible.

Dada Boudi Biriyani

6. New Arsalan Biryani

A quick bite outlet of the hub of Indian food, Arsalan. The ideal place to relish platters of Biriyani made with the finest spices and cherish them forever.

New Arsalan Biryani

7. The Biriyani Hub

The eatery provides cozy dining experiences, take-out for busy days, and even the best catering service for upcoming events. The place is best known for satiating customers with the freshness of food as its philosophy is to make people fall in love with food.

The Biriyani Hub

8. Buddha Bites

Well known for serving Indianized Chinese cuisine with the necessary ambiance, customers retain the quintessential peace of mind as well as scrumptiously fed with ultimate hospitality.

Buddha Bites

9. Hakkaland

The finest one-stop destinations for magnificent platters of the bona fide Asian, Chinese and Lebanese cuisine. The ambiance will indulge you in China.


10. Momozing

The most visited place for students and families for the finger-licking goodness in steamed dumplings and fantastic affordability. The hospitality of the workers is a cherry on the cake.


11. @49

A casual dining experience combined with delivering classy Chinese food. The restaurant is especially known for exciting offers and customized menus as per the festive seasons.


12. Chowman

This restaurant is a perfect fit for all willing to unveil authentic Chinese cuisine yet with fewer spices. Reputed for having the best artists in the culinary world, they also have the best delivery service in the city.


13. Zaffran

The home to enriched North Indian cuisine well-known for exhibiting subtle flavors in unforgettable dishes, yet healthy for your appetite. Ranging from the royal kebabs to classic Calcutta biriyani, are just name a few on the menu.


14. Raj Restaurant 

Searching for a multifarious menu of Mughal and Chinese cuisine? Raj is the perfect destination with all the services of catering; dine-in, and takeaway with free delivery!

Raj Restaurant

15. Royal Chef Fine Dining Restaurant 

Reputed as one of the best bistros in the city, it is the stoppage for classic Chinese diversity in the food. The menu is impressive as it does not dent your pocket.

Royal Chef Fine Dining Restaurant

16. The Maya Restro

True to the name, the ambiance can leave customers filled with wonder in its elegance yet simplicity. The menu is a plethora of delicacies ranging from Mughal to Chinese to rolls and soups.

The Maya Restro

17. Hangout Cafe 

The absolute combo of budget-friendliness with superb quality and coziness. Sip in the yum of ice creams and smoothies with kebabs and roll.

Hangout Cafe

18. Masala Kitchen

A remarkable outlet serving gourmet meals with ultimate enriched spices and hygiene without burning a hole in the pocket. Also, the hassle-free delivery service at the doorstep deserves mention.

Masala Kitchen

19. Red Dragon

True to its name, it is a renowned hub of Chinese cuisine at the most affordable prices.

Red Dragon

20. Eat And Meet

Known for its cleanliness and extremely hospitable behavior of staff credited to its location near to the railway station, it is serving a wide range of customers over the years.

Eat And Meet