Top 20 Cakes You Should Try

top 20 cakes you should try
top 20 cakes you should try

Baked goods have been one of our favorites from childhood until now, and no one can deny this fact. Those who don’t love all these ingredients are freshly whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar. Well, this sounds lip-smacking, isn’t it? Cakes and pastries are available in various flavors, and we primarily love them all and want to try different recipes using our skills in baking. Baked goods also have nutritious values containing fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals based on the ingredients they’re made from. Let’s look at some yummy, creamy, delicious cakes you should try.

1. Mango Cake

For lovers of mangoes, you shouldn’t miss this recipe. Bake at home or order from a fantastic bakery shop and relish the flavors of fresh mangoes anytime you want in the comfort of homes and cafes. Work at leisure with a bite of flavourful and creamy cakes, and you won’t regret a penny.

1 Mango Cake

2. Chocolate Cake

This regular chocolate cake can lift your mood any time of the day and give you sweet, pleasant thoughts. It can be readily baked with the right amount of ingredients and dark chocolate. Use unsalted butter to elevate the taste with the goodness of milk and dry fruits.

2 Chocolate Cake

3. Chocolate Chip Cake

Regular chocolate cake can be made into a choco chip cake by quickly adding spoonfuls of choco chips in the batter or garnishing the cake with some for a more elevated chocolate flavor and taste. Use dark chocolate as it has health benefits you’re unaware of. Bake and pack them in boxes for a healthy snack.

3 Chocolate Chip Cake

4. Carrot Cake

Carrots are highly nutritious for our health. Use the leftover carrots in your fridge to make some delicious and creamy carrot cake. Use icing over the baked cake to make it yummier, and spread some almonds over it for a nutty and crunchy taste. Enjoy as an appetizer and reap health benefits. This is a fantastic way to feed carrots to your kids.

4 Carrot Cake

5. Apple Cake

Apple cake is one of the nutritious cakes that you can easily make at home and feed your young ones as an appetizer. Apple pies are pretty famous too. You can bake tiny cupcakes and pack them in boxes for tiffin breaks and lunch. Serve them as dessert at get-togethers and family gatherings.

5 Apple Cake

6. Plum Cake

Don’t miss out on the creaminess of cakes and baked goods that can surely lift your mood and say bye to work stress and pressure. However, overconsumption of baked goods can be hazardous for your health. Make plum cakes for your guests at home or on thanksgiving and enjoy a healthy dessert after a delicious meal.

6 Plum Cake

7. Ferrero Rocher Cake

Hello, chocolate lovers; you would never want to miss out on this cake, right? Ferrero Rocher is available on the market, and cake is topped with them; no one will say no to it. Order them from a good cake baking shop, take them home, and enjoy a healthy surprise at birthday celebrations and get-togethers.

7 Ferrero Rocher Cake

8. Brownie Cake

Bake brownie cakes at home with simple baking ingredients and use icing over them to make them creamier. You can use the batter to make tiny cupcakes too. Soft brownies are mood lifters, give us pleasant thoughts, and ease unnecessary stress and pressure. Serve them as a dessert after a healthy meal.

8 Brownie Cake

9. Strawberry Cake

The link color of these cakes looks so attractive, and they taste better with freshly whipped cream. Decorate them with slices of fresh strawberries for a more fresh and innovative look. You can use strawberry-flavored syrups for decoration too. Don’t always avoid fats and carbohydrates as they are necessary for our health too.

9 Strawberry Cake

10. Pineapple Cake

Pineapple is very beneficial for our health, and its refreshing flavor takes away our stress and problems. Use fresh pineapple to decorate the pineapple cake and reap its benefits. Make it during festivals, birthdays, and get-togethers, and enjoy it with your loved ones. Cakes help to make our day better and mood sweet.

10 Pineapple Cake

11. Blueberry Cake

Blueberries are beneficial for our health. The attractive color of blueberries won’t let you avoid the cakes. They’re a bit tart with the characteristic sweet flavor of cakes. Enjoy snacking on them at leisure, and you’ll love the recipe. Top the cake with Blueberry for a refreshing look and enjoy it as a healthy dessert after meals.

11 Blueberry Cake

12. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cakes are pretty attractive, especially for children. Order rainbow cakes for the birthdays of your young ones and surprise them with the various attractive colors and goodness of milk and butter. Make it at home and sprinkle some gems chocolate of various colors or candies for an alluring look.

12 Rainbow Cake


Red Velvet Cake


This is one of the delicious cakes mainly made for birthdays of loved ones, anniversaries, and weddings. The red color symbolizes love; hence, the occasion of love is celebrated by cutting this cake. Therefore, choose a red velvet cake next time you want to surprise your partner and enjoy the goodness of cream and sugar at leisure and love.

13 Red Velvet Cake

14. Black Currant Cake

Blackcurrant cakes are purple with the goodness of various berries in them. Surprise your loved ones with a berry cake on their merry days and be a part of their celebrations. Savor the yummy and creaminess of delicious cakes and create your recipes home with few ingredients.

14 Black Currant Cake

15. KitKat Cake

KitKat has a chocolatey munch, and it makes the finest of cake recipes. You can garnish your chocolate cakes with sticks of KitKat and enjoy them at leisure. Make them for different occasions like get-togethers, thanksgiving, and birthdays. You can surprise a person loving KitKat with this unique cake and make their day.

15 KitKat Cake

16. White Forest Cake

Here’s a delicious cake for all white chocolate lovers. Bake it at home and relish it with joy. Top the cake with red cherries for an attractive look. You’ll love the creaminess, which will help to make your mood pleasant. Use frosting of whipped cream and white chocolate flakes to decorate the cake.

16 White Forest Cake

17. Butterscotch Cake

Smooth butter and brown sugar are all it takes to make a delicious butterscotch flavor. The creaminess of the butter makes the cakes yummy. It can be readily baked at home using a few ingredients. You can add various colored candies to elevate the look or use chocolate chips or sticks to decorate it.

17 Butterscotch Cake

18. Vanilla Cake

White color always looks very pure, and you can readily decorate it with various colored candies, chocolate chips, or syrups for a colorful cake. Do not miss out on various cakes if you love baked goods. Vanilla may look plain, but it is a classic flavor. You can consume it with fruits and drinks for tea parties or small gatherings.

18 Vanilla Cake

19. Milk Cake

Are you looking for delicious baked goods or sweets? In both cases, milk cake is the solution. Bake milk cakes at home and top it off with colorful berries or cherries to allure your young one for a healthy snack or dessert. Milk is a beautiful drink that takes care of our bodies. Therefore, don’t miss out on this highly nutritious cake.

19 Milk Cake

20. Oreo Cake

Oreo cakes are quickly baked at home. Make chocolate cakes and top them off with Oreo biscuits. Use Oreo biscuits in the batter to make a delicious Oreo chocolate cake. Add chocolate chips to elevate the flavor. Your kid will love this cake; surprise them with an Oreo cake on their birthdays.

20 Oreo Cake